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date : 12-01-04 00:05
You don셳 understand why the masters are suggesting meditation
 post by : Yojan
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Whenever you ask what meditation is, the question itself is coming from some answers that you already have. You have heard about many kinds of meditations, which so many masters have asked people to do. So, the question is coming from the misunderstanding that you have about meditation as a technique, as something that you have to do. Even now, there are so many masters who are asking people to do some kind of meditation. That is why I am saying that this is the most misunderstood concept among the seekers. Meditation as a technique is one thing and meditation as a real sense is another thing. They have a different meaning. When we use this word meditation, meditation in a real meaning is a meditative state, which is our natural state. It cannot be brought through any technique, any effort or anything you do. It is already there, but it has been hidden or it has been suppressed because of the mind. When the mind is there, we are away from this meditative state, this natural state. And what is this natural state inside? It is the harmony between the life force that is flowing through us and the life force that is flowing around us. When there is harmony between the inner and the outer side of the same life force, they become one and the tuning happen. When it happens you are already into that meditative state, in that state of oneness, which is our natural state. But what you understand as a meditation or what you misunderstand as a meditation is that it is something that you can bring about through some technique, some method, some doing or some kind of effort.  Now, the game is that when you are doing something, the doer is the mind. And the oneness state, the meditative state happens only when the mind is not there. When it happens, it happens by itself, without any effort, without any doing or any doer. The state of meditation happens when there is no mental action, when there is no purpose, no concentration focused to any future point. It happens when you are totally relaxed, when you are in what I call the state of total acceptance. 
This is not meditation but it is a mind game. It only helps you to intensify your thirst because the more you try the more you feel that you cannot do it. You try to meditate, you try to watch your thoughts, you try to let-go and you try to go beyond the mind, but you cannot do it. And the more you try, the more it intensifies your thirst inside. In this sense it helps you, but it makes you so frustrated. The frustration starts boiling inside. So, in a way it helps you but it does not bring you to the understanding. It can put the mind into that state where it gets so tired at a certain point. If you are a beginner you will not get tired soon, but after twenty years of meditation or wondering around you do get tired. Ask the people who are sitting there for twenty years. Ask these people who are sitting in the monasteries for eighteen hours a day. They have no answer to this question and they just continue doing the same for years. They just compromise somewhere because they don셳 understand and they have nothing else to do. They are just waiting for this enlightenment to happen, that셲 all. They are just living on hope there, nothing more than that. But, the fact is that, if one Buddha can be relaxed, if one person can be enlightened, why can't you? You have to understand where you have gone wrong.

Your very effort to let these thoughts go creates more and more disturbances to the thoughts. My question is, 쐗hy do you want to be free from this whole flow of thoughts? Let it be there! Somebody has told you that if you are free from your thoughts, then you are in a state of silence because the cause of your disturbance is the movement of the thoughts. Your misunderstanding says that if there is no disturbance there is a state of silence; when there is no unhappiness there is a state of happiness. You have to understand that the real state of silence, the real state of happiness also includes the unhappiness and all the disturbances together. This is the state of witnessing. When you are doing something with your thoughts, either to quiet it down or to silence it there is still a doer existing there. If you are trying to let them go, this let-go only is possible if there is no effort involved. And if you are trying to let them go, it is not let-go because you are still doing something to it. Let-go means that you do nothing. You just sit silently and do nothing, so the spring comes and the grass grows by itself. What does this __EXPRESSION__ mean? It means that you just do nothing! If you are still the doer then all the meditations that you are doing to silence your mind have no relevance. So how can you silence your mind unless you detach from it and become aware of it? The secret is, so far you are doing something to silence it you are identified and attached to it. Wanting to be free from the thoughts is also a thought. Wishing to be free from the desires is also a desire.

It is like in Zazen, where you just sit, you just look and you just listen, without any purpose behind any action. You just let it happen. So, if the thought셲 movement is happening, you let it happen. If there is a disturbance happening, you let it happen. To let it happen means that you just accept whatever is happening. You accept the way it is happening along with the understanding that you have no freedom to change it. And you stay there with this state of acceptance, which will bring you immediately to the witnessing point because you are not doing anything about it, you are just aware of it. This is Vipassana, and not what you are trying to do as Vipassana. Vipassana happens only in the moment you wake up to this understanding that everything is happening. When you are in Vipassana, you wake up to whatever sensation is demanding your attention, that셲 all. This is Vipassana - any kind of sensation happening to any of your senses. The sensations are happening because of the natural events that are happening outside, which are beyond your control. Each moment you are receiving some sensation because each moment something is happening outside. Sometimes a sound, sometimes some light, some movement, some touch, some taste or some smell. At every moment all these five senses are getting connected somewhere and some sensations are happening. So, any sensation that is demanding your attention automatically wakes you up to that sensation, that셲 all. There is no purpose to be free from it or to do something about it, but to remain there with a total awareness. This is freedom and this is the real meditation.

