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date : 12-01-03 20:35
This state inside is really what you are
 post by : Yojan
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One misunderstanding that everyone has about enlightenment is that it is a state in which you experience something more than what you are normally living, a state in which you are into joy, you are relaxed and having more clarity. This is really the state, but whatever is there is not part of the experience. In your search for enlightenment, you have this idea that you can get the experience of that state, for which you have the definition as the experience of a joyful, blissful, silent and peaceful state. This is a misunderstanding and this misunderstanding happens when you listen through the mind. The mind translates everything into some kind of experience, because it is always searching for experiences. So, this is where it takes you for a ride and you start searching for enlightenment, as if it is something that you are not, but you can become. So, there is something that you want to become, that you want to achieve. You want to reach to that point, because you think it is not here, but somewhere there.  This is the main misunderstanding about enlightenment. With this misunderstanding, you are searching for enlightenment, you are creating a goal to find it, you are running after that goal and you are doing so many things to get it. This is how you start practicing all these kinds of spiritual techniques, all these meditations, or whatever people there suggest you to do. And this is how your whole journey turns into a mind game.

The mind is very happy when it creates the goal of enlightenment, because it is a goal that cannot be reached, cannot be achieved. The mind has the misunderstanding that enlightenment means permanent happiness, permanent bliss, permanent silence and permanent joy. And this is what the mind wants because it is not very happy with the temporary happiness, temporary silence and temporary bliss that life is providing. It wants permanency. Life provides you a temporary nourishment, temporary mind, temporary ego, temporary bliss, temporary happiness and temporary pain. Everything is temporary in life, but the mind wants everything permanent. So, we have to face this reality that everything is temporary and that we desire something against the actual reality. We want permanency and that is not going to happen. Then by creating this desire and creating this goal of permanency, the trick of the mind is to remain permanently there. The mind game is to remain permanently there by creating something that doesn셳 allow you to see the reality of life. It puts you into some illusion where you can dream. Then the mind goes on creating the dreams. Life is not demanding your enlightenment remember this. The goal of enlightenment is created by your mind. There are two parallel lines that go on happening. One is the reality of life that is offering everything temporary and the other is your unconscious way of living where you are dreaming and trying to reach something permanent. And this is how you are living life there.
Even if you keep a goal to wake up into your dream, it will be again a new dream. Anybody who claims that had woken up because of some effort he has made into his sleeping and dreaming, is still dreaming and sleeping. No one can claim in the morning that he woke up because of his effort to wake up. Nobody can wake up because of some effort made into the dream or sleep, because the awakening is just a coming back to your natural state. Awakening is our natural state. That셲 why we say that we never lost it. Even if you sleep for months or years together the awakening still is possible, because it is our natural state. It is not something that you can achieve, it is not something that you can reach, and it is not something that you can become. It is just like coming back home; it is a coming back to your natural state. So when you are back to your home you cannot just put an ad in the newspaper that you have come back home. And there are so many people claiming enlightenment. What is this enlightenment? Enlightenment is not something that can be achieved. It is not an achievement. You should be aware of these mind games.

Now, to be awakened means that you are sleeping and you have to awake. So, we have to understand what is the inner sleep state and what is that state where you are awaken. When you understand what this inner sleep means, you see that, normally it look like we are all awaken, but we are not. To be awakened means to be conscious of the now, of what is happening now. So, this consciousness inside has to remain constantly awaken, constantly aware of what is happening now. Many people look normally awaken, because they have the eyes open. But they are not really awaken, as they are somewhere into the dream, thinking. When you are connected either to the future or to the past, you are not here and now. And though your eyes are open, you are still somewhere else. You are maybe dreaming of your country, of your family, or maybe dreaming something of the future. And when you go into the unconsciousness, when you loose consciousness of the here and now, you are in the sleep state. So, when you are in the sleep state you are not in the present moment. You are either in the past or in the future. When you are in the sleep state, you are unconscious. When you are available to the here and now, when you are conscious of the here and now, then you are in the state of awakening. And this state of awakening is something that remains constantly there. So, whenever this now demands you to go into the past or to plan about the future, once it is demanded from the now, then you go in the past and go in the future. But it has to come from the present moment, it has to come from the now, and this should happen naturally. Actually what happens is that, your going to the past is happening from the rejection of the now. You don셳 want to be awakened or, you don셳 want to be conscious now. You create a choice where you like it or you don셳 like it, you want it or you don셳 want it. And by rejecting or by not accepting what is now happening, you immediately remain in the sleep state; you remain unconscious somewhere in the past or in the future.

Once you wake up in the morning you experience a beautiful sky, you experience the birds singing and you experience everything that comes with your awakening. But the awakening cannot be experienced because it is your natural state. This is the same way inside. When you wake up, when you are awakened to some clarity, this awakening or this enlightenment, this flowering, this liberation or whatever you call it, cannot be an experience. How can it be an experience? It is your natural state! However, troughs this natural state you experience everything, because you have senses and the sensations are in the experience form. But you will have a very clear understand that whatever you are experiencing inside is something that is just happening. You do not get identified with it, you do not become one with it, you are just aware of it. That is what we call to be conscious or to be aware. This awareness is not an experience; it is your own inner clarity. This state inside is really what you are. It is your natural state.

