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date : 12-01-04 05:02
There is no way that you can stop thinking
 post by : Yojan
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Life creates the events, the events produce the vibrations and the vibrations generate the sensations that activate the brain. The activation of the brain supplies immediately the information to recognize the sensations there. This is a natural and mechanical process that happens immediately to the way the event creates the vibrations. The information that comes through the brain, the wave from the brain to the sensation point is the thought. Thought are the clarity of the sensation and the clarity of the situation, of the event. It reflects the reality and gives you the information. The consciousness gets the information about the sensation, whether it is a joyful sensation or a painful one. It also gets the information of what is creating this sensation, the object, the situation, and the event and also of what is demanded as a response, what this event is asking for. This complete package, which comes to the brain, is the thought. Then, just to get the response, to get to the answer it goes back as thinking. So, this going back is the crucial point because it is when you have a misunderstanding that you have the freedom to choose the answer, to choose the solution. It means that you misunderstand that you have the freedom to change the situation, to accept or to reject it. This misunderstanding that you have the freedom to choose is not actually the reality. The reality is that you have no freedom. You have no free will there. The event itself has the solution when it is happening. The problem that is happening has already the answer in it. So, the answer is also included when life creates the event. Then, the thought gives you a support to get the clarity and if you stay with the thought only, without going into thinking, then this thought gives you the clarity of the reality and the clarity of the answer, the solution, which comes along with the problem. This answer also comes as a thought and that is when you understand it. The presence of thoughts means that there is a consciousness there, which has the understanding and that translates it to this whole faculty of knowledge - the brain. So, this movement that is coming as thought is the reflection of the __EXPRESSION__ of life, which is inside. It is a necessary faculty needed by life, so you can function, respond and act.  
When I am speaking, if you are thinking about what I am saying you get separated and the mind comes in. Then, you are not connected to this flow of thoughts that is coming naturally from me. There is a difference between the flow of thoughts and thinking. Thinking is a reaction to the flow of thoughts. There are natural thoughts that are constantly coming. They are not part of thinking. The information that is coming from the knowledge is the flow of thoughts. When the thoughts are flowing, they are like waves of movements. When you react to the thoughts and you go back to find the answer there, you make an effort to understand what has been said out of a very natural process of thoughts. This is the thinking process that brings the mind in. It is when you disconnect from the knowing and you connect to the knowledge. When you are just listening, the consciousness is using this knowledge, not the mind. When you are listening you are receiving something to your sensation of listening. It remains as a sensation if you are just available there. But if you go back to some thinking, you are disconnected from the sensation. It means that, while you are trying to listen, the consciousness disconnects from the knowing that is coming as a sensation, gets connected to the knowledge and then the thinking starts.  
There is an experience of thinking, which is a natural process of the mind. But when the same thinking mind wants to experience the state of no thinking, it is not possible because the thinking is already there. And this is the whole dilemma there when you want to experience that state where there is no thinking. The moment you try to experience it, the process of thinking begins and you miss it. So it셲 not something that you can bring about. The silence, when it happens is not your experience. It cannot be your experience because you and the silence are one. There is nobody who is experiencing silence, but the silence is one with you. So this is the problem. Don셳 try to make any effort. Just accept the way it is happening. Thinking is not bad. You think that thinking is the cause of the mind disturbances and that if you want to be silent you have to stop thinking, you have to do something to silence your thinking. And then you just go on creating more disturbances, because the more you make effort to stop thinking, the more you keep thinking. There is no way that you can stop thinking because thinking is a natural process of the mind. Just let-go, understand and accept that this is the way it is happening. If you really understand the whole inner mechanism of how the thinking happens, you will see that the event that is creating the vibration, activating the senses and creating the sensation is very natural. When the sensations happen to your senses points, it naturally activates the brain for getting the information. The brain is activated and in that moment the sensations happen. For example, when you look at me the sensation happens to your optical nerve there. When this sensation happens to your optical nerve it activates the brain immediately to recognize what you are looking, what is the sensation there. So, from where do you get the information? It셲 from that source of knowledge, which is the brain, which is the storage of memories. So, this is activated by itself. It셲 a natural process. If this activation happens it comes like thoughts. Then the recognition of the sensation happens and the recognition of the object, which is creating the sensation, is also happening there. Then when it recognizes the object it recognizes also what it is demanding, what it is asking. So, this whole thing is happening. When you recognize what is demanded, then it goes back to the memory again to find out if there is any answer to this. And this going back to the memory is this whole process of thinking. So this is naturally happening. Then you come out with the answers because you have some answers, some responses that are already there into the knowledge. So this is a natural process that is happening inside. You cannot stop it. 

