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date : 12-01-03 20:05
Your Whole Journey
 post by : Yojan
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Basically, everything that has been expressed by the enlightened masters is misunderstood by the seekers or by anybody who is listening to them. This misunderstanding happens because people are listening through the mind and the mind translates everything in its own language of doing. In this way, when you see that Buddha is sitting in a lotus posture, your mind translates it as if you also need to sit like that to become a Buddha. You don셳 understand that the lotus posture was something that was happening naturally to Buddha. It is not that he was trying to become a Buddha by sitting in that posture. His state of a Buddha came by a natural way, but you misunderstand that if you practice this posture, you will also become a Buddha. It is the same when you start practising Sufi dance, with the desire to become a Sufi. If you become a Sufi, the dance just happens. Even by practising Sufi dance your entire life you will never become a Sufi. But you misunderstand that if you dance like a Sufi you can become one. If you practice Sufi dance, at the most you can be a perfect Sufi dancer, but you can never be a Sufi. For the Sufi people, the dance is just an __EXPRESSION__ of that state. You cannot reach that state by dancing. Yes, you can go into some hypnotic state where you think you become one. This is possible, because your mind is misleading you, translating everything in a different way. Then you blame the teachers, and here the teachers are helpless in explain it to you in a way that the mind understands. It is very difficult. The only alternative the masters have is to make you tired, that셲 all. When you are tired, your mind is available and some openness is there to receive the truth. Then if you are lucky enough to get someone who can share with you the truth, then you will understand that what you are searching is something that has nothing to do with doing, nothing to do with becoming, reaching or achieving, but it has something to do with 쐓topping.  
Your outer journey begins when you start walking, what means that it begins with some doing and some effort. So, you start your inner journey with this misunderstanding that you have to do something inside too. You don셳 understand that when you are really into the inner journey you just stop there, you don셳 do anything and you just stay there. But here also you start trying to do something. That is when you start doing meditations, chanting some mantras or anything else that is available in the market for the seekers. If they don셳 work, you blame the masters. But the problem is that you do not understand what actually these masters are saying. I did also not understand Osho. He spoke absolutely clear, but even sitting right in front of him, I never really understood. And I was blaming him because I have spent so many years with him and nothing happened. I started thinking that he was not the right master for me and that I had to find the right master. Actually one master speaks the truth but we don셳 understand it. We have to blame ourselves. We are the ones who do not understand. They have spoken the truth, the absolute truth but we only listen to the part that we want to listen. So we just miss it. And then we just think that Osho has said this or that, Buddha has said this or that and Krishna has said this or that. It is just our misunderstanding. And all the religions begin because of all these misunderstandings that we have. If you really come to that level of understanding you will not find any contradiction with any master. Jesus has said the same, Buddha has said the same, Krishna has said the same and Osho has said the same. All of them have spoken the truth and there is no contradiction anywhere, but still the followers are fighting as if their masters or their gods are the right ones. Once you come to this understanding that I am sharing with you, many things will become clear. And when you come to that level of total clarity, then everything is clear. And it will be not in reference to your knowledge, but in reference to your own clarity. Then there will be no confusion of any kind.  
Because you have so many misunderstandings, you start searching for the answer on how to be free from the mind, how to go beyond the mind or how to go into the state of oneness where there is no mind. You start thinking that you have to do something to the mind. And the whole game of the mind is that whenever you are in a state of doing, the doer there is the mind itself. So, even if you try to do something to the mind, it survives. How can you go beyond the mind? How can you be free from the mind, so far as you are doing something? If you are doing something to become free from the mind, you will still remain with the mind. There is no freedom from the mind. Then, what will you do? If doing is the hindrance, what will you do? If you stop doing, you will fell that you are not doing anything to get into it. Then, whether you become lazy or you go into confusion. What is the way out? One way out is to get this mind totally tired of doing. This is the problem of every seeker. And this is the problem of all masters. The masters have found a way out creating some devices, so that he speaks in your language and makes you totally tired of doing. They give you so many different kinds of techniques, methods, meditations and practices, so that you get tired of doing. But the mind is very cunning. It does not want to get tired. It goes on changing the techniques, the methods and the masters. The mind tells you that you have been with this master for so many years and still you have not changed anything. So you get tired with this master and your mind tells you that it is because he does not know how to take you there. You never say that it is you that don셳 understand, but you say that it is this master that does not know. That is when the mind asks you to go to another master. And the other master also puts you into some kind of technique and methods, using the same understanding. But he speaks your language the language of doing - saying that if you do this you will get that. So you misunderstand again that this master is promising you that and you follow him. You know that he will ask you to do something for a few years and the same situation will come again. Your mind will say that you are not getting anything there and it is better to change this master. That is how you go on changing the masters, the ashrams, the techniques and the methods. You just go on changing your dreams. 

