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date : 12-01-04 00:13
No meditation, no groups and no therapies can change you
 post by : Yojan
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Actually we are all searching for the cure. We are not searching for the painkillers, tranquilizers, or sedatives. And all the answers given by all these people to console you, work like a painkiller, work like a sedative, work like a tranquilizer. It gives you a temporary relief. In the case humanity goes into that level of frustration where it can explode, this consolations work as cold water into the boiling milk. It subsides there. All these answers are given just to keep the humanity into a certain level of frustration, so that it does not go beyond that limit. Otherwise humanity can go into madness. If you cross the limits of frustration and tension, it is possible that either you go into madness, kill yourself, or you start killing somebody else. Just to prevent the people for crossing this limit, all these hypothetical answers work like a cool down effects. Temporarily it cools down and keeps the humanity in a sane level, in which people are able to function in a sane way in the society. Somewhere we are all mad after certain percentage. But these answers that are given to us keep that level; maintain that level, so we don셳 cross the limits. But, understand that these are not the answers; these are not actually the answers. The answers have to be yours. When it comes to your clarity, you will just laugh to all the answers given to console you, because then you reach to that state where there is no boiling happening. It comes to its natural state and you get the clarity. That셲 why I am not given you any answer of whatever is asked. I am saying that, just try to get some understanding, some information, and some guidelines where you can reach to your own answer, to your clarity, and you don셳 get caught into this beliefs, consolations, or ready made answers which are given to you.
Once your mind understands only the language of doing, through meditations it reaches to that climax when it accepts that doing cannot take you there. When you reach to that point of total tiredness, of total exhaustion there, then at certain point you are open to something that can help you permanently. Otherwise, you are totally into the mind and always listening to the language of doing. This mind has to get tired. So, this is one of the two purposes. Another one is cleansing, because somewhere it gives you a temporary relief as it cleans out the dust and the dirt from your system. As for my understanding, all the meditations and groups that you are doing are nothing but painkillers and purgatives. When people use to come to Osho, they were so full of immediate pains and symptoms that Osho had to ask them to do meditations, groups and therapies. Groups and therapies are like purgatives. They just clean your system. Whatever is suppressed and kept there, you just vomit it out. And then the moment you clean out something it gives you a temporary relief too. So, the meditations or whatever Osho was prescribing worked either like a purgative or as a painkiller and he was always very clear about this. Only when people were ready, then he would bring them to the understanding, because he was not only asking them to do meditations, but he was also trying to wake them up somewhere in a different level.

Why people like to do meditations? Because doing meditation has its own effect. What is that effect? That effect is a temporary freedom from the mental problems, which you are suffering from. People are going to meditation camps with a purpose to be free from the stress, from the tension, from the unhappiness or from the suffering. People are trying to find out the answer, the solution for getting free from these problems. And the masters who are conducting these meditation camps are promising the liberation, the freedom from these mental problems through meditations. People like to go to these camps, because doing meditation definitely gives them a temporary relief. At least for a short time they can be free from their immediate problems. So, anything that gives you a temporary relief, we call it a painkiller or a tranquillizer. When you have a headache you go to a doctor and he gives you a painkiller or a tranquillizer for the immediate relief of your immediate problem.  What is your immediate problem? Your problem is the headache. So, the first thing he does is to give you some painkiller to relieve you from the immediate pain. But at the same time he wants to know what the cause of the headache is. So, he prescribes you to go through some kinds of tests, like blood test, urine test or any other required test. When you go through these tests, the doctor comes to know what the cause of your problem is. Once he understands the cause of your headache, he gives you the appropriated treatment that makes you free from the cause of the problem. Then he may suggest some surgery; he may suggest some further tests or anything that can cure you. When we are doing meditations to be free from the psychological problems, they work as painkillers, tranquillizers or purgatives, which relieve you from the immediate pain. That is OK and up to this point, I am not against it. But the problem is that you become addicted to them. Then, when are you going to understand the cause of your disease? Why are you in stress? Why are you in tension? Why are you suffering? One has to understand this. If you go on practicing everyday the meditation techniques, you will be just suppressing the causes of your disease. If you are not treating the cause of your suffering, the cause of your stress, the cause of your psychological pain, then everyday you have to take painkillers. So, you do it in the morning and in the evening, but during the daytime you again accumulate stress and you have to do it next morning again. So, it becomes like an addiction and you do not understand the cause of the accumulation of this stress. You are not becoming free from it but you are just temporarily relieved. It means that all meditation techniques, which you are doing to be free from stress, to be free from the suffering, to be free from tension or to be free from the mind only works temporarily. That is why I call them spiritual painkillers, spiritual tranquillizers because they give you only a temporary relief and after some time the pain is back again.

