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date : 12-01-04 00:16
Only dead people don셳 do anything
 post by : Yojan
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I am not propagating laziness. I am propagating that somewhere you connect back to life. I am propagating acceptance because in acceptance whatever is now flowing is the flow of life. When you stop swimming you start floating because the river has its own force, it has its own flow. So you are not going to be stagnant there. You are also going to move and flow because you will be floating on the river셲 flow. Then you are not going to be lazy. You are going to do something but that doing will be according to what life is asking you to do. You are going to do something but all the purposes of doing will be finished from your side because you will be in a total acceptance of the way you are, of where you are and of what you have. And life will be all the time moving and changing, it will be always flowing, it will be always asking you to respond somewhere by doing something. So you will be doing something and that will be the __EXPRESSION__ of life through you. Only dead people don셳 do anything. And so far you are living, so far you are expressing life, you are going to do something. But that doing will be according to the flow of life, in whichever way life takes you. It is like a dry leaf flowing with the wind. The direction and the destination of the leaf are decided by the wind. The wind will decide which way it will move. The dry leaf has no purpose of its own, over which direction it is going to move. If the wind takes it up, it goes up. If the wind brings it down, it comes down. And so far as there is no wind it just stays there. When again the wind comes, again it starts moving. This is how you start living when you are in a state of acceptance. So you will be doing something but people misunderstand this doing because in this state you are absolutely into oneness and absolutely still inside. And that is what the meaning of being a 쐗itness is.
When you have no purpose, then, the doing may be very ordinary things, like brushing your teeth, taking your bath, eating, sleeping, drinking, walking or talking. Every action, every doing is a meditation. There is no separated meditation. Even when sitting in meditation, you just drop the purpose and you are just relaxed there. If there is no demand from life outside for any doing or for any functioning in that moment, you just relax. In that relaxation you will see that slowly, slowly you are into that meditation where you will be available to what is happening now. Maybe some birds singing, maybe some traffic noise coming, maybe some child crying, maybe some noise coming from the kitchen. If you are sitting with the open eyes, you see the birds flying; you see the trees, the flowers. This is what is creating the sensation now and you will be awake to it. You will not be thinking about it but you will be awake. This state of awakening, this state of being here and now happens by itself. You need to know what the secret is. And the secret is to just drop the purpose, to just sit silently and do nothing. You do for nothing and you do without any purpose. You sit silently but you have no purpose for sitting silently. And in that sitting the spring comes. That state, that silent state of meditation comes and the grass grows by itself and them it starts flowing. The relaxation, the joy, the happiness, the bubbling of something, the energy - it all starts flowing.  Then, everything you do in response to life is coming from that tuning and harmony, which is the state of meditation. And that state of meditation is the state of relaxation. It relaxes you so much. It gives you so deep silence inside, and this silence is the __EXPRESSION__ of that state. Then you are absolutely into that state beyond pain and beyond joy. This is a blissful state. The pain and joy are just those sensations that are coming; they are the mud that is coming. If it is a strong mud coming, it is pain; if it is a soft mud coming, it is joy. Then you remain beyond, you remain into that blissful state where you are just witnessing this both coming. And with all the disturbances, nothing disturbs you. You remain into that undisturbed state. Nobody, nothing can disturb you. With all the disturbances, with all the pain, you are not in pain. And with all the joy, you are not in joy. You are just witnessing the joy. The pain is coming. You are just witnessing the pain the way it is happening. Just witnessing and this witnessing is a constant state of clarity. This is that state and this is our natural state. The rest is just a mind game.

Oneness does not mean to be one with something but it means to come back home, come back to your natural state. It is like the dry leaf falling back to the ground again after going up and down with the wind. This is what oneness is - to flow with life. Outwardly it looks like there is a movement but inwardly there is an absolute relaxation. That outer movement does not disturb you inside. Otherwise, all these movements that you do with the mind create a lot of reactions and disturbances. And this is what all these masters want to share. As Gurdieff says, when there is no mind there is oneness. This oneness has nothing to do with stagnancy and nothing to do with whatever you misunderstand as a result of some doing. This oneness is your natural state. Once you are in tune with life, in harmony with life and flowing with life, this harmony, this tuning is the oneness. And that is the state where you are just witnessing. You are aware that life is asking you to flow somewhere. You are very clear about what life demands and there is no purpose behind it from your side. The purpose is just to flow with it. Then wherever life takes you, whatever responsibility life gives you, you do it. And you are not expecting something out of your own expectations, out of your own desires. You just understand what life is demanding and you are flowing with it. In this oneness, outwardly it looks like you are active, functioning, working and moving. But inwardly you are absolutely centered and this center does not get disturbed. Once you are into that center then there is no tension, no frustration, no suffering and no misery. There is just relaxation, just a dance, just a song there. It can be a painful song or a joyful song; it can be a happy song or an unhappy song. But whether a sad song or a joyful song it is the way life decides. Then the whole search ends.



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