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date : 12-01-03 20:31
You have to knock to your own door
 post by : Yojan
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All these people who got some light, some clarity from the darkness, like Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed and so many others, they found their own light, their own clarity and their own answers. But still we have a misunderstanding that their answers are the answers for the humanity. That is where we are going wrong, and it has been proved wrong in thousands of years that we have been following these people. To follow them has not brought any relaxation to humanity, which is still searching for the light. But, there is a misunderstanding that we have to follow somebody셲 light. That셲 why we are still remaining blind and following somebody who has come to that point, which has seeing through his or her own eyes. These are the people who came to some understanding through opening their own eyes and seeing by themselves. By following a person who has the eyes, the blind person remains blind. He doesn셳 get to the point and still he is going to fall into the ditch. How long are you going to remain into this slavery?  Why do you wait till some Messiah comes to guide you? Why don셳 you become one day the Messiah? Why not? You have the eyes. It is not that some chosen few have the eyes to see. Every human being is born with this capacity to see the light, to get the clarity. Understand why you are blind. Don셳 follow somebody who has described about the light. His light gives him the clarity. It is going to be the same with you and it is going to be the same with the whole humanity who is following somebody who claims that have seeing the light. I am not saying that they have not seeing the light. They have seeing the light. But for me, if I am a blind person, it has no meaning at all. It has no meaning unless he teaches me how to open my eyes, how to treat my eyes, this is more important. If you want to follow someone, follow the instructions that can lead you to open your eyes and that can take you to the same level where he is, instead of follow his description of light, his guidelines about how to walk. It is enough of this slavery. It has been thousands of years of slavery, following these masters, following these gurus, following these saints. How long you want to keep doing this? This is not natural to the humanity. And this is where the frustration, the misery, the suffering is becoming more and more visible with people. They are not happy with the religions, they are not happy with the society, with the systems, but still, nobody is there to tell them how they can open their eyes, how they can get to their own clarity. And the clarity is not possible unless you are available to that point which offers you the clarity. And that point is within you, not with someone outside you. Connect to that point that offers you the clarity. Connect to that source. How can you connect to the source, unless you are available to the source? And how you will be available unless you accept this source, unless you are accepting the way it is expressing through you, into your uniqueness? The way life is expressing into your uniqueness. There is no possible way to make yourself available to that point. Understand again, get the information from all the masters, how it can help you to get to your own answers, how it can help you to get to your own clarity? Just sitting there in front of the master and comparing, debating, discussing, has no meaning at all. You can be a professor, you can be a scholar, but you cannot be a living person, you cannot be an awakened person. An awakened person is the one who have come to his own clarity. An awakened person is the one who has opened his eyes and has seeing the reality the way it is. He is the one who got his own answer. If you really understand, then drop all the comparisons, all your scholarly, descriptions and debates.  Come back to the reality; come back to the actual facts of life. Once you understand this, the transformation will happen by itself and a change that we are longing since thousands of years will be possible.

If you just find out why your eyes are closed, what is the cause for your eyes been closed, if you just try to go into this direction, then it is possible that you might find a solution. But if you are trying in a wrong direction, keeping your eyes closed, you will be searching for light your whole life and you are not going to find it. And your whole life you can go on closing your eyes and fighting with the darkness but you are not going to be free from it. You are just dropping into the darkness but you have no understanding about it. If you understand, then you will not run after the light, you will not search for the light, you will not fight with the darkness, but you will stay and find out how to open your eyes. You will find out what has brought you to this. Sometimes could be that the light was so strong that it become unbearable and your eyes closed by itself. Or maybe it happened that the people with the eyes closed, who were living around you taught you that you should not bear the light because it could harm your eyes. And since then you have been trained to close your eyes, so that you become a part of the blind society and everybody can be comfortable. So, maybe the society is responsible, the parents are responsible, the family, the culture, the religion and the religious teachers are responsible for making your eyes closed. To close the eyes means non-acceptance of life. It means that you cannot bear life. It is strong sometimes and this situation has created the state where you have gone into darkness, you have gone into unconsciousness. If you understand this, then start living with this understanding and start accepting life. Accept life whether it is hard or soft. If you understand you just accept life the way it is coming. And once you accept it you will start getting the light, you will start getting the clarity and you will start getting the understanding the way life is. Then once you go on slowly opening your eyes, slowly you can see the light and at a certain point you can get yourself adjusted to the light the way it is coming, the way it is moving, the way it is changing. Once you learn this whole thing then you learn how to keep your eyes open. And in that moment you will realize that whatever you were searching before you have never lost. You have never lost the light and life is that relaxation, life is that bliss, life is that joy because you are in harmony with life the way it is moving and changing. Before, you were not in harmony with life. Now, once you find the harmony this harmony is the bliss and this harmony means the state where you are not disturbed. Once you reach to this harmony you will find relaxation. Then there is no unhappiness. There is definitely pain but the natural pain that comes from life. There is definitely joy but the natural joy that comes from life. But it will not put you into the pain; it will not put you into the joy. You will be absolutely fresh and available to whatever is happening in life. You will live absolutely in a balanced way. This is what I call the opening of the eyes or the state of awakening, the state of enlightenment. This coming back to the harmony, coming back to the rhythm, to the dance with life is the state of enlightenment. There is no light that you are going to get because it is already there. It was there all the time and you will never loose it. You never lost it. So this is the reality. I hope I have made it clear because this turn out to be a very big confusion among people, specially those people who are seeking for enlightenment.

