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date : 12-01-04 05:09
The cause of your misery
 post by : Yojan
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When you have a physical problem, the doctor has to ask you to go through all the tests to find out the cause of your problem, so you can be free from it. When you have a psychological problem, as it is not a real problem but an illusory problem, what makes you free from this illusion, what makes you free from this unreal problem is to understand the truth, the reality. When this understanding happens we call it awakening, we call it enlightenment. To understand you can use the same brain, the same faculty of reasoning that you have been using in all your misunderstandings. It does not matter because the understanding means clarity even if you are using the understanding through your faculty of reasoning. When you are blind, you have to use the sticks to walk. When you are treating your eyes, the treatment is also a kind of doing. But once you start seeing through your own eyes, then that doing of treating your eyes is no more required. Then it is freedom from the darkness, freedom from the blindness, freedom from that whole dependency of the treatment. Whatever you are doing, if it makes you free from the doing, it is called understanding. So, the exercise of reasoning or of trying to understand takes you to that point where it makes you free from the whole exercise, the intellectual exercise that leads you and, at the same time gives you direction to come back to your natural state of tuning. And to understand the cause of your problem you have to question why you are having that problem. So, you have to use your brain; you have to exercise your brain. This is the meaning of understanding. You just find out the cause of the problem, instead of searching for its solution. The problem is that you are using your faculty of reasoning to find out the solution, to find out how you can be free from the problem. That is why you are trying to do meditations. So, in all your misunderstandings you are using your reasoning to find the solution, to find the answer. And I am asking you to use the same faculty of reasoning to understand the problem, to see the reality. 
What happen is that you are jumping straight into the remedy without understand the cause of your problem. And without understanding the cause of your problem, whatever remedy you take is not the right remedy and it is not going to cure you. This is the point where a real master can help you. You have to approach the right master in the same way you have to approach the right doctor when you want to find out the cause of your physical problems. The right master knows how to give you the understanding of the cause. If you approach the right master he will share his understanding with you and show you the direction. He is the one who understands the cause of your suffering and can suggest you the right remedy. When I had a back pain, there were a lot of people who came here and advised me some remedies. Somebody advised me some Ayurvedic medicine, somebody advised me some Homeopathic medicine; somebody advised me Acupressure, Acupuncture and all these remedies. But they advised me the remedies without understanding the cause of my back pain. One doctor, whom I approached, helped me to understand the cause of my back pain. When I understood the cause of my pain after going through all these tests, MRI, X-ray and all whatever it is, then I came to know what exactly has gone wrong. So, only after understanding what exactly the problem was, the doctor prescribed me the treatment and I was totally free from the pain. But without knowing the cause I was taking Ayurvedic medicine and I was not cured. I was taking Homeopathic medicine and I was not cured. I was taking Acupressure, Acupuncture and trying everything but the pain was still there. It was just giving me a little temporary relief but the pain was coming back again and again. Now, because of the understanding of the cause of my disease, I got the right treatment. I followed the doctor셲 advice and I did all that he suggested me to do. So, I am free from my pain. In the same way, if you want to understand the cause of your suffering, of your tension or of your stress, you have to go through all the steps towards the problem. Once you understand the cause of it, if you follow the right direction then there is a possibility of freedom. And that is the state of freedom where the meditation happens. That is the state of oneness, the state of total relaxation that happens. But you have to go through this investigation. That is why Buddha says that there is freedom from suffering. There is freedom from suffering, but the question is to understand the cause of your suffering. You have to drop everything that is offered as a solution or as a treatment and concentrate your whole faculty of understanding in finding out the cause. Then the freedom from suffering happens.

Buddha has given four stages for you to question your misery.  In the first stage, he says that you should accept that your life is miserable. Once you accept that your life is miserable, he says that you should stay with this misery and then question why you are miserable. In the second stage, you have the cause of your misery and you try to understand it. When you understand the cause of your misery you also understand what can be the remedy for it. This is the third stage. Then when you find out the remedy and accept it, there is freedom from misery. So, first you accept that life is miserable, that you are a miserable person. Accept it! Then question why you are miserable? When you question it and understand the cause of your misery the second stage is revealed. By understanding your misery and accepting it, the second stage reveals the cause of your misery. When you understand the cause of your misery, in understanding the problem the answer is revealed. By understanding the problem the solution is revealed. Then the third stage comes and you get the remedy, you understand the solution. And in the fourth stage when you accept the remedy then you have freedom from misery. These are the four stages of Buddha, which can help you to be free from the misery. So, go towards the misery!

