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date : 12-01-03 20:22
Life will be sending it to you
 post by : Yojan
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In the beginning you need a guide, not a master. The master understands that at certain point he has to be a guide. But you misunderstand the guide as the master and take him as a guarantee. Then you totally depend on him and the guide is gone. To be guided means that you take his guidelines to walk on your own journey. When you take the master as master and start following him you think that because you are surrendering to him he will take care of you. Then you just sit totally on his shoulders while he walks. If you look at the child when he is learning how to walk you will see that in the beginning the child needs the finger of the mother because it is her finger that gives the child the confidence and the courage to walk.  If the child does not walk even while holding the finger of the mother, then it is of no use. The child has to take the steps. The confidence and the courage that is given by the finger have to be applied into his practical life. If he hangs on the finger because it is comfortable then he cannot learn how to walk. Then he will remain all his life crippled. The disciples are wiser and clever than the child; they do not only hang on the master셲 finger but they also jump on his shoulders. When you become a follower you are doing nothing but jumping on the shoulders of the master. If you just remain as a co-traveler, he walks with you and you also walk with him. He just gives you some guidance while you are walking.  You have your own life to live and what you are doing is dropping it. You are escaping from life thinking that if you surrender to the master and follow him, it will be enough to take you there. The child has to walk and in the same way the disciple has to live. To live means that you have to remain with life in whatever situation it is creating for you. If you remain an escapist with the excuse that you are following a master, then you are not going to learn how to live. Then during the entire time you will be dependent, enjoying sitting on the shoulder of the master and only walking when he is also walking. It is when the master becomes a part of you ego. And when the master becomes a part of your ego you start claiming that you are the disciple of the best master in the world. Many people are trying to proof that his master is the greatest master in the world, so that they can be the greatest disciples in the world. This is a mind game, this is an ego game and this is an escape from life, because the mind is all the time trying to escape from the responsibilities of life. And for that it finds all the excuses available, like to be a follower, to surrender to somebody and all these spiritual excuses. 

When you are tired of your doings, of your meditations or whatever you are practicing, when you finally understand the whole point of getting yourself tired, the master asks you to go back to life and start living with acceptance. But before you understand if he asks you to go back to life and just start living with acceptance you will not accept this. So, the period that you stay with the master is the time when the master is waiting for you to get tired. He waits till you can listen to his language and go back to the world, go back to life and live with this understanding, the way you are, wherever you are and with whatever you have. He waits till you take your own time. How much time you are going to take will depend upon how strong your mind is, how strong your ego is. It may take years and years to get you tired, because maybe in the moment you get tired you just change the technique or the master. There are so many possibilities that can happen, because the mind does not want to go through the nightmare. It keeps changing the dreams very fast. Only when your dreams reach to the point of a nightmare and become unbearable, whatever you do takes you to the ultimate point. Not before that.

When you get tired of begging and shopping around then you will understand what exactly you want from this life and what is that you are really searching for. You will start questioning your search itself and that will bring you some opening to understand what the reality is. Otherwise you will remain lazy.  That is why I am saying that, if you are lazy, you will be only begging, searching for some entertainment. It means that you are not serious about your frustrations and miseries. The one who is lazy is just searching for some entertainment, but then at certain point he also gets tired of it. How long can you go on begging? How long can you just go on entertaining yourself?  You are going to get tired because you go on changing your dreams all the time. What gives you joy now, after sometime becomes the cause of your pain. Then you start looking for something else. This is how it goes on and on. So, as you are an intelligent person, start questioning what has gone wrong with you. Start questioning the suffering itself instead of questioning what can make you free from it. Question what is suffering and why there is suffering. The whole approach changes when you are looking at the suffering itself, at the tension itself. Then there is a possibility of some understanding about the whole thing. Once you know the cause of the tension, the cause of misery and the cause of suffering then you will have the answer for what can make you free from it. But in the beginning, if you search for what can make you free from the suffering without understand the cause of it, you are not going to be free.

