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date : 12-01-03 20:44
This is the understanding
 post by : Yojan
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The experiences are just part of it. But then you don셳 claim anything and you are just relaxed. That셲 why I say that when you come to that clarity it is not an experience, it셲 an __EXPRESSION__ and every time you respond to life it has a different understanding. Now you are not confused, you are not fighting but you are just flowing with it having that understanding. Then you live according to the way life is flowing. You stop swimming; the swimming is finished. You are just floating in this whole flow wherever it takes you. You become like a dry leaf into the wind. Wherever it takes you, you are enjoying it. Sometimes up, sometimes down. It셲 a joy. Going down is a joy and going up is a joy. Then you remain into that permanent state of happiness and joy. And this is what enlightenment is.

When you are in the state of enlightenment you don셳 have to speak all the time that you are enlightened. When you say, 쏧 am enlightened, still there is a separated 쏧 that is claiming. When you are one with that, who is there to claim? What is there to be claimed? There셲 no recognition that you are enlightened. When there is recognition that you are enlightened, then who claims that you are enlightened? There is no 쏧 there, there is just consciousness. And when there is just consciousness, who is there to claim?  The words are misleading. This is not something that you can just understand through knowledge. So when you come to that state there is nothing to say - it셲 just silence. But when we have to express to someone who ask what that state is, then we have to say that it is the state of silence, the state of happiness and the state of joy. But when we use these words like state of joy, it also means that there is something as joy and that somebody is experiencing it. Then again we have a misleading. This happens because when you use the language it is brought by the mind and the mind understands the language of doing. So there is the doer and there is the doing. Then everything is misunderstood as if it is a part of the doing and as there is the doer who can reach to that point which is consciousness. Everything is consciousness but then every __EXPRESSION__ of unconsciousness is also consciousness. It셲 not something that is separated from the consciousness. I use the word life; I don셳 use this word consciousness because it has being a polluted word. It셲 always used for so many people and them there is a lot of misunderstanding. So, I avoid using the word consciousness. I use the word life, which has no knowledge behind. It셲 an __EXPRESSION__ and you have the understanding what life means. That셲 why this word. So, I say that everything is life. It means that everything is consciousness. I just use a different word but it means the same. But when I use this word consciousness then you have a different definition for consciousness, a different understanding for it and that separates you from the understanding of the whole thing. Once you come to that point of understanding, then everything is the __EXPRESSION__ of that life, __EXPRESSION__ of that consciousness or whatever you call it. It is not to be claimed because you are not separated from it. Then there is nobody to claim it, there is nothing to claim and there is nothing to say. It셲 life expressing; it셲 the consciousness expressing in every form. It is like the Ocean expressing itself into the waves. The waves are the __EXPRESSION__ of the Ocean although they look separated. But if you think from the point of the waves then there is a separate understanding as waves and there is a separated understanding as the Ocean. So, the waves have the understanding that they are the Ocean, but still they have some recognition that they are waves. But when the waves go into that recognition or that understanding that they are the Ocean, there are no waves at all; they are just an __EXPRESSION__. Then they come to the understanding that they are just an __EXPRESSION__ and that all of them are the Ocean, but they still exist as waves and that existence as waves is also an __EXPRESSION__ of the Ocean. Understand that it셲 all __EXPRESSION__s of life. You are that __EXPRESSION__ and you are expressing because there is a purpose for you as a separated __EXPRESSION__. And his purpose is something that you don셳 know, but only life knows.

I am not very much excited about all these spiritual experiences that people describe. Those who are describing them are just talking about illusions created by their minds and never the reality. They are never the reality because, once you desire intensely inside, this desire turns into an auto-suggestion that puts you into a self-hypnosis, and this self-hypnosis creates the illusion. So, the experiences that normally people describe as an achievement, as something that they got, like all these spiritual experiences or the experiences of enlightenment, they are all coming from their misunderstanding. They have no reality at all. When the experiences are real they have to be reflected in your life. The reflections have to be seeing there.