Krishnamurti also says that when there is a problem you have to look at the problem, instead of trying to find out how you can be free from it. Look at it and to look at it means to accept the problem. If there if fear, accept your fear. If there is anger, accept the anger. When you accept the anger you can look at it. When you accept the fear you can look at the fear. Then you will understand why there is fear. What is happening is that you are trying to find out what can make you free from your fear. You are searching for the solution but you are missing one stage in between. First you have to find out the cause of fear and then the solution is revealed. Before understand the cause of the problem, you cannot get the solution. You cannot find the solution for your fear unless you are available to the cause of it. Each layer of understanding the cause of the fear reveals the solution. The solution is not something separated from the cause, separated from the problem. When you understand the problem, the solution, the answer is revealed along with your understanding of the problem. This is the law of life. If you really take this question of fear, when you say that you are looking at the fear, are you accepting this fear or are you rejecting it? First you have to say yes to the fear. Stay with the fear. It is like when you are somewhere inside a dark room and in that darkness, suddenly you see something hanging on the wall. Looking at that, you become afraid, thinking that there is a snake hanging there, and immediately the fear comes. There, if you are just trying to find out the solution for that situation, without understanding its cause, then you will have two possible answers for that. Out of the confusion that you are, you might get the answer that the fear is there because of the snake. Then the answer will be leading you to find out how to be free from the snake. You will try to find out some stick, with what you can fight with the snake, or, you will try to run away from that room. Understand that this is not the solution; this is not the understanding of the cause. Before you react, there is a possibility of staying with the fear. And this is a condition to understand the problem - to stay with the fear. The answer coming from the mind is that there is fear because of the snake. Accept the fear and stay with it. The fear is there and you say yes to it. You stay in the room with this fear, with your body trembling and perspiring there. You stay with it and say yes to the fear. Then understand why there is fear. You will understand that there is darkness and in darkness you cannot see clearly. You are not yet clear whether it is a snake or something else. So, the inner answer comes, the inner understanding starts happening. In that staying you get detached from the whole mind that is answering you, saying that the fear is there because of the snake. This is the answer coming from the mind. If you stay there, immediately a detachment from the whole attachment to this knowledge part happens. The mind, the knowledge part says that it is because of the snake. There is this knowledge there and when you are connected with this knowledge part you have this answer that this fear is because of the snake there. But if you stay with the fear, the detachment from this knowledge part happens and you connect to the knowing part, which tells you from inside to find out the switch and switch on the light. Then you have clarity to understand what exactly the problem is. Then you will not be trying to find out the stick to hit the snake, neither will you try to run away. You will just find out the switch, put the lights on and look there. Then you will find out that there is no snake there, but only a rope hanging on the wall, what is a totally different situation. So, stay with the fear, accept the fear, look at the fear and just have patience. Don셳 immediately jump to the action. The mind immediately supplies you with the answers and that is natural. You are not going to be free from the mind because the moment there is fear, there is an attachment happening to the mind there, to that knowledge part. And it starts functioning to give you the answer, to give you the solution. This is very natural, but you have to remain awake with this understanding so that you don셳 jump immediately into the action with the answer that is coming. If the answer there says that you should run away, you don셳 run away, but you stay there. If the answer is to find out the stick, you don셳 try to find out the stick, but you just stay there. You are aware of the answers given by the mind, but you just stay with it and have patience. When you stay there you get disconnected, detached from this whole knowledge part and connect to this knowing part, which has the understanding that there is no snake. And then it gives you the guidelines on how to get to the clarity. Then there is an impulse, which tells you to find out the switch. That is a different answer and it comes out of a state of no fear. Then you are not afraid, but you are just trying to find out where the switch is. When you switch on you get the clarity and the fear is gone. You see that there is no snake but just a rope hanging there.
Every problem, if you really understand, is coming from your own misunderstanding and confusion. So you have to let life provide you the clarity. You just have to make yourself available. It is this you, this consciousness that has to be available to that point, which is the point of knowing, which has the clarity of the future, because it is connected to eternity. This consciousness has the understanding of what exactly the problem