You have to knock inside; you have to knock to your own door. Look inside there and you will understand. Sit with yourself, sit with Existence, sit with life, and then you will understand. Otherwise, the whole life becomes a meaningless life, a life of suffering, and a life of tension. I am not saying that there is no tension, but there is a state inside that remains relaxed with the tension because the action outside creates a reaction inside. It셲 natural. Understand that this is natural and even these disturbances will not disturb you inside. This unhappiness, this pain also will not make you painful inside. This is possible and this is the potential of every person, because we are all __EXPRESSION__s of the same life. If was possible for Buddha to be relaxed, why would be not possible for you? If Osho can be relaxed, why can't you? They are not especial people coming from heaven. Every enlightened person, every relaxed person is a human being. But we don셳 want to look inside and see where we went wrong. They have understood the secret of life. They just dropped the whole struggle to become something. They understood the nature of life and this understanding just brought a balance into their life. This is the relaxation that you see with them. But you are using all these escaping roots putting these people into a higher platform and worshiping them, as if they are bigger than you, as if they are the only sons of God and you are the slaves of God. You are also sons of God. You are also expressing the same life. Wake up to this understanding and see how you enjoy this life, such a beautiful life. There is nothing wrong anywhere. Everything is the way it happens, but there is something wrong with your understanding. You have misused this capacity that is a gift from Existence, your capacity to understand. You misunderstood everything and there are enough people who are responsible to lead you to this misunderstanding, from preachers to masters. But you have to understand your responsibilities in all the simple things that life demands. And life demands you to understand what it is all the time demanding from you. But you are just escaping, as if it is not your responsibility. You create your own goals.

When you are following some guides, some instruction or some map, there is a limit to follow. When you go on following and you don셳 reach anywhere, you again look there to check whether the map is wrong or if the route, which you have taken, is wrong. Somewhere you are an intelligent person. So, at least you decide that once you are convinced about this path, you are ready to spend 6 or l0 years of your life for this. But after l0 years, at least look again back and see where you have reached, what have changed. You should do this everyday. You have to introspect, look inside and see if you are changing, if you are getting some relaxation, if it is a mind relaxation or a real relaxation. You should check your responses to life. When you go back to your country, check out how you respond there. Here you stay for 6 months and you are relaxed because there are no challenges. But when you go back to your country, when you go back to your job, you are the same. And if you are the same, then what is the benefit of whatever you have got here? If it has not given you any benefit, you are a human being and you have the capacity to think. So, start thinking what has gone wrong? If you are taking medicine for a certain disease for a period of 3 to 6 months and it is not having any effect on you; you are still having the same problem, then use your capacity to understand that somewhere something is wrong. So, I am not saying that the doctor is wrong; I am not saying that the medicine is wrong. I am saying that the diagnosis is wrong. You are taking some medicine, which is not actually required for your disease. Somewhere you have to be very intelligent and question yourself. And how will you question? You are just going blindly back there and then again you escape and again you want to run away from your country and from your job, to stay here for some more years. It will not solve your problem. And even if you go back after 5 years, you are going to be the same, understand this.

Now, because you are unhappy and miserable, you are just searching for something that can bring you relaxation. You have many ideas about how to reach to that and one of these ideas is to become enlightened. But, once you are back home, relaxed and not bothered about anything; when you are just enjoying your life, when you are in harmony and balance with life, then, who cares about enlightenment?


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