So far as life is expressing through this body and this body is alive, life is expressing as a consciousness inside. The consciousness is that point where you are conscious of the sensations that are happening there. Life becomes consciousness when the consciousness happens to your sensations. Otherwise there is no consciousness also. The consciousness itself is the awareness. There is no awareness of consciousness. How can you be aware of consciousness when there is no separated consciousness? When you are really conscious there is no separated 쏧 that claim that, 쏧 am conscious. When you are really into the state of happiness, there is no separated 쏧 who is experiencing the happiness. But still when we express it through the language we say, 쏧 am enjoying, 쏧 am happy. 쏧 am happy is an __EXPRESSION__, but is not actually the reality there. There is no 쏧 there. Either you are happy or you are unhappy where the 쏧 exists because the unhappy state is where the 쏧 stays. So, when the 쏧 disappears you are in the happy state. If there is 쏧, you are all the time unhappy. But when you are happy there is no 쏧 because this is a state of consciousness where the 쏧 does not exist. That셲 why I am saying that there is no experience of consciousness. You cannot be conscious and experience the consciousness. You have no separated consciousness. Through the consciousness you experience everything, but consciousness cannot be an experience. That셲 why is very wrong to say, 쏧 want to realise myself. Who realises whom? If this 쏧 realises something, then this 쏧 still remains unrealised. What are you realising? It is like this hand saying: 쏧 want to hold myself. You can hold everything in your hands, but you cannot hold your hands. You can see everything through your eyes, but you cannot see the eyes through your eyes, unless you have a mirror. That셲 why the consciousness cannot experience consciousness, unless there is a mirror, unless there is a sensation that gives you a feel of awareness there. But you are aware of that and not aware of here. You are aware of the sensation there, but the consciousness cannot be an experience of that awareness. That셲 why I am saying that through awareness, through the consciousness you can experience everything, but consciousness cannot be a part of experience. What can you experience? It is not possible. That셲 why it is a game when we are doing this Vipassana Meditation. It is a mind game. How can you be conscious of the sensations? The moment you are conscious of the sensations you become the sensation. Then, where is the consciousness? Who is conscious of the sensations? So, it셲 a game. How can you be conscious? How can you be aware? That what is reflected can be experienced but the one on whom it is reflected cannot be experienced. So, Vipassana is a game, a good game to get your mind tired, because we begin with the mind.
When the consciousness gets detached from the mind or the ego, this detachment brings this consciousness to its own natural state. When the consciousness gets detached from this mind part, which is the knowledge part and comes back to its natural state it starts getting the feeling of bliss, silence, and joy. At the same time, this mind part, which loses its attachments starts dissolving its grip, its identity. It starts dying out slowly, slowly because the consciousness, which gives the recognition to it, is detached now. So if you look from the mind part, this mind gets the feeling of sadness because it is dying, it is dissolving. And the sadness is not getting the nourishment from the attachment; it is not remaining into the attachment. These are the two simultaneous feelings that happen when you are really into meditation. But if you are 쐂oing meditation, then the mind is nourished and it gets some strength, it gets some power through your fighting inside as you try to do some kind of exercise or to apply some technique, like to chant a mantra to quiet the mind or to observe the sensations doing Vipassana. Whatever you are doing through your meditations the mind is absolutely enjoying it. But if the real meditation happens the mind goes into sadness. And simultaneously there is a felling inside coming from your natural state, of bliss, of silence and of joy, which is happening. The mind then starts questioning what is wrong because there is some suffering and sadness and then, there is some bliss and silence that is also happening. So the mind starts doubting the bliss and the silence. It starts trusting the sadness as a reality. Actually, the reality is the reality of the consciousness because the consciousness is real, the bliss is real, and the silence is real. The sadness is an illusion. It is a reflective and reactionary illusion. In that real state of meditation this is what happens and this sadness will remain there only till it dissolves totally.
You don셳 understand why the masters are suggesting meditation, but they have their own purpose. The masters have the understanding that you need it at some point, so you can relax with your psychological pains and be available to the understanding. Meditations are required as long as they bring you to that state where you are open to the understanding, once you are a little relaxed from this whole immediate pain. But the cure is the understanding and not the meditations. Any misunderstanding at any point will mislead you. Nothing is going to cure you, if you do not understand and go on doing meditations. The cure is the understanding. And that was what all these masters were talking to the seekers. They were not just asking them to do meditations, but they were asking them to just understand what the only remedy is.

