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date : 12-01-03 20:27
Don셳 run away from life
 post by : Yojan
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So many answers were given to you by the scriptures, by so many masters and by so many people and that make the whole journey of finding out who you really are start from these answers that you already have. We can see all these ready-made answers when you say things like, 쏧 am pure energy, or, 쐌y nature state is silence, or, 쐃nlightenment is a permanent happiness and a permanent joy. These are all ready-made answers that you have got about that recognition, but your day-to-day state of mind inside is still of tension, of bondage and of unhappiness. This state creates a desire to find out, to reach, to achieve and to become whatever you believe is the right answer. So, your journey starts from a desire to reach somewhere, to achieve something or to become somebody like Buddha, like Osho or any other master. So, the journey starts with the desires of the mind. In all that you do during this journey, during this search, be it a spiritual method or a spiritual path that you take, you are having still so much unconscious desires while trying to reach there. So, here also the whole effort is done through the mind. All techniques, methods, meditations or whatever you do in the spiritual path, is somewhere an effort of the mind, which is having the goal and the purpose to reach somewhere or to achieve something, based in the answers that you already have. Any journey that you take with your mind having a purpose or a future goal cannot liberate you from the mind. So, the whole question of remembering who you are, of realising yourself, realising your nature state, is also having somewhere the answer of who actually you are searching, what state you are searching, where you want to reach and, where you want to go. Now, if you already have the answer for what you are searching and where you want to reach, if you already have all the information about the state you want to achieve, then, all the efforts through the mind will lead you to a very strong and intense desire. It will lead you to a very strong hypnotic state. It can take you to any kind of illusory and hypnotic state. This is the game of the mind, because the intense desire, the intense longing and the intense thirst inside have the power to create any kind of projective illusory experience. So, all the so called spiritual experiences that you have, including the experience of enlightenment that you think you got are nothing but the mind셲 creation, the mind셲 projection. They are coming from an illusory and hypnotic state.

 Everybody is in a state of unhappiness; everybody is in a state of tension. And from that point, the search for happiness, the search for relaxation, or the search for freedom, whatever you call it, begins. Now, your search to get the relaxation also creates a tension and adds to your tension. This is where you do not understand and go on becoming more tensed. The spiritual people are more tensed than the worldly people. They are more miserable than the ordinary people because the spiritual misery has no solution. The worldly misery at least has some solution. That셲 why your whole life you are struggling into that search for happiness, into that search for the state where you are permanently happy. Now, if you learn how to relax in whatever way life is creating this flow and movement; if you learn how to relax through your own understanding and just start living with it, this is the state of a permanent relaxation, and that will be there in spite of all the disturbances around. Otherwise, whether you take the outer journey or you take the inner journey, the doer is the same because you only change your purpose. In the West you have the purpose to go outside to make money, to do your job or do something else. So, this purpose demands your outgoing energy. Now, in India you have the purpose to go inside and get the enlightenment, get some kind of spiritual experience. And this demands that you put your energy and your efforts in. So, it is the same! And the mind is very happy because it is always busy, either doing something outside or doing something inside, but always doing. The mind is busy and the purpose keeps the mind surviving. So, either you create a purpose inside or you create a purpose outside. If you give it a purpose, the mind will be very quiet. It is like when a child is crying, if you give him a chocolate, he will be very quiet. The child is crying all the time. So, you go on giving him some chocolate, something for the child to hold. This is the problem with the mind. The mind only can survive if there is a purpose, if there is a future point. I am trying to finish with all your purposes. This is what I am sharing. Even without your knowing, I am indirectly slashing whatever you believe so strongly, as something that you can achieve, something that you can reach. I am just trying to take away your dreams and this is very difficult. So, that셲 why people get frustrated when they come here. They just run away. It is better to go to a place where their minds get very happy, where their dreams get nourished, where somebody gives some juice to their dreams.   