It is like when you are sleeping and dreaming; suddenly the noise of an explosion happens and wakes you up. In that state of sudden awakening you are experiencing something other than what you are experiencing into the dream. In the dream you were dreaming something and when you wake up you see the reality. You see actually the way things are. If this experience awakes you to the understanding that you were dreaming something that was not real and it keeps you into this awakened state, then this awakening allows you to respond to life the way it is coming without projecting your desires, without projecting you own mind games. This is the state of enlightenment or awakening. In that moment when you are awakened through a sudden sound or through somebody who is shaking you, this sudden awakening definitely gives you a glimpse of that what is not the dream. But if you go back to the dream and start dreaming of that awakening state, it is not awakening. To be awakening it has to change your responses. If you say that you are awakened, maybe through some accident or through some sudden experience, if this awakening does not change your responses to life, does not bring relaxation, silence and bliss right through your life then it is not awakening. If you are still in constant fight with life, if you are still rejecting life, reacting to life and if you are still demanding a change into life, then definitely it is not an awakening. Maybe you got a chance to wake up suddenly, but once it happens it has to remain permanently there. When you wake up in the morning, your responses to life reflect your awakening. You don셳 bang your head to the door; you know where the door is, you know where the steps are. You don셳 jump and fall down anywhere. The clarity is reflected in each of your actions. This is the test. So if you really think you got it, just look at your responses to life. If you are still miserable, if you are still fighting with life, if you are still in the same pain and tension then, understand that it is just a mind game.
When you wake up in the morning, how do we know that you are awake? We know that you are awake because you are independently functioning by yourself. You are not asking anything to anybody. You know where the toilet is and you know what to do. This is the sign. That셲 why I say that if you really want to understand what awakening means, understand that it is a state of freedom from all dependency and from all dreams. This is a state of freedom and if it is happening in your life it is surely an awakening situation. If it is not happening, if you are still following someone, asking at every step what you should do, how you should live, where you should go and what should you do, understand that you are still not awakened. If you want to check out your awakening or what you call enlightenment through your misunderstandings or through some of yours experiences, please understand that it is not awakening. Awakening means total freedom from all the slavery and dependency. It is a fearless state. There is no fear and there is no confusion there. It is a state of clarity. If this state is happening there then it is definitely awakening. Then you don셳 ask anyone to tell you if you are awakened. 
When you get up in the morning, do you ask anyone to tell you if you are awakened? Do you need a certificate from anybody that you are awakened? When you get up in the morning, do you carry a certificate that you are awakened? Is anyone who wakes up in the morning carrying a certificate from some master saying that you are awakened? Your awakening itself is the proof. Your clarity itself is the proof. You don셳 need any certificate. You don셳 need anyone to tell you that you are awakened. Your own clarity, your own freedom and your own trust are the reflection of that state. Your own knowing is enough; your own clarity is enough. When you are awakened, you are awakened. You know it clearly. Everything is clear. When you are enlightened, you are enlightened. You know it so clearly. There is not even a slightest doubt of anything, anywhere. There are no questions, no doubts, nothing. There is just an absolutely clarity and; no confusion at all. Then you let the whole world go against you. You know it and you are so much into your conviction that, even if somebody crucifies you, poisons you or shoots you, you will not stop saying what you see. Nothing can change your conviction about what you see. How can someone change it?  That clarity happens to you and there is no debate on this clarity. You know it; you live it, that셲 all. This is the understanding, the conviction that comes. And this conviction has an absolute strong trust inside. It is not a belief but a trust. And that trust is not from the ego, it is not something related to the ego, but related to something that is strong rooted inside. That셲 why when Galileo found that the earth is moving around the sun, he was asked in the court because the Bible says that the sun and all the planets are moving around the earth. The earth is in the centre and all the planets are moving because they have the scriptures saying that the earth is the centre. And Galileo found out from his own scientific way that the earth is moving around the sun. The sun is the centre of the whole solar system. And he was in prison, he was asked in the court. There he just said, 쏰k, if you say that the earth is the centre and the sun is moving around it, it is your problem. But so far as I know, the earth is moving around the sun and this cannot be changed. If for your satisfaction you want to believe that the earth is the centre, ok, you can believe it. I don셳 impose my understanding. By telling you that the earth is moving around the sun, I am not asking the earth to move around the sun. And by believing that the earth is the centre and the sun is moving around the centre, you are not going to change anything. The reality remains as it is, and I know the reality, even if it is not accepted by you now. So, this is that courage that comes and this does not make your ego stronger. On the contrary, you become absolutely ordinary.
This is not something that can be claimed. How can you claim it? To claim in itself is showing that you are somewhere deeply hypnotized with some idea. The moment you come to the understanding, to the clarity or to the realization, the first thing that becomes clear is that you are not. So, the whole idea that you have created about yourself collapses and there is a strong feeling inside that there is nothing there, there is nobody there. There is nobody who can claim to be that, but there is a feeling that you are that. There is a feeling but there is no recognition that you are that, because for this you should be separated. And it is only when the separateness dissolves that you are that. And when you are that there is nobody to claim it. Then you don셳 become a channel or an avatar or whatever you call it, because that has no form, that has no name and that has no existence as an __EXPRESSION__. That is a feel inside that you are, that셲 all. But there is no label to be given to this what you are. There is no label, there is no name, there is no form and there is no separated identification from that. So, how will you claim it? What will you claim? Anything that you claim still shows that you are separated from it. Now the question is, "is there any separated realization other than what you want to realize?" Is there any other self that you can realize other than you? When we talk about self-realization, is there any other "self" possible, other than that what you want to realize? Now, if that realization comes, is there any other self that can claim the realization? So far as there is other self who claims the realization, that self itself still remains unrealized. There is no claiming possible. There is realization, but there is no claim that is possible there. Anybody who claim to be enlightened, to be a channel or an avatar is still into some illusion created by self-hypnoses. They are gone so deep into these hypnoses that they started believing and taking the illusion as reality. And this is very much possible. Anybody can go into some self-hypnoses. If you keep constantly suggesting to yourself that you want to be enlightened, you want to be realized, you want to be this or you want to be that, this constant suggestion puts you into some hypnoses, because you have the knowledge about it. You have the knowledge about enlightenment and this knowledge creates a desire to reach, to achieve and to become that. You follow some means to reach to that end and while following it you are constantly creating a lot of suggestions to yourself. And this mind is capable of that, of create any illusion or go into any hypnoses. And when you are into those hypnoses you can go into anything that looks like the reality. So, to me, many people who claim to be enlightened are actually into hypnoses. They are looking into that illusion believing that it is the reality, but it is not the reality. So this is very much possible. The mind is very cunning, very clever and capable of creating any illusion. It creates these self-hypnoses and, once you are into it, you can anything you want.


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