If you listen to Osho properly, he had said many times that he was asking you to do all the meditations not because you are going to get enlightened through them, but because he wants you to be tired by doing these meditations. So, I am adding a little more into Osho셲 understanding saying that, if you are doing three meditations in a day you should do it for 24 hours, so you will get tired faster. Osho was very clear about why he was asking people to do meditations and he has said it many times. It is a cleansing process and it is a tiring process. There are different kinds of meditations, in the same way that there are many kinds of painkillers, tranquilizers and purgatives. So, according to the doctors prescription, according to the doctor셲 understanding, either he will give you some painkiller or some purgative to clean your stomach or some tranquilizer to pacify your mind. It depends upon the kind of disease that you are suffering from. Osho could understand the kind of disease mental or psychological that people were suffering from. So he used to give some painkiller meditations, some purgative meditations and some tranquilizer meditations. I am not saying that Osho is wrong. I am saying that Osho셲 technique is to get you tired. He has said so many times that he is asking you to do so many things just to get you tired, because your mind understands the language of doing. So, he has to speak this language and put you into the doing. So, do it! But when you really understand, does it totally and not half-heartedly. Don셳 sit for meditation for 3 hours but sit for 24 hours, till you get enlightened. Do you have that much of intense longing, or that intense thirst with you? Are you dying for it? If you are not, then just lukewarm effort does not solve your problem. You will be just passing time, killing time, but you are not going to solve the problem. If you are really, really into pain, really into that strong suffering inside that it is a question of life and death, then you will understand. The earlier you go into this, the earlier you get tired. And the earlier you get tired, the better. What I am saying now was spoken many times by Osho, in the same language and with the same words. But I was there listening to the same language and I did not listen because I was not interested in to listen to this things. I was interested in listening what he says about doing, what he was asking me to do. When I listen to Osho셲 cassettes now, I get surprised that I was sitting right in front of him and he was saying the same thing that I am telling people. But I did not listen at that time. I did not listen to this language of acceptance. Why? I did not listen because my mind was all the time listening to that language of doing. Whenever somebody comes to Osho he would say, 쏧f you want to get enlightened, do these meditations, and do these groups and therapies. I was so excited thinking that I got the answer that I did not listen to the other part, the one that I listen only now, only after getting tired. So, get yourself tired! Don셳 blame Osho and don셳 blame anything or anybody. Blame yourself that somewhere you have a misunderstanding. I am absolutely clear of what Osho did and why he did.  Now I can say it very clearly, I can vouch on that. Whatever he said was truth, but we were not ready to listen to that truth. So, his way of preparing people to listen to this truth was different from my way. That is the only difference, but the only ultimate truth is that it is all to prepare you to listen to the truth and to get to the right understanding where you relax. This is what happens. So, understand this and don셳 get confused. And if you really understand, everything that is not required will drop out. And that is what Osho셲 understanding is. He never asked us to do or to drop out anything. He accepted us as we are. He never put any condition when he was giving Sannyas. It was very clear that he was accepting us as we are. That was very clear. He was having that clarity that, if you are doing something that can bring you the understanding, whatever is not required will drop out by itself. It is not that when you get to your own clarity, when you start opening your own eyes, you will not ask anyone if you can drop this stick. The stick will drop out by itself. It is a sign of your clarity; it is a sign of your own opening of the eyes that the sticks drop out. It is not required now. The dependency is not required; the follower ship is not required. You are totally independent. So, this happens and when it happens, you understand that you are a free person. Then, whether you are here in India or in your country nobody can bind you, nothing can bind you. You are liberated. This is my understanding.
They can just put you into some kind of hypnoses where you believe that you have changed. It is a good hypnosis where you go on suggesting yourself that you are free from your anger, you are free from your jealousy and you are free from all the dirty you think you have. But, suddenly somebody just shakes you and when you see all your dirty is back again. So, this is how the situation is. If you still want to go into the hypnoses and into the unconsciousness believing that you are changed, it is fine. But, for how long do you want to believe in this change? It takes just one strike for you to realize that you have not changed. It is only a question of somebody to abuse you or your girlfriend dating another boyfriend. Immediately you see that you have the same anger, the same jealousy and the same dirty.  All these groups and therapies that you are doing are nothing but sedatives or painkillers. But it remains there as long as the effect lasts, according to the strength of that tranquilizer or painkiller. If you have taken it for 8 days, it remains for 8 to l0 days. If you have taken for l month, it remains for few months. It depends upon how strong the painkiller is. But, the painkiller is not the cure. It is a temporary suppression that you have invented. And in that temporary suppression you are free from your pains, you are free from your miseries. You feel like you are fine for some time, but it again comes back and this is what the ego does not want to accept. That셲 why you go on putting this false face. You put this false face because you don셳 want to show to people that you are the same. You want them to believe that you have changed. You don셳 have that much courage, that much honesty to say that you are the same. It is like in that story, where nobody has the courage to say that the king is naked. Do you know the story about the naked king? A child, who was sitting on the shoulders of his father, saw the king and shouted that the king was naked. But, for everybody else, the king was wearing divine clothes. We are all wearing divine clothes and nobody has the courage to say that we are naked. You see your nakedness and you see everybody셲 nakedness, but everybody goes on pretending to be wearing divine clothes. So, if I declare that I am naked or if I tell people that they are naked, nobody likes it because we want to be into the hypnoses that we have divine clothes. So, nobody has the courage to say. It takes an innocent person to admit this; it takes a child to say it.
The mind cannot allow you to be here and now. That셲 why you cannot be here and now through your efforts. You cannot try to be here and now through meditations. You just have to relax. You just have to accept the way it is happening and forget about your whole purpose. You just sit there without any purpose. Sit silently and do nothing and the spring comes and the grass grows by itself. What does it mean? Just sit silently and do nothing. That means that you should not have any purpose. Even for sitting silently you have no purpose. Even for your meditations. If you have no purpose for your meditations, then the real meditation happens. But, if you sit for meditation with a purpose to go beyond the mind, to silence the mind or to experience something beyond the mind, this purpose does not allow you to be here and now, neither in the state of meditation. On the contrary, you remain with that state of mind that comes from the past and you are always trying to reach to the future. So, it셲 a mind game. When you are 쁡oing meditation, it is nothing but a mind game. Meditation has to happen and, if you understand how it happens, you just relax, sit silently and do nothing. You just drop all the purposes.
This is how the mind is born. And this is how you start living with the mind, which is nothing but the past and which actually does not exist. The past is already gone but still you cling to it; you hold on to it so strongly. All your actions are born from the past. You respond to the present from the past, from the knowledge, from all the past information that you have collected there. You try to understand the present from the past and you respond from the past knowledge that you have. So, you never understand the present because you are never available to the present. If you are available to the now, then this now will give you some understanding of what is now demanded. But what happens is that you don셳 stay present, you don셳 accept the now. And in not accepting it, you are all the time going in the wrong direction when responding to the now. So, you are all the time confused about what life is asking and what you understood from it. There is always some confusion there. The enlightened person is the one who lives with clarity, who lives with a total understanding. And this understanding has nothing to do with your past memories or your past knowledge. It comes from something totally new, totally fresh. Life is always fresh; life is always new. Each bite of life has a different taste, a new and fresh taste. It is never a repetition of the past.
The enlightened person is the one who is living moment to moment, what means that he is just flowing with life. He flows according to whatever way life demands him to move at this moment. It maybe somewhere in the past or maybe somewhere in the future, but he is always connected to the present. Your going unconscious to the past has no connection to the present. So, the difference is that, when you are in acceptance of the now the way it is happening, it brings you here immediately and wakes you up. Now, this consciousness is common to all. It is not that some people are born with some consciousness and some people are born with the unconsciousness. Consciousness is the __EXPRESSION__ of life and life is constantly expressing through everyone, moment to moment. So, everyone has a possibility to wake up, a possibility to be here and now. What happens is that somewhere from the childhood you have been forced to believe that being connected to life is dangerous, insecure, uncertain and unknown. As a result of this, you have this idea that you should not accept the now, that you should not accept what is happening now and that you should fight with it and change it. And if you are not successful, then you should run away from it and protect yourself, finding out something that is secure, certain and known. And what is known is your past. The future is unknown and the present is also unknown. What is known is your past and that셲 why you have a tendency to remain in the past.

