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date : 12-01-04 00:22
Just look at it and see the nakedness of it
 post by : Yojan
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If you look around you will find that life is constantly moving and changing. You will see that life is insecure, uncertain and unknown. At the same time, you will also see that your mind is always demanding security, demanding certainty, demanding a known future, demanding stagnancy and permanence. When you also observe that you have this mind inside, when you watch it there, when you look at it, through this observation some understanding will arrive that, this is the way the mind functions. It has to be your own observation - a very clear observation, where you see by yourself that the mind functions inside exactly opposite to life셲 nature outside. If you observe this, this observation will give you some understanding of the reality, of the truth that is there inside and outside. Through this understanding you come to know that you cannot change it; you have no freedom to change it. You cannot change your mind; you cannot change life outside. Both are functioning according to their own nature. You have no freedom to change it. This should be your own understanding. When you know that you have no freedom to change the mind and you have no freedom to change life, then you understand that you have to accept both the way they are naturally happening. You have to accept the mind and you have to accept life. You just have to understand and live with these two opposite situations, where the mind demands exactly the opposite of what life is demanding. You have to understand that these two factors are naturally happening. Once you accept both with understanding, this understanding will keep you into balance.

When life creates insecurity, the mind wants security. When life is asking you to move and change, the mind wants you to stay there. The mind does not accept; it wants to control everything, it wants to possess and it wants permanence. The mind has fear of life. So, when you understand that this is the nature of the mind, say yes to it. And when you understand that this is the nature of life, say yes to it. This understanding brings you to the state of acceptance, where you are just saying yes to both of them. It is natural to the mind to do not accept and it is natural to life to be insecure and uncertain. So, this non-acceptance has to be accepted with your understanding. Accept the non-accepting nature of the mind. Don셳 fight with the mind, don셳 try to go beyond the mind and don셳 try to change the mind. It is not possible because the one who understand is also the mind. We don셳 have another mind to change this mind. So, just stay with it, just say yes to it. When you say yes to it, automatically you are here and now, you are available to the now. The moment you are here and now you are available to each sensation that is happening, to each reaction that is coming. If something is happening outside, there is a strong reaction happening inside the mind, and you are aware of it. That is what they call the witnessing state. And this state just happens. You are witnessing the outside disturbances, the outside challenges and the outside vibrations that are naturally creating the inside disturbances and the inside reactions. This is automatically happening, but now you are not interested in changing anything. It just happens. This is the state of witnessing and this is the state of consciousness. In that state you are slowly, slowly dissolving into something that is one. And that is the taste of it, is the taste of now. With that understanding, something revels itself; something opens up. When it starts opening up, you start getting something from the beyond. That is the deep understanding and that is what the awakening is.
Let me explain my understanding of what the mind is and how we use it. The normal understanding about the mind is that it is a thinking operator. The physical body, the human body has one part that we call brain. The brain is a storehouse of memories. All the experiences throughout our life, from childhood to now, anything that has been received through the sensations, through the five senses, all that we are encountering in the outside life, is been recorded like a video camera. Just imagine a mirror with operators, which record every reflection that is happening on the mirror. It goes on recording. It셲 constantly recording each happening. This is the brain. So, this accumulation of memories has the information that is been gathered through listening, through looking, through tasting, through smelling, and through everything that is creating the sensations, like the objects, the situations and the physical __EXPRESSION__s. It is all recorded in the brain because it is the storehouse of knowledge. All knowledge is accumulated there. The brain is the gate from Existence to the human beings as we have to express, to respond, to function and to act. This is a natural gift given by life. The consciousness, which is the living source, the force, the life inside the human body, and the energy that is all the time pulsating there, goes and becomes the knowledge for a temporary time. When the consciousness becomes the knowledge, it gets recognition as the 쏧. This 쏧 is the mind. When the consciousness gets attached to the knowledge, this attachment point is the mind. But when this 쏧 gets recognition from getting attached to the things that is giving you the knowledge, it becomes the ego. When this consciousness gets attached to the knowledge it becomes the mind. And when this mind gets recognition through the things that it is attached to it, it becomes the ego. 