Your mind just goes naturally into this whole effort to find out something that can relief you from the disturbance, so you can experience the state of silence. But this is an illusion; this is not a real state of silence. It is a temporary and illusory state created by the mind, through some means where you suppress or forget the disturbances. And in that suppression or in that forgetfulness of that state, looks like you are in that state of silence. For example, you are sitting here and you are not in pain because of your sitting. You are also not in joy because of your sitting. You are just relaxed there. So, you are not experiencing anything out of this sitting now. There is no joy of the experience of sitting and there is no pain of sitting, but you are relaxed, you are in your natural state of relaxation, where there is no pain and there is no joy. But if you want to enjoy the sitting, to experience the joy of sitting, what should you do? You have to get up and start running; maybe you go till the other house and come back here running. When you come back running here, then you will sit and feel the joy of sitting. Before running you were sitting and there was no joy. But now that you have put yourself into the pain of running you have the experience of joy. So, what is this joy? It셲 just the absence of pain; you have created a state where you are experiencing the absence of pain. It remains there for a while because this is an illusory state. You remain there into the experience of joy and afterwards you come back to the same relaxation. Then the mind keeps asking where that joy is. And because you love this experience of joy the mind goes on asking you to get up and run again. This is the story of your life. You have a momentary experience of joy and then again the mind pushes you into this whole running. This is the whole game. And this is what the mind understands. The mind cannot understand relaxation. When there is relaxation the mind immediately asks for enjoyment. That셲 why when you start relaxing immediately the mind says that it셲 boring and you should do something. To do something is to put you again into the pain. And we don셳 understand this whole game of the mind when it goes back to the pain again and again, getting again the experience of joy and again relaxing, again getting bored with the relaxation. This is your story. The mind cannot understand that natural state that you are longing for, because there is relaxation there. This is a longing that is coming from the consciousness inside, a longing to come back home. The mind cannot understand this longing and it just goes on answering something that it understands. It has all the illusory answers, which are not the right answers. If you really understand, then relax; just accept the way the thinking is happening, the way it셲 naturally happening. It셲 not something that you can bring about. And we have this experience many times, but that experience is not something separated from you, that셲 why you have no understanding of it. Only afterwards you have a feeling that it was nice, very nice. But then the mind does not have the understanding about what was nice. You go to the beach, you look at the sunset and you enjoy it. If you question yourself about what was there, there was no entertainment happening. There was nothing happening there, but still there was something, the feeling of relaxation, the feeling of joy was there. This is your natural state. And this is possible only if you understand and go on accepting the way everything is naturally happening. Nothing is wrong inside; thinking is right, it is required. Don셳 try to stop thinking. Just accept it and it is useful whenever it셲 required. When it is not required it셲 silent and you are in your natural state. And this is how all the enlightened people live. They are available to the temporary attachment; they are available to the temporary disturbances. There is disturbance, but it셲 a temporary disturbance because life demands your action, your response. And for you to respond to life you need this "I" you need this mind; you need this ego and all this little attachments, little unconsciousness. Then you can go back to your natural state again. You have to go out to make money, but you can go back again. It셲 a necessity there. So, understand that this is the way life function. It is a must there and you cannot escape it. You have to just understand and accept it, that셲 all. 