To finish with your misunderstandings you have to keep on doing whatever you believe will take you there. So, do it! But do it totally! There is nothing wrong in it. Just try to meditate for twenty-four hours a day and you will understand how strong it is. Do it, really! Don셳 be lazy! If you are lazy you will just continue in that dream, that셲 all. If you really desire to be free from suffering and from misery, you have to understand this whole dream that the mind is giving you, where it is promising you some happiness. You have to go totally into it.  That is what Osho was saying too. If you think that sex will give you happiness, go totally into it and you will realize that it is so boring. And it is the same with anything that you think can give you happiness. Just go for it totally. Do it totally and not just half heartily. It is not a part time job. There is no part time job in the spiritual life. The spiritual life demands your totality there. Once you finish with your dreams and you come to that level of understanding, then everything becomes just a game! Then you just have to live as long as this body survives and everything is just a game. There is no purpose, there is no desire, there is nothing to become, nothing to achieve and nowhere to go.
It is very clear to me that the master cannot help you if you are searching for enlightenment. The only possible way to help is to make you understand that what you are seeking is not possible. If the master somewhere support or nourish your dream of enlightenment, by offering some answer, some solution or some help that make you believe that you can reach to enlightenment; this is what I call holy business. The meaning of Satsang is to sit in the presence of truth. Truth means that you cannot give the truth but you can make people realize what is not true. The truth that you carry or what you have accepted as the truth is something spoken by so many people. The real meaning of sitting with the truth is to make you understand, to make you realize that what you understand as the truth is not the truth. So in that way the master can help you to realize that what you are seeking, what you are searching and what you are trying to become, reach or achieve is an illusion, is a mind game. He can make you understand, make you realize and then give you the right direction, where you can find your own truth. So, the truth is not something that I can pass to you. I can help you to get to that point where you encounter and confront your own truth. But before that, whatever you have taken as the truth has to be cleared, has to be totally finished. So the truth cannot be defined. There is no definition for the truth but there is the revelation of the truth. There is no knowledge of the truth that can be passed but there is some kind of information that can be shared, where the revelation of the truth will be possible at your end. And that truth has no definition even if revealed to you. You cannot recognize it, you cannot define it and you cannot put it into words, but still you can feel it.