When your dream becomes almost a nightmare, then you change the dream, you change the master and you just go on shopping around. There are enough people who are just selling these dreams. And you don셳 understand that this is your weakness. The weakness of your mind is the search for happiness or for something that you think you are missing there, with all these misunderstandings that you are carrying in you. This is your weakness and because of your misunderstandings, if somebody is offering something somewhere, you just run after that. You run after that as if it is possible for you to get it from that person. And that person is a very cunning businessman, who knows what the weakness of your mind is and how to make business out of it. He is not a real master and he has no compassion. He is not actually really concerned with your state there, with your frustration or with your misery. He is not concerned with it. He is just concerned with solving his own problem of misery and suffering because he has no money. He wants to make money, that셲 all. And he can exploit you. This is how it is happening in the holy business market. There are lots of shops and, if you are lazy you can just go on shopping around, going from this master to that master, from this technique to that technique, just wandering around.  

Your whole life you have being searching and trying to fulfill this longing inside with something from outside. Now, when you are searching for a master you are actually again searching for the same thing. You are missing something inside and you have now some spiritual ideas given by others of how to fulfill it. The main problem is that you have a basic misunderstanding about what you are missing. You have this constant longing inside for something that you don셳 know. Then your mind goes on searching and trying to find out what is missing there. During this search you get so many different answers from so many people and one of them is that you should find a master. After trying everything in the worldly life without getting the results, somebody tells you that you should go into the spiritual path, where you can follow some master who will take you to enlightenment and you will feel totally fulfilled. So, you come with this idea that enlightenment is a state of permanent happiness, permanent joy, permanent fulfillment and permanent bliss and you look for a master who can guide you, who can help you towards how to get this. When you find the master you become his disciple and you start following him. So you remain as his disciple hoping that if you follow what he says you will become enlightened. My understanding is that you are deceiving yourself because somewhere you do not understand what you are missing. Your mind is the point that is constantly deceiving you, so you do not come to the right point where you really understand this longing inside. That is why you keep asking the master how to become permanently happy and how to become permanently fulfilled. You want to know how to become enlightened and with this desire to become enlightened you don셳 see that even there with the master, you are asking how to 쐀ecome. You don셳 understand that in this search, 쐀ecoming itself is the problem.
The problem with the master is that he cannot tell you that what you are missing is something that cannot be reached through any becoming or through any doing. If he speaks this kind of language you don셳 connect to him. Then you just go on spreading around that this master doesn셳 know anything. Only if he offers you some techniques, some meditations or some methods, which can take you to what you want to become, then you follow him and you think that he is the right master for you. This is where the master is also helpless because if he speaks this language saying that you have to accept yourself the way you are, that you are missing something that is already there and that you are missing yourself and not somebody else, you cannot understand because you are still not mature enough to understand this language. That is why you want to follow somebody, but actually you have to come to that point where you are ready to receive the language of understanding and of 쐍on-doing. When the master speaks about 쐍on-doing he is not trying to make you lethargic, but to make you understand what he really means by 쐍on-doing. The state of "non-doing" means the state were you are doing something, but not as a doer. The doer is not there and there is no desire to achieve something or to become somebody. When you understand this language, then slowly, slowly you understand how life is and you go on accepting the way it is. And this state of acceptance and relaxation brings you the clarity to understand what life really means, what Existence really means. Then you understand everything. And if the master is the right master, if you are lucky enough to get the right master, then he has enough patience to wait till you get tired. It depends upon you, if you are available and open to receive this language of understanding and 쐍on-doing. It depends upon your situation and not upon the master. So, don셳 blame the master. Everything you are going through is only because of your misunderstandings. 