If you ask yourself who you are, all the answers that you get will be coming from all these attachments that you have created, from all that what you call 쐌y. Each 쐌y has given you somewhere the recognition of 쏧. So, this 쏧 is born out of all these attachments and that state of attachment is the mind. Now, the attachment that I am talking about is the attachment of the consciousness, which is your natural state, which has no name, no form, no recognition and no definition. This consciousness, when it gets identified with the knowledge part that we have, with the recognised area where we have all the information, beliefs, and the knowledge that we accumulate, it becomes one with that knowledge part. This attachment to the knowledge part is the mind, and out of all the imaginary attachments that we create, out of the knowledge that we have, I have knowledge that 쏧 am Kiran. It is not that I know that 쏧 am Kiran. I have been given the information from the childhood that 쏧 am Kiran, and that is why I started believing that 쏧 am Kiran.  I have been told from the childhood that 쏧 am a man, but actually I am just living in this male body. The consciousness that 쏧 am is now into this male body and it is expressing through it. But I have been given an information from the childhood that, 쏧 am a boy, and later on that, 쏧 am a man. So, I believe that 쏧 am a man or that you are a woman. So, this 쏧 who says, 쏧 am a man is coming from the attachment to that knowledge which I believe to be true. I have forgotten what I am and I started believing that 쏧 am a man. So, this attachment state is the mind, and from the attachment to the physical form, this attachment has given me the recognition and that recognition means that I call myself a man. If you ask yourself you will see that all the attachments has given you some kind of recognition - your profession, your family, your religion, your culture, your guru, and all the attachments that you created. It is like when you are attached to your guru, maybe Osho, then you call yourself a sannyasin, and then you have a new name. The first attachment is the identification, when you say, 쐆e is my guru. This is 쐌y religion, and then you call yourself a Hindu, Muslin, a Christian. Anywhere when you are connected with this 쐌y, it has given you some recognition. This 쏧 who is born out of this recognition, is born out of the attachments. The moment you start understanding and questioning, that is called self-inquiry. It is not for you to repeat, 쏻ho am I? but for you to go really deep into this question, asking each of the definitions that you have about this 쏧. This is self-inquiry, sitting with yourself, opening each layer of your 쏧, questioning it, and through this questioning, getting the clarity from the question itself. Each question reveals something that I call the understanding. And that understanding, slowly, slowly dissolves this 쏧, because, each moment you realise that you are not this, a part of this 쏧 is gone.  Before you were having a lot of definitions about your 쏧, which was giving you recognition. If you start questioning all the recognitions, and all the definitions of your쒲, you will understand that none of them are what you are. They are just your profession, your religion, your qualifications, your identification, but not what you are. This clarity slowly, slowly dissolves all these parts of the 쏧.  So, what is actually happening in your self-inquiry is the dissolution of the 쏧.  The dissolution of the 쏧 means the dissolution of the attachments.

Only your own clarity, your own understanding, your own observation without any frames, without any pre-conditioned ideas or answers can liberate you from the attachments. Just look at it and see the nakedness of it. Once you see it by yourself, once you understand it by yourself, your understanding slowly, slowly liberates you from these identifications. And at the end, if this 쏧 dissolves, what will remain? Is there any answer that is going to be there? Is there any questioner remaining there? It just finishes and in that nothingness, in that silence, there is something that turns upon. And it is not the answer that you are somebody. It is so clear that you are one, because the division that was created with the mind, the divisions that were created because of the 쏧, when the 쏧 dissolves, what remains is just oneness. But that oneness is not an answer, but it is the clarity within. And that state of clarity is the enlightenment; it is the awakening.

There is a functionary mind and a functionary ego that is a must and that is a necessity to life. Life requires them once you have to survive, you have to live, you have to eat and you have to do all these normal functions. So far as this consciousness expresses through this human body, it has to fulfill its instinctive demands. It has to fulfill the needs created by life, the challenges that demand your answers, your responses and your understanding there. This is very natural and it is a necessity. So, don셳 misunderstand that you have to do something to the mind. Understand that it is very much natural to have a temporary ego, a functionary mind. They are needed by life. And with life셲 demands there is also a temporary tension, which is created for the fulfillment of the needs. Life requires a temporary stretch, a temporary tension for the fulfillment of whatever it is demanding. Once the needs are fulfilled, it releases that tension from there. And when it is released, the functionary mind, the functionary ego comes back to its natural state and dissolves. But you have a misunderstanding that this is a hindrance and you should dissolve the ego, you should go beyond the mind. This is not possible. How can you do any effort to dissolve the ego? How can you do any effort to go beyond the mind? When you say that you want to dissolve the ego, you create a desire and you create unnecessarily some goal into the future, which is not demanded by life at all.