Life is one. The way you approach it, how you look at it, your outlook, and your attitude makes you a spiritual person or a worldly person; makes you a conscious person or an unconscious person. Life is one, but you try to divide it. You misunderstand and think that if you are living a spiritual life it means that you have to reject your whole worldly life. Then you run away from your job, you run away from your family, you run away from your responsibilities, and go to the caves in the Himalayas, where you just close your eyes and sit in meditation. This is not a spiritual life and you have to understand this. This is an escape; it is a life of an escapist. All Sannyiasins seeing in India, in the Himalayas, if you look there they are all escapists. But because they are respected, they reach to nowhere. This is not a spiritual life. Spiritual life means to remain peaceful right into the market. This is a spiritual life. Running away from the disturbances is not the silence. Right in the middle of disturbances if you can remain silent, that is the spirituality. Go back and connect yourself to life again. Take the responsibility, because each responsibility has some meaning, has some purpose behind it. There is a purpose that we don셳 know. Why are we here? What is the purpose of the creation? There is a purpose that only Existence knows. We have some obligation to the greater purpose and with the whole life셲 function. There is an individual purpose for the surviving of this body that is to take care of this body. And there is a greater purpose where you are obliged to function somewhere. This is your contribution to that greater drama, which is happening to the story of the movie. Take it as worship. It is your contribution to the Existence. Each responsibility that life asks, take it as a challenge. Just accept it, say, 쐙es to it. Maybe a simple and ordinary thing but there is some meaning behind it, there is a purpose behind it. I don셳 know the purpose. Why I am like this? Why I am placed into this situation? Why this ability, quality and capacity were given to my being? Why it was given to me? Everybody is a unique person. Everybody has a different quality, different ability, different capacity and that is given to you because life demands you to give some contribution there through your own capacity. Understand that each responsibility that life asks is your worship, your offering to life. Don셳 run away from that but understand how to remain relaxed with it, how to remain in tune with it, how to remain in harmony with it. Fulfil your obligations and don셳 try to be spiritual, running away from this life. This is not a spiritual life. Maybe the mind enjoys this because it does not want to take the responsibility. Then it gives a beautiful name of a spiritual life. But that is an escape.
I am not asking you to run away from life. I am not making you a sannyasin; please understand this. I am not asking you to be a follower of me. I am asking you to wake up, I am just telling you to wake up and see there. And just, if you are convinced somewhere, then use this logical conviction, this part of knowledge that is now there and apply it into your life. Don셳 run away from life. Go right in the middle of life there, wherever you are, whatever life is asking you to respond. Don셳 run away. Don셳 run away from your country, don셳 run away from your family and don셳 run away from the responsibilities given by life to you. Stay with it and apply this understanding. And if it is not coming through, if it is not giving you relaxation, then you will find something else. But anything that is convincing has to be applied. If you are convinced with Osho, then apply what takes you to a different direction of cutting yourself from life and become a sannyasin. Then follow the path of meditation and the path of all these cleanings. This is a different approach. I am not saying that Osho is wrong; don셳 misunderstand me. He has his own understanding of taking you to the right point through a long route. I am suggesting you a short cut. We both are trying to take you to the same point. So, I am not saying that Osho is wrong, don셳 misunderstand this. But the path is different. Osho셲 path is definitely a path that leads you to that point, but it is a long route. This is where you have to decide. Life has given you that much of capacity to understand, to reason it out. So, if you are convinced with some other reasoning, you should be able to connect again. So, don셳 misunderstand that when I am asking you to go back to life I am against Osho or saying something against him. I have nothing to do with it, I have a very clear understanding of what Osho understood and how he dealt with people there. But this is not the time now. We have a very short time. And when we have a very short time we have to find out a short cut. And this is the short cut, which is again connecting you to life, and the whole purpose is the harmony that we are searching, that we are seeking. How to be relaxed with life is what we are all searching. This is what we are longing for. We are unhappy with life the way it is, with the way life has created us, the way life has putting us into the situations, the way life has putting us into the people, in the family, in the country, into the job. That is why we are now uncomfortable, because this is creating a reaction. That셲 why we are so miserable, so frustrated and trying to find out how we can be free from this misery, this suffering and this frustration. This is a universal problem with every human being. The basic thing is the question of how one can be comfortable with life. And when you want to be comfortable with life you cannot offer a choice to life. You have to follow whatever life offers you. How can you relax or be comfortable with whatever life offers you? This is what the understanding means. How can you change your attitude? How can you change your understanding? How can you change your approach to life? This is more important than change your whole life. I insist that you should change your understand; change your responses to life, your approach to life.  This is what I say. I am not saying to change life. I am asking you to be what you are, I am asking you to be there where life demands you to be there, I am asking you to be there with the understanding of whatever life is bringing and changing. Stay with the understanding and you will see that, what has brought relaxation in me can bring a relaxation into you also. If it is possible here, it is possible there, it is possible everywhere. So, basically we are the same, the same life is expressing through everyone. The life speaking through me is the same listening through you. The life looking through you is the same one that is looking through me. This life is the same life that is there in the trees and that is everywhere. It is the same life. There is no difference anywhere. So, if this same life can be relaxed here, why not there?