When you are sleeping and dreaming, in the dream you have so many different dreams and so many identifications that you create into the dreams. Sometimes you become a beggar, sometimes you become a king, sometimes you become a rich person and sometimes you become a poor man. With all these different identifications that you created into the dream, the moment you wake up what do you realise? In an ordinary way, you realise that you are not what you are thinking or what you are dreaming. But then you come to the reality that you are not what you are into the dream, but what you are now - a different person. It is the same when we are in the sleeping state believing in something, recognising something that is not actually the reality. Once you slowly, slowly wake up to this knowing and understanding, at a certain point there is a total flowering. And this is the game. You will understand very clearly that every __EXPRESSION__ of life is a separated __EXPRESSION__ into the existence, but the one who is expressing is the same. So, this awakening means coming to this clarity inside. And that is not an experience; that is your natural state. When you come to this understanding you can see very clearly that what you believe you are is not what you are. It becomes very clear to you. Then, all the spiritual experiences that confirm any knowledge that you have about the state of enlightenment is a hypnotic state, is an illusion; it is not the reality, but the mind enjoys it. I am telling you this because I know it. I have gone through these deceptions of the mind. These are all mind games. Be aware of these mind games.
When you are in the awaken state, the longing is finished and there is nothing that you are missing because you are totally fulfilled. This is the state we are longing for. We are longing for to come back home and we have not understood where the home is; we have forgotten our addresses. We have just to remember where the home is, that셲 all. When Buddha was asked what he got through enlightenment he laugh and said that he just came to know that he never lost it. That was his answer. This was his ultimate understanding. He was just searching in a wrong direction. This is the reality. It is so simple, but one has to again connect with life in order to understand this. 
The search for the state of silence, the state of peace and the state of bliss is a search from the mind, which puts you into some effort. Basically there is a misunderstanding where you think that whatever you are searching; whatever you are trying to reach with this search is something that is only possible through your effort. All that you understand as a goal, like the silence, the bliss and the peace is not away from you or other than you. These are the states that carry the quality of your consciousness, the quality of your natural state. The consciousness that is expressed as life into this __EXPRESSION__ as a human being has its own quality, its own nature. It has the quality and the nature of the natural state. When the consciousness is absolutely free from the attachment that is temporarily created by the body, by the mind and by the energy it comes back to its natural state. This is what I call coming back home. When you come back home the consciousness starts getting the feel of those qualities that we call silence, bliss and peace. Then it is not that you are experiencing the silence but you are the silence. There is no separated "experiencer" who experiences that natural state. The natural state means that the consciousness is not having any division to recognize itself. When there is no attachment, no recognition and no division the consciousness comes back home. Then the consciousness is one and in that oneness it becomes one with its nature. It becomes one with the silence, the bliss and the peace. So there is bliss but there is nobody who is experiencing the bliss. That셲 why the __EXPRESSION__ 쏧 am happy is wrongly understood that 쏧 and happiness are separated. 쏧 am happy means that I am not separated from the happiness. 쏧 am happy means that I am in that state of happiness where there is no other happiness; there is no experience of happiness. The 쏧 and the happiness are one. But because we listen from the mind we understand this language of separation. This same __EXPRESSION__ when coming from that person who is actually one with this state, maybe Buddha, maybe Osho, maybe Jesus or maybe any other enlightened master, when they are expressing it they are expressing their natural state. But the people who listen misunderstand that because Buddha is saying 쏧 am happy then, if I become a Buddha I will be also happy. This is a misunderstanding. And then it becomes a goal and does not remain as a happening. When it is a happening it is not a result of any effort. But when it becomes a goal then there is a misunderstanding that it can be reached only through effort.
There is nobody who can claim enlightenment and those who claim are into the illusion. But then it is their problem; it is their business. There are many people who are just searching for experiences and when somebody says that have got it, they run after that person who is promising that he can give it to them. Nobody can give it to you and it셲 not something that you can get. This awakening is to come back to your natural state, which is the state of clarity, the state of understanding and the state of bliss. This is our natural state. We just come back home. And coming back home cannot be a part of your claim; you cannot claim that you came back home. When you reach to the Everest you can claim that you have reached there but when you come back home you do not call your friend saying that you came back. It셲 not an achievement; this is not an achievement. So when you come back home is such a relaxing feeling. This relaxing feeling is there when you come back to your natural state. And this is what I understand as enlightenment. A total clarity where you see everything the way it is. In that seeing you realize that you are not separated from this life; you are one and you are that __EXPRESSION__ into this life. Then you have a real understanding about yourself, about who you are. And you are that what is expressing everywhere. You are that __EXPRESSION__ and every __EXPRESSION__ is you. You are not separated. This feeling and this clarity is the state of enlightenment and awakening.  


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