People misunderstand when I talk about no meditations, no techniques and no methods. I am not against them. They have their own purposes. So, those who believe that meditation is the cure are having this misunderstanding even while listening to me. And then, either they become lazy or they just leave my Satsang and go away, thinking that this Kiran doesn셳 know anything. Why then Osho asks us to do meditation? Why then Buddha asks his disciples to do meditation? I am not against meditation, but I have my own understanding about it. It has its own purpose up to a certain point. It is just that you don셳 have to remain addicted to the painkiller, that셲 all. Understand the situation of that sick person who takes a painkiller every time. What will happen to the disease? It will come to that point where it is incurable. Understand that there is a limitation and whenever you use something, understand the limitation of it. It works and it will help you. I understand that meditations have their own purpose and the one who is offering them to you understands very well where the limit is, and where you have to stop. Now, unfortunately Osho is not there to tell you to stop. That is why you go on doing it and you are going to be miserable your whole life, unless you come to this understanding.

Without understanding the cause of your problem, how can you follow any technique? If you are doing Dynamic meditation, you are doing it because somebody told you that if you do it you would be free from your problem. But, by doing Dynamic meditation, what do you want? My question is, by doing Dynamic what do you want? By doing all the meditation techniques, TM, Vipassana or anything, what are you searching? What do you want? If you want freedom from your miserable state inside or from your tensed state inside, you are using these meditations without understand the cause of your misery and tension. This will only mislead you.
I am not against meditations and I am not against groups and therapies. They do work; they do have their own purposes. But don셳 misunderstand that they are the cure. The master understands what kind of disease you have and he puts you into a certain understanding. Through this understanding the cure happens. If for some reason you are not coming to the understanding or to that point of relaxation, he puts you into more and more painkillers, so that some day you reach to that point where you are totally tired of them and you are able to listen to him. Only then you listen and you get the clarity. So, these are all different ways that the masters use to deal with people. Osho has to deal with a different group of people - the beginners. I have to deal with a different group of people. People who come to me have already completed their homework. It is a different group. I am talking to the people who have completed their homework. They already passed through the second-degree school. But if you are coming from that group where you are a beginner you will not understand what I am saying. You will misunderstand and react, saying that Kiran is against Osho and that Kiran is telling not to do meditations and not to do groups. This is not what I am saying. Please, don셳 misunderstand me. If you come to me and you are a beginner, this will be a confusing place for you. I will not help you but I will harm you. It셲 better that you complete the homework first and when you complete the homework you will be ready to listen to what I am saying. And then it is possible that you might get some clarity, some understanding that help you to go back to your life, where you can relax and start living with that harmony.
All these concepts are nothing but forced beliefs that has been conditioned in our minds, which does not allow us to see the reality of life the way it is expressing. When I look around me, I see a tree that is born into my garden. If you sow a seed, the plant is created. When the plant is created, it reaches the flowering, creates the seeds and dies. I don셳 see the same plant, the same tree again reborn. I have a dog that died. I don셳 see that the same dog is going to be reborn. And the dog never asked me if there is any past life or next life, or, if there is reincarnation. It has never asked, because the dog didn셳 have any desire to change itself or to change the life around it. When you look around you see that every __EXPRESSION__, other than human beings, are accepting the way life is expressing through them. They are just in tune, in harmony with life the way life is expressing. They never demand other than what it is. They are just relaxed with life. When you have no demands other than what it is, who cares about tomorrow and who cares about the last day, when you are happy in the now? What make you unhappy are to demand other than what it is. And when you are unhappy, you have to find out the answer for why you are unhappy. And when you are in search of the answers, you have so much hypothetical answers, which give you some consolations. And some of the answers that give you consolation are the concepts of reincarnation, past life and next life. They are nothing but hypothetical answers given to this unconscious mind that is demanding the answer for the misery that is reality, the happiness that is not there. You are tying to find out the answer for why you are unhappy by taking some hypothetical answers, so you are consoled. If somebody is telling you that it is your destiny to be happy, you are so happy. And you like that person, because he releases you from this immediate pain of unhappiness. And, by saying that everything is destiny, he consoles you. If you are not enlightened, if somebody tells you that you are not enlightened because it is your destiny, you are not enlightened. Somebody sitting in Mumbai tells you this that, you are not enlightened because it is not your destiny. This is something that is giving you a temporary consolation, a temporary release from the pain of feeling that you are not enlightened. But temporary release doesn셳 solve the problem of humanity.


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