When you are seeking something it reflects that you are not accepting what is there for you. You are searching for something other than what you are, where you are and what you have. As a seeker, maybe a spiritual seeker or a material seeker, indirectly you are going after the fulfillment of the mind셲 desire, which demands a change or a transformation. The worldly seeker is demanding a transformation outside and the spiritual seeker is demanding a transformation inside. But in both case you are not happy with the way you are. So I would tell you to stop seeking and first of all to understand and to accept the way you are. The moment you accept you the way you are, where is the question of seeking? That is why I always ask you to inquiry yourself and see what you are searching for. And if you go deep down into this question you will find that the answer is that you are somewhere seeking some transformation, some change in the spiritual world, some freedom from your suffering or from something that you don셳 like, something that you want to get rid of. This is all indirectly ways to do not accept yourself the way you are. Unless you accept yourself the way you are, whatever you are searching is not possible, because the spiritual seeker is seeking something that he lost because of the search itself. If you are seeking peace, the peace is lost because you are searching for it. If you are seeking happiness, the happiness is lost because of your seeking happiness. The basic understanding is that you have created the desire to reach, to achieve and to become something that you already are, something that is your natural state. How can you reach something that is not separated from you? So if you are seeking peace and the peace is already your natural state, then the search itself is the cause of the disturbances. If you are seeking happiness, the search for happiness is the cause of unhappiness. So these are contradictory situations in which you are putting yourself. And you are all the time struggling so hard to achieve, to reach or to become and that is not possible because what you are you cannot achieve; it is already there. What is missing is just your understanding that it is already there. And this is the cause of your suffering and misery. Life has created you as a unique __EXPRESSION__. Start loving yourself. Say to yourself that there is nothing wrong within. There is no change, there is no transformation, and there is no improvement that you want within you. And that is the transformation. The moment you are in love within, the moment you accept yourself as you are, the transformation happens. And this understanding is what the awakening means. So, it is very important for the seeker to understand all this. And the first step is to stop searching, to stop seeking and to stay into that state of acceptance of the way life has created you. Tell yourself that you are the most beautiful creation of this life. You are a unique creation of this life. Just drop all the expectations of transformation and changing, and trust life the way it wants to flow through you. The moment you drop the desire to change, the desire to transform, life start flowing through you into its totality. And once life is expressing through you into that totality it gives you so many gifts, so many blessings falls on you. Then you are blessed with life. This is what I tell the seeker. Otherwise, if you are a seeker, indirectly you are a sucker. You are sucking something from life; you want something from life. Drop this seeking, drop this searching and be very ordinary. Then you will understand the real meaning of life without try to understand the meaning of life. Many people ask me what is the meaning of life, why we are here and what is the purpose of this life. My answer is, 쐔he purpose of life is just to live. Just to live in harmony, to live in balance and in joy, that셲 all. Why should be there another purpose? You brought nothing and you are not going to take anything from here. And in between there is this life and you just enjoy it! You enjoy the misery, you enjoy the suffering and you enjoy the pain, as it is all part of life. Then you will really understand the meaning of life. So, I would say to the seekers that, 쐉ust stop seeking. 
You have a misunderstanding that if you find happiness through some method, some technique, some effort, if you reach to that something, which promises you happiness, you will be free from unhappiness. This misunderstanding is what takes you to the wrong direction. You never question why you are unhappy, what is the cause of your unhappiness. You are always searching for what can make you free from unhappiness, for what are the means that can make you happy. This is how you take a wrong direction and, unless you stop, you are going to remain in a wrong search. You have no time to look to your state now, you have no time to look to your unhappiness and you have no time to look to your pain. For that you should stop and you should just stay where you are. And when you stay where you are, when you stop where you are, you have to accept whatever you are now, wherever you are now. Unless you accept it, how can you stay? How can you stop? You have to say 쐙es to your pain, you have to say 쐙es to your misery, you have to say 쐙es to your tension, and you have to say, yes to your unhappiness. Then and there you are going to just look at it. What happen now is that your whole attention is all the time focused in searching. Instead of that, question why you are unhappy? This is more important. When you understand the cause of unhappiness it reveals the answer, it gives you the answer that brings you freedom. But you have to go step-by-step deep inside the unhappiness, inside your pain. Go deep inside the pain, layer by layer, question it, stay with it. You escape from it all the time. You just keep escaping because you don셳 want to look at it. But if all the time you go on asking how you can be free from pain, how you can be free from misery - how can you be free? When you look at it you will understand that this unhappiness is just your mind creating unhappiness. Then you will start getting the answers for what is the cause of your unhappiness. The absence of happiness is not the unhappiness. The absence of light does not create the darkness. The causes are different. Even if there is light here in this room, if you close your eyes what happens? There is light but when you close your eyes there is darkness. So darkness is there not because there is no light. Normally, the logical mind says that the darkness is the absence of light. For the logical mind, to search for the light means to be free from the darkness. This is the logical way but this is not the reality. The reality is that the darkness is there because you are closing the eyes and not because there is absence of light. What is the cause? Why are you into darkness when you close your eyes? Is it because there is no light? Light is there but, because you have closed your eyes you are into the darkness. So it is not logical. This is the situation in your life. Some people are fighting with the darkness trying to be free from it and some people are searching for the light. Some people are fighting with the unhappiness and some people are searching for happiness. This is the situation in your life. But nobody understands what has created this situation, what has brought you to this darkness, to this unhappiness. If you understand, then this understanding shows you that you are in darkness because you have closed your eyes.


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