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date : 12-01-03 20:53
These are all mind games
 post by : Yojan
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When you go to these masters and you say that you want to be happy, actually what you are telling them is that you are unhappy. And because you are unhappy they tell you that you can become happy, that when you reach to the state of happiness you will be free from the unhappiness. So happiness becomes your goal and if you want to be happy they are the ones who can tell you how to be happy. They will not help you to find out why you are unhappy because if they want to do business out of it, they will just tell you how you can be happy. They will not tell you why you are unhappy. They will not take you to that journey to understand, to investigate, to inquiry what is the cause of your unhappiness. They will tell you somewhere how you can be happy, what can make you happy. This is the whole game. And in the journey of the mind in search of happiness it can offer you just two ways for you to be happy, what actually is not happiness but the state where there is the absence of unhappiness. The mind actually can give you somewhere a state where, whether you forget the unhappiness or you successfully suppress the unhappiness. These are the only two ways through which the mind can offer you the state of happiness. That is why we say that the state of happiness is momentary. And this is where the mind does not agree because it wants a permanent state of happiness. This is also where the spiritual search begins because you want to achieve this permanent state of happiness. In the worldly life you just have temporary states of happiness. There are many ways to get into this state of happiness by forgetting your unhappiness for a momentary time. If you go to see a movie and you sit in the theatre for one or two hours, you forget your unhappiness. You come out and say that you were very happy. But this __EXPRESSION__ that you were very happy is not the right __EXPRESSION__. Actually you should say that you were very successful in forgetting your unhappiness for about two hours. So, you have invented so many materials means to provide you the ways for you to forget your unhappiness. And for the mind, forgetfulness is the suppressing of the unhappiness. The state of absence of unhappiness is for the mind the state of happiness. Because you are not treating the cause of unhappiness and you are somewhere keeping it aside either through forgetting or through suppression, it comes back again. All these therapies, all these groups are nothing but a kind of hypnotic tricks or hypnotic techniques where you are successful in suppressing your state of unhappiness. You suppress it and then go into some state where you start believing that you are absolutely happy, dancing and singing. But this is all temporary. Again the unhappiness starts coming back. It depends upon how much strong are your efforts either to forget your unhappiness or to suppress it.
Life does not demand your enlightenment. Life does not demand your meditations. Life demands your simple understanding, and through this understanding, it demands harmony and balance. Once you understand this harmony and balance, each action, each doing is meditation. And to remain into the state of harmony is the enlightenment, is that relaxed state. This is the state of permanent happiness, permanent bliss, permanent silence, that comes by itself through your own understanding, because this is your natural state, the state that you have never lost.   Why do you try to get it? You will not find it anywhere outside. You will find through your own understanding that it is already there. That state, which all of you are searching and trying to achieve is not somewhere out. It is somewhere inside. You just have to understand that what you are searching you have never lost, because it is your natural state. It is the natural state of Existence; it is the life that is flowing inside you. You have just to come back to it, to tune with it and be that. You don셳 have to try to become that, because you are that. And to be that, to be whom you are, only your understanding is required, only your understanding is the remedy. And this is what I underline.
Everything in nature is so happy, so relaxed. I never saw my dog sitting in front of a lion셲 picture, thinking that one day it will become a lion. The dog is so happy the way it is. You also should be relaxed with the way life has created you. You want to become like a Buddha, but Buddha never tried to become like anyone else. Osho never tried to become like anyone else. And you try to become a copy of Osho, a copy of Buddha. And a copy is never the original. You will be just pretending to be what you are not, what brings a lot of tension, a lot of misery inside. You copy and then you pretend to be a very spiritual person. What for? Just to show off to people? Why do you want that? You know very well inside that you are miserable. If you really understand and you are tired of this burden that you carry inside, just drop it. Be naked and just show to the world that you are what you are. If they want to accept you, fine. If they don셳 want, who cares? This is not a statement coming from the ego; but this is a statement coming from the understanding. When I say who cares, I don셳 mean that you don셳 care, but that you have that feeling inside that now you are no more interested in be somebody else, you are no more interested in anybody셲 opinion, in what people say about you.  Everybody will still have his or her own opinion about you, but once you understand who you are, that will make no difference at all for you. When somebody tells you that you are an angry person, you will not become angry, you will not react. If somebody tells you that you have an ugly face, you will just answer that you know it, that you have seen it in the mirror. Nothing will disturb you. Once you know yourself, and accept yourself the way you are, there is nothing to worry about. Otherwise, as you carry this image that you are a very beautiful and silent person, if somebody tells you that you are an angry person, you will become angry there. When you are what you are, nobody can disturb you and nobody can shake you. This is the state of relaxation, which all these enlightened people have come through understanding.
There is nothing more in any Buddha and nothing less in any disciple. Life has given you equally the same possibilities there. We degrade ourselves when we say that we have to go through some more generations or some more lives to get enlightened. We degrade ourselves when we believe that we have to take some seven lives to get there because in each life we open one chakra, one body and so on. This is all nonsense! If enlightenment is not happening at this moment, you can take in writing from me that it is not going to happen in any moment. If you are not enlightened now at this moment, then don셳 wait for the next moment that you are going to become enlightened because each moment is going to be the same. Wake up now! Understand now! These are all mind games, just to put you in some consolation that maybe tomorrow or maybe next life, it will happen. These are all mind games. Just look at why are you unhappy today? Why are you unenlightened today? Why are you miserable today? Look there, because today is the reality. There is no another day. If I take care of today with understanding then tomorrow will be the same. If I am happy now, if I know how to be happy now, tomorrow I am going to be happy. This is happening each moment. But your mind wants to experience it and this is the problem. And that cannot be experienced, because it is you, it is your natural state. When it happens, it just expresses itself into some ecstasy, into some dance, into some singing, that셲 all.


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