It is like when the master is seeing something out of his window and he describes it to you, when you are still in the dark corner of your room. The real master takes you to that window and he asks you to see from there. Then what he sees and what you see is the same. Only the one who guides you in the direction of opening your eyes is the right master and not the one who gives you a new stick, new dreams or new beliefs. The one who treats your eyes, who helps you to open your eyes, to get your own clarity and walk by your own is the right master. The same is with the right mother who is the one who gives the finger to the child but teaches him how to walk by himself.  

My understanding is that to be in the presence of a living master is more important than to read a book on him or to listen to his audio and videos. When you read something it becomes a part of your knowledge. When you listen something it goes through the sensations of sound and there is some life there. When you read something it doesn셳 go to your sensation; it just goes to your brain and becomes a part of your knowledge. And then it remains there as a knowledge. It does not change into knowing.  If you listen and do not put this listening into your life then it will not change from knowledge to knowing. But when you are listening in the presence of a living master and not in the videocassette, not in the audiocassette but sitting in front of the living master, then there is a difference. Even though you are listening, there is something of his living presence that has an effect on you. And that is more important. So, it is not that we gather the knowledge through listening or through reading; it is something more than that, which happens when you are sitting in front of the living master, of the living presence. So I would prefer that you just try as much as possible to be with a living presence, with whom you can get something plus. Only words cannot help you because it gives you a concept, which creates knowledge that remains there as a dead knowledge; it does not change into knowing. That is why I insist that you should try to find a living presence not only here but also anywhere and just be in that living presence, so that something plus creates some effect on you. And that helps for your growth, for your awakening because when something is spoken through a living presence and you listen, it has a different effect. It starts giving you some transformation, some understanding inside, which is only possible in the living presence.
The words coming from a living master creates a living feel inside you. Reading his words in the books may create or enhance your thirst; it may intensify your thirst and take you in the direction to find the sugar. But if you want to taste it you will have to find a living presence. You will not get that experience and that feel unless you find a living __EXPRESSION__ there. So the books definitely create the thirst, they definitely intensify the thirst. But it should definitely lead you towards the source where you can taste the sugar. When you read Osho셲 book or any other master셲 book it can intensify your thirst, it can take you towards the search, but the fulfillment is only possible when you come across a living __EXPRESSION__. A living __EXPRESSION__ has the capacity to connect you to the source. No words have the capacity to connect you to the source. Words can connect you up to the mind, up to your emotional point but not beyond that. Even when you connect to the last point of emotions by reading the words you will not get to the fulfillment. It will definitely intensify your thirst to the maximum. It can make you restless, it can make you disturbed but it cannot bring you the fulfillment. So reading has its own limitations; books have its own limitations. But when you meet someone who is expressing there, this living __EXPRESSION__ has the capacity to fulfill you, to bring you that feel where your whole search ends. The search ends when you are connected to a living presence. Then everything becomes your knowing and that is the freedom from the knowledge. You know the sweetness and this knowing is your freedom from the knowledge about sugar. When you taste the living presence you are free from all the scriptures. You don셳 have to carry any words because you know the essence. But the books have their own importance because they can reach to the corners of the world. They can reach wherever there is a thirsty person and definitely intensify his thirsty in a way to put this person in search of some living water, some living __EXPRESSION__ where his thirst can be quenched. So this is fine as long as you don셳 misunderstand that just gathering the knowledge is sufficient. The knowing is freedom, but the knowledge is a burden on you.  Whatever become your own knowing, your own understanding, and your own clarity make you free from all the searches. If you misunderstand that gathering the knowledge from the books is enough to feel that you know it, then this is not going to fulfill you. This is just knowledge and knowledge always becomes a burden, becomes bondage. It is not liberation; it is not freedom at all. And this thirst inside, this longing for freedom inside will not allow you to rest until you are fulfilled, until you are really free.  


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