So far as you have some idea about truth, you are creating a hindrance to that truth, which is all the time available to you. Your whole idea of truth has to be shattered, has to be finished. You have to go totally blank, without any kind of knowledge about that space or about that state. You have to finish with all that you have listened before, with all that you have collected as knowledge and with all that answers that so many people have described to you. These are the hindrances to your own knowing. While you are still not finished with all this, the only thing possible is that somebody will help you to materialize the kind of knowledge that you carry about the truth, by putting you into a strong state of hypnoses, where you go into some illusory state or experience that makes you think that you got it. This is what is possible. And there are many people helping the seekers to go into a state of hypnoses by supporting their dreams, by helping them to materialize their dreams. In that state of hypnoses they can experience whatever they are having as knowledge and they start feeling that they got a glimpse of it or that they finally got what they were searching for. So whenever somebody is helping people to materialize their dreams I call it 쐆oly business, because they charge for it and people are ready to pay. People enjoy it, because they get whatever they are searching for, whatever they are struggling for and whatever they are demanding all the time. These people can put you in such a deep hypnotic state that you are not even aware. What they do is nothing but to put you in a very deep hypnotic and illusory state of mind where you start getting the experience of whatever you believe. That셲 all. 
When you start searching, your mind is having so many desires. You want to reach somewhere; you want to achieve something and want to become somebody. Then, when you come to know oneness you see that realization is not from here to there. It is something where you dissolve, where you are finished. The desiring mind is finished. The ego that demands to reach somewhere, to achieve something or to become somebody is finished. If you really understand, not with your intellect but with your own availability, with your openness, then you will see that to be free from the mind, to be in oneness where there is no mind, you have to drop all the desires to do it. Now, even if I say to you to drop all your desires to do it, it again creates the desire to drop the desires to do it. So, if you really understand the essence of what has been shared, then don셳 convert this statement in any kind of doing. Understand the zest of it and do not create any kind of desire. 
When you are approaching life through a desire, there is a point of excitement that comes with your efforts to satisfy it. But then there is something else that comes after the excitement that is again a strong feeling of missing something. And that is how the desires remain unsatisfied. So, the excitement is just a temporary point that happens into the mind game, where the desire still remains unsatisfied. That셲 why you have to run after the fulfillment of your desires again and again. That셲 why the mind demands excitement again and again. There is no fulfillment point that comes there. When you are just flowing with this understanding and living with it, then there is fulfillment, but there is no excitement. And this fulfillment continues there until life offers you the next experience, when you have the fulfillment again. So, there is no excitement here, but there is a state of fulfillment all along the way. There, there is a temporary excitement and the pain and the misery all along the way. But actually, if you look inside the longing you will see that even after searching for the excitement, the longing was for fulfillment and not for excitement. This is what we are searching for and in this search we get into some excitement that looks like the fulfillment, but it just goes away again and then again you remain unsatisfied. So, the desire to get to this excitement point is continuously there because it gives you only a temporary feeling of fulfillment. You fell temporary satisfied because this satisfaction is created by the mind, which is excited there. Only acceptance and living with this understanding keeps you into this permanent state of relaxation, permanent state of fulfillment, where there is no desire to get to anything. Whatever way life demands and offers you the situations, the experiences, you are into that state of enjoyment, that셲 all. It is the mind that creates the problems, that demands excitement. The moment you relax the mind asks for some new excitement. This is the demand of the mind. If you don셳 really understand, then you are caught into this game of the mind. You will always run behind some excitement. But once you understand that this is just a mind game then you relax wherever you are. And in this relaxation, slowly, slowly this mind becomes quiet and then it doesn셳 demand excitement anymore. If you stay with this understanding, you will see that slowly, slowly the same mind, which desired and demanded the excitement, will disappear. And then you will remain in that state of fulfillment, which is so much higher then any excitement, so much better then any excitement. Then every moment is exciting, every moment that you live is exciting.
Fulfillment is that harmony is that balance that comes without any friction with life when it is creating some vibration outside and demanding your response. If you are responding in a proper way there is a merging point that happens, where you are fulfilled. This fulfillment has nothing to do with the mind셲 idea of fulfillment. It is not satisfaction but it is fulfillment. Fulfillment is not born out of any desire or any effort from your side. It셲 a state where you are absolutely desire less. In satisfaction there is always a new desire. In fulfillment there is no desire at all. This is fulfillment. This is that moment when you are not missing anything, but you are totally fulfilled, you are totally in harmony and in tune with life. In every satisfaction of the mind the desire remains there. You just get a temporary relief, a temporary satisfaction, but the moment it is finished a new desire is born. It keeps you going behind the fulfillment point all the time. Like, when you are eating because you are hungry, the hunger is the point from where the sensations are coming. You eat the food and you are fulfilled. So, there is no desire to eat beyond that. But, if you are eating because your mind is having the desire to enjoy the food, then although you feel satisfied with the food still there is a desire there, to again eat something that can give you some joy, some happiness. This is not fulfillment. Fulfillment is when life is demanding something and you are offering exactly what has been demanded in response. Then there is fulfillment.
This is the reality. You may go on searching outside and you may go on blaming others for not give you fulfillment. You can keep trying different things, different people, different relationships, but you are not going to be fulfilled because you are somewhere moving with the desires of the mind. If you are fulfilled within, love is happening inside you. Then it셲 very easy and you can be very much fulfilled with one partner or with many relationships. But then it will not be coming from your desiring point. Then every relationship, each relationship is a point of fulfillment. But then, life will be deciding. You will not be deciding, you will not be searching, but life will be sending it to you.  

Amin 13-09-21 23:48
떟蹂 궘젣  
hello sir
i am amin.
thank you for making me understand soo many things. as holy business. but there is something i want to ask
if i really stop searching will i get it ?
if there is no method or tricks and techniques and knowledge that i learned from books how will i really know what to do ?

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