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date : 12-01-03 20:50
The awakening is an expression of your natural state
 post by : Yojan
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The awakening is an __EXPRESSION__ of your natural state, through which you experience everything. But the misunderstanding happens when the enlightened masters describe the experience of enlightenment and you misunderstand the experience as being the enlightenment itself. When they talk about thousands of explosions, some sounds of OM or something that can be described, they are not talking about enlightenment. This is our misunderstanding. And because we misunderstand it, our mind just keep going after how to get this thousand of explosions experience, how to get the experience of the sounds. And the mind is very much cunning and capable of creating any kind of hypnotic state, where you start getting these experiences. That is hypnoses; that is illusion; that is not the reality. The awakening is a very normal happening. It is a natural process because that is what you are. It is your natural state. You have just to understand where it is available. And it is available when you are in the now. Whenever you are in the now, the awakening happens.

Awakening is to come back to your natural state, where you are seeing everything clearly. When you see everything the way is happening, it gives you the understanding about what life is demanding from you at each moment. Your responses are clear and it is with this clarity that you go into action the way life demands you to go. This is the natural way of living. But this is not something that is a part of experience. We are all struggling so hard to get into the experience, but I would say that very few people can be successful in getting into the experience of enlightenment, because for this you have to go into such a hard way, into such a hypnotic state to create this dream of awakening. So, it is not possible for everyone to go into the experience of enlightenment, but it is very easy for everyone to be enlightened. It sounds contradictory, because you need a very week mind to go into an unconscious and hypnotic state. The more you struggle hard, the more you make your mind weak. It is not a strong mind. And then, at certain point, out of hundred people, maybe one or two get into this hypnotic state, in this illusory state and start getting the dream of awakening. And that person just shouts from the dream that he got it. And everybody looks at him and thinks that if he got it, he must be the chosen one.  In that sense, very few people reach to that illusory, hypnotic state. Everybody is not successful in getting into that state where they can make this dream of awakening realized. But awakening for a normal person is so easy. You may not be successful in your sleep to get to the dream of awakening, but it is very easy to wake up. But when you are in a dream and somebody shouts from the dream that he got it, you also go after him and ask him to tell you how he got it, how he materialized this dream of awakening. Then he starts the business and makes money.
People just go with this idea that if they get some kind of experience they will be awakened, they will be enlightened. And many people are just making business out of it because, for one side you are searching the awakening, you are searching the enlightenment, and for other side someone is claiming that he is enlightened. You have to understand that, the enlightened person is an ordinary person living his own life. If at all, out of compassion life gives him the job to awaken the people who is sleeping and dreaming, he will do it. Otherwise, he will be busy with himself. It is like in your family, when three or four people wake up in the morning and some people are still sleeping. If somebody tells you to go and just wake he or she up, you will do this job. Otherwise, you will be busy with your own life. If life is giving you some responsibility to help people to awake, then you do it. Otherwise, who cares? It is none of anybody business, provided life has chosen you for that job.