The thinking is coming from your misunderstanding but it is a natural process. You cannot avoid thinking. The answers that you get from the thinking process, the solutions that are offered from the brain, from the knowledge part, they are also a natural process. But, if you have the understanding, then you stay with it, you don셳 jump to the action immediately. You don셳 offer the answers that are coming from the knowledge as the answer. You don셳 act with these answers. You just stay there. This staying creates a natural detachment from the attachment that happens because of the thinking. The consciousness goes into thinking. So, if you have the understanding to stay there, to accept even the emotions, the rejection, everything that is happening there, the whole process that is happening inside, without jump into action, you will have the answer, you will have the solution offered by the mind, but still you will not be available to the right answer, to the right solution. So, staying at this point creates a situation of a natural detachment from this identification. The moment this consciousness detaches from this knowledge part, it connects to the knowing part. When it connects to the knowing part, a thought movement comes as the answer through an impulse. Then you have clarity of the answer, clarity of the solution. Then you can just think how to act, according to the answer that came from the knowing part. It is when again this faculty of knowledge helps you to function. If this system follows its natural way, then the thoughts bring you the clarity of the problem and the impulse the clarity of the solution. You will have the right answer; you will have the right solution, the right response. Then you will not go wrong anywhere. And with that answer, which is coming from the knowing part of the reality there, you will have that strength and that trust when you respond to the situations. Then there is no fear, there is no doubt and there is no confusion, but there is just clarity.

If you are focusing in not accepting the disturbances happening either inside or outside, you are not available to that clarity, to that impulse or to that inner voice, which is constantly happening there. It is a very silently voice that has to be heard in that silence inside. And this silence inside is not related to the rejection of the disturbances, but to the acceptance of them all. All these disturbances that are constantly happening are very natural. These inner disturbances like, thinking, emotional thinking, emotional and logical reactions or whatever is happening inside are naturally happening because you are constantly in connection with some vibration that creates the sensations to your senses and that activates the brain. So, during the awaken hours the brain is all the time activated. There is always some sensation activating it. So there is a constant movement of thoughts happening and they are abruptly moving inside like a movie. Only when there is a demand for thinking you are focused in one point of the thought, otherwise there is a constant movement of thoughts happening, as you are receiving constant sensations from the constant vibrations of the events that are there. This is very natural. But when you are sitting in silence what you are trying to do is to silence the disturbances that are happening inside because of thinking. You think that this whole chatting inside is the cause of the disturbances. You misunderstand and think that silence means the absence of thoughts, the absence of disturbances. But that is not the real silence. The real silence is the acceptance of the disturbances; it is that state when you are accepting everything, including the disturbances. And when you accept the disturbances you are no more resisting to them, no more doing something against them. Then there is silence. The disturbances are natural. Unnatural are the disturbances that you create inside by rejecting them. The disturbances are naturally happening inside, but you are not accepting the disturbances, you are doing something to them. When you are doing something to the disturbances you create an unnecessary disturbance and that unnecessary disturbance is the problem, not the natural disturbance. Whenever there is no unnatural disturbance that state is the state of silence.  
Please, don셳 hate the mind; don셳 try to change the mind or get rid of it. Instead, understand and accept its nature. Understand that you don셳 need to do anything to this mind. You just have to look at it and listen to its chatting. You don셳 have to follow it. You just have to be aware that you have this baby inside that is crying all the time, that셲 all. It is all the time demanding chocolates. So, you know where the shop is, you know where you have to go and buy the chocolates. Understand that you are going to carry this mind with you always. You cannot just throw it away. All the enlightened masters are carrying this same mind and they also have the same kind of reactions. There is nobody that can be free from the reactions. I also have the same mind that you have, but the difference is that I am aware of this mind and you are identified with it. You carry the mind and you follow it. I am aware of the mind, that셲 all. I am aware of its reactions and I don셳 act from them. I stay with the reactions and this is what I call acceptance. I accept life the way it is happening and I accept the way the reactions are happening in the mind. But the mind is the same.


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