So, again I would like to express very clearly that, the demand of life is to create a mind, to create an ego. Life demands a mind to be there. Life demands an ego to be there, and that mind and ego have to be a functionary ego, a functionary mind. They have to be limited to the response of that challenge. So, we cannot just throw away the mind, because it is a demand from life itself. But as we have created a permanent mind, which is not demanded by life, we create the whole problem. The mind means an attachment point. We have created a permanent attachment to the consciousness with our entire knowledge area, and the 쏧 remain constantly into the recognition of what 쏧 am. When the function is happening, when the challenges from outside are demanding your response and you are into the doing, this doing is a demand from life to have a functionary mind, a functionary ego. Functionary mind means a functionary attachment of the consciousness to the knowledge part. It is when you should have the knowledge about how to function. Otherwise, how will you function? The temporary attachment of the consciousness has to go and get attached to the knowledge part. And when it gets attached to the knowledge part, it also creates an ego, as a doer. So, there is a functionary ego and there is a functionary mind, so far is the limit of the function. When the function is over, the mind and the ego also have to go. And each function creates a different mind. Each function creates a different ego. But what is happening is that the mind and the ego are creating the function there. So, we create the doing, we create the function, without looking at what life is really demanding. There we just look at the desires of the mind. What I am saying is that, we create a permanent mind and a permanent ego, so that we can create a permanent change of desires and permanent actions. This is what the permanent attachment means, and that is the problem. The acceptance creates a situation where the mind and the ego are liberated from this permanence, so they can remain as functionary mind and functionary ego. And then, when its function is over, it is finished. And this happens naturally. I am not trying to say that you have to do something to drop the permanence of the mind or the permanence of the ego. So far as you have a desire, maybe a spiritual desire or a worldly desire, it creates a permanent mind and a permanent ego. When you are responding to the needs, the way life is demanding, this response creates a functionary mind and a functionary ego. The responses to the desire create a permanent mind and a permanent ego. The mind and the ego are necessary. Without them you are a dead person. But it should be limited to the function. It is like when you are hungry; this hunger is a demand from life. So, it creates a mind to find out the food.
If as an example you are jealous because somebody near you became successful, this jealousy is a natural reaction that comes when the functionary mind is born, when the functionary ego is born because it demands your reflection and your understanding of the situation, which is happening now. The events like somebody becoming successful, somebody getting what he wants from life or becoming very rich, all these events are happening the way life wants it to happen. These events happening around you create different kinds of vibrations and different kinds of sensations. And these different kinds of sensations may put you sometimes into pain and sometimes into joy. This natural joy and pain immediately activates the brain to find out the information of what kind of sensation is happening and who is creating the sensation, so you can understand the event. When you understand the event there is a functionary mind, which is created because the consciousness gets connected to the knowledge part to get the information. It is like when somebody throws a stone into the quite and silent water and this creates ripples on this water. It is the same thing with the events happening outside. It is something like a stone thrown to your silent water of consciousness. It creates the ripples there. Now, these ripples that are naturally happening are the sensations. And we have this capacity of the brain to recognize what kind of sensations is there, what they demand and what actually is the event. When the sensation is created, there is a brain functioning where this consciousness goes into a temporary attachment to the knowledge part and becomes a functionary mind and a functionary ego. This functionary mind and functionary ego comes along with the whole package of information, along with the past experiences, the past memories or whatever had happened. It has the information there that in the past it has given you pain or joy, so you should have or you should not have this kind of sensations. So, this reaction that comes with the whole package, which comes as information, is happening very naturally to the functionary mind because it has a memory of pain or of pleasure there. So, this is a part of the whole memory there. Then, these reactions that come through the functionary mind are very natural. And jealousy is a part of those reactions that are coming through the functionary mind. It is a very natural reaction. What is unnatural is to stay with the jealousy, where you try either to reject the jealousy or to go with it. This is where the unnatural happen because the consciousness, which should naturally get detached from this temporary attachment does not detach from it. It remains permanently attached to that knowledge part, as the same mind, which is created because of the attachment goes into the reaction of the reaction. There is a natural reaction that is coming and the same reaction creates a chain of reactions. You want to understand how you can be free from this unnatural reaction, but you don셳 understand that jealousy is very natural, that anger is very natural. All the sensations that are happening are very natural with the mind, but when the consciousness gets attached to this part, it reacts to the reaction and this makes the attachment survive and puts you into pain and misery. Then you say that jealousy is bad because somewhere you have gathered the information and added to your knowledge that the jealousy is bad. Then you say that anger is bad, that sexuality is bad. Why do you divide things in good and bad? Who has told you this? When there is pain, there is a natural reaction that, 쏧 don셳 like it. To not like the pain is a natural reaction. When there is joy there is a natural reaction, which comes that, 쏧 like it. So, these are your likes and dislike that come as a natural reaction. But, if you go again into an action that you don셳 like, you will try to reject it. And when you reject what you don셳 like the attachment continues. When the attachment continues, this mind, which is created because of the attachment, goes into a chain of reaction. If the water that is disturbed by the stone does not accept the natural ripples there and thinks that it is a disturbance to its silence, that it should not have this disturbance of the ripples and it goes into the spiritual effort to quiet down the ripples then what will happen? The water will be caught into the chain of reactions because it will create more ripples. Making an effort to quiet down the ripples will create more ripples. Then, it will have the original ripples that were going to subside by itself, and the illusory ripples, which was created because of the non-acceptance of the original ripples. There is no way to quiet down these illusory ripples because they are not the reality. These natural reactions that come will subside by their own way, once the sensations subside because the sensations and the vibrations have their own frequency. Once it settles by itself, it is quiet. When it is quiet, the reaction will be quiet. The jealousy will be quiet because the sensation is quiet. The anger will be quiet because the sensation is quiet. These sensations are all naturally quieted. You have no way to change them and you have no way to be free from them.  


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