The moment you wake up, whenever the situation is demanding your action it will become your doing, but that will be just a temporary attachment as a doer. If you really understand and remain available to that point where the doer is required, then you will become the doer. Otherwise, you are just relaxed. So, doing is a must but it is a doing without a doer. It is when you become a temporary doer and you are aware that you are a doer at that point. But when you are trying to do something with the misunderstanding, you will remain a doer all along because you create a purpose. How does the doer survive? The doer only survives when there is a future point available. You create your own future point; you create your own purpose. Even while listening to me you create a future point by saying that, from tomorrow you will start accepting yourself or you will start accepting life. That also isn셳 the right understanding. When you understand something, this moment of understanding is the awakening moment. Something is clear inside. Then, whatever happens will be happening according to the acceptance. You are going to have this feel inside that now you don셳 need to fight or run away anymore, but just flow with life. This understanding, this awakening brings you to that state of acceptance. It is not that you have to practice acceptance. That셲 why I always say that every word is leading towards misunderstanding. If you really click with something, then it has to reflect on you at this very moment, otherwise it will not bring any change. It will become a part of the dream again. I am not saying that first you have to do something with yourself and then you have to do something with life. I am not telling you to do something about it. I am trying to wake you up. You wake up to that point where you have gone wrong and look at there, that셲 all. And them, when you are looking at that point it will change by itself, it will transform by itself. Then your next actions, your next responses to life will have a different touch, a different understanding.

I am not saying that there are two kinds of doing, so you can find out which one can bring you relaxation. The mind cannot understand that it can be relaxed without doing. The mind cannot understand who the doer is. So, don셳 misunderstand me thinking that there are two kinds or two ways of doing. Whenever life demands you as a doer you will be doing, but when it is not demanding anything, you will be naturally coming back to your home and relax. There is no division; there is no one doing inside and one doing outside. It셲 a total flow. It셲 a total movement which happens from inside to outside and from outside to inside. It just happens naturally. You are just into that whole happening, which we call the state of witnessing.  


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