For the one who has come to the state of understanding, to the state of awakening, the first thing that is very clear is that his individual identity as 쏧, as a separated individual from the whole eternity and from the whole life is finished. So he exists because life wants that __EXPRESSION__ to exist. He has no individual purpose or any motive to do something. He is aware of the whole situation around him but then there is no motivation or no purpose to help anyone or to do something to make this humanity free from its suffering because, for the one who is awakened there is no suffering. What is there is just an unconscious __EXPRESSION__ of the unconscious people, of something that does not exist. The suffering and the misery, which we see around is not actually the truth or the reality. It is also a kind of dream, which the unconscious humanity is suffering from. So from his side what is there is compassion to awaken that person who is dreaming that is suffering and not to help him to be free from suffering. He has that compassion for the individuals who come to him asking for help. Out of compassion he will help that person to wake up so that in that awakening, in the awakening of that understanding, this dream of suffering will go away. So this compassion is there without any purpose but life still wants him to do something. There is no purpose from his side. If there is nobody coming to him he will just stay into his silence, into a very ordinary way. He will be living into his own ecstasy. But if life wants him to be an instrument for some people who are ready for it, those who are somewhere very close to that point where, if there is some push they might wake up then it is possible. So life brings those people around him and demands something that he should do for them. And when he is doing something for them that doing is out of compassion. The help does not happen with a purpose to help but it happens out of compassion. I would say out of compulsion because he is chosen to be a medium there and he is compelled against his wish to share something, which life wants him to share.
In the West and in the East, where the impact of the Western culture is happening, the word enlightenment has been totally misunderstood. Especially after Osho and especially for Osho셲 disciples, enlightenment has become like a market commodity. Everybody thinks that enlightenment is something that either can be bought or achieved through effort, like practicing some spiritual techniques or doing some kind of meditation. Basically, every human being that has gone through some struggle in life has a very strong feeling of something missing inside. Maybe you had everything that was promising you happiness before, but still after going through this happiness you came out with empty hands. Instead of felling fulfilled you came out with a strong felling inside that something is missing. And this is what makes the whole Western world very frustrated and very puzzled. And this is the situation of not only the Western world but of all the people who have acquired the Western standards of living. You just don셳 know what you are missing and this is what makes you even more frustrated. So, out of this entire frustrated people who have tried all the means possible to get happiness, some of them have turned towards the spiritual life thinking that in this way there is a possibility of fulfillment, there is a possibility of total relaxation. Having learnt about Buddha and looking to all these spiritual enlightened people who are totally relaxed, totally into that state where they claim to be a permanent happiness, a permanent bliss and a permanent state of silence, these frustrated people start getting the desire to do something, so they can become like Buddha, they can reach to that Buddha셲 state. So, they start inquiring about enlightenment and they get the answer that this is what they are missing. They are told that if they become enlightened they will be totally relaxed, totally free from the misery and the suffering, which makes them constantly restless, longing for something unknown. This answer offered by the Eastern masters has created somewhere a desire in you. When you get the answer for what you are longing, for what you are missing, it becomes a desire. Before, when you didn셳 have the answer for what you are missing it was there as a longing, it was there as a restless feeling inside. You had no idea about what you are missing. So it had not turned into a desire yet. The moment you get the answer that what you are missing is this Buddha셲 state, is this enlightenment, once you have the definition about the state of enlightenment, you believe that you got the right answer. So, you conclude that if you get enlightened, then you will be free from all the suffering, from all the tensions, all the miseries and all these feelings of missing something and restlessness. The Western mind got the answer from the Eastern masters that what is missing is enlightenment. And everybody was so happy and so much excited to get into it. It was when people started running after anybody who was promising enlightenment and since then it has become like a market commodity. So, enlightenment is totally misunderstood. I am not saying that Buddha is not enlightened; I am not saying that Buddha has not come to that state of permanent happiness, permanent bliss or permanent silence. All the enlightened people who are expressing their natural state are expressing the truth. But those who understand the human psychology, those who understand the human weakness and those who want to make a business out of it got the chance. They got the chance to exploit this human weakness. They opened their shops and they put there a board saying that, 쐃nlightenment is sold here. You pay the price and you will get it. This is the holy business that started in the name of enlightenment, in the name of realization, in the name of freedom. And this business has totally spoiled the meaning of enlightenment, the understanding of enlightenment.
Enlightenment turned out to be a holy business now. Many people found out that the easiest way to make money is to declare their enlightenment. So, they promise enlightenment and they get that entire people who are just in touch with Osho셲 books or whatever means that maybe had enhanced their thirst or intensified their longing to find out something that can make them free from their sufferings and miseries. These are the people who are not aware of the fact that they have misunderstood enlightenment as the answer for whatever they are searching. They think that if they get enlightened they will be free from their miseries and sufferings. They think that enlightenment means a state of permanent happiness, permanent bliss, permanent silence and permanent joy and that it is something that they can reach, achieve or pick it up somewhere. This is their misunderstanding. Yes, there is a permanent state but it does not come through any achievement or any effort. This permanent state comes only through understanding. And that understanding is possible if you just relax first, if you just stay with yourself first. Otherwise, it is not possible. If you are all the time projecting something outside, if you are putting your focus outside searching to reach somewhere, then when are you going to relax? When are you going to be with yourself? Otherwise, you are not going to understand. And every misunderstanding takes you to the wrong direction. I could see so many people who were after this enlightenment for so long, still wandering around, still knocking at each and every door. Whenever they happen to know that a new master has come, promising enlightenment, they are just running there. And it is when they can just be exploited and fooled without getting anything from there. But then, when they realize that they have being fooled and exploited, it is too late. People are just putting the board for selling enlightenment, declaring themselves enlightened and claiming to have got it through some experiences that they are describing. Somebody got it in the taxi and somebody got it in the toilet. These are all mind games. They are not experiences. How can they claim that to be experiences? They are all just fooling people. They cheat themselves and they cheat the people. Those who claim that they are enlightened and those who are showing you the certificate from their master saying that they are enlightened are just fooling you. Be aware of this holy business people. Understand this because you are greed and they are just exploiting your greediness as it makes your mind weak. And they have learnt certain techniques of how to hypnotize you, how to capture your mind and make you a slave. Don셳 become a slave. We are all born lions. We are not sheep and lambs to follow someone. Everybody is born with this freedom. Everybody is born with this natural state, which is the state of enlightenment. You have to wake up and not to get trapped with this, with this entire holy business happening. And they are very good marketing people. They understand very well how to market their product. They put some advertisement in some German Bakery and some others places, saying that they are here as enlightened masters and you should come to them.  Be aware of this holy business people. If you really want to get to that state, understand your unhappiness, understand your misery, understand you suffering, understand you tension. Don셳 try to find out what can promise you happiness. 

When you are searching for enlightenment, your whole focus goes into finding the means that can take you there. Now, if you are sick and you are focusing your total attention into how to become healthy, there are so many advertisements for you to reach there. You can start eaten healthy food, you can start jogging and you can start doing some exercise that promises you health. But, if you are not free from the disease, whatever tonic you take or whatever exercises you do for health will only increase the disease. It will not give you health. Focusing your attention towards health and what promises you health does not liberate you from the disease. The disease has to be taken care by diagnosing it and taken the right medicine. So, if you are searching for enlightenment and you want to buy it instead of treating the cause of your suffering, then you are not going to get anything out of it, because you are moving in a wrong direction.

When you are healthy, it is not an experience of health but you definitely express health in your responses to life, because health and you are not separated from each other. There is nobody separated who is experiencing health. There is a possibility of freedom from the disease, which can be reached, which can be achieved but you cannot reach to health. Health is something that happens when you are free from the disease. Understand scientifically that health is a revelation of your natural state, which was covered by the disease. When you remove the disease, health is revealed. So, first understand the disease. If you want to be permanently happy, understand why you are permanently unhappy. If you want to be free from suffering, misery and tension, understand the tension, understand the suffering, and understand the misery. Instead of putting your whole attention to get the happiness, focus your attention to understand the unhappiness. Understanding liberates you, because understanding brings you to that state of awakening. Knowledge does not liberate you and no experience is an experience of freedom. Freedom is your natural state. You are free and you don셳 claim that you are free. You are free and you are just moving free. This is enlightenment. The rest is all mind games. Wake up to these mind games and be aware of this entire holy business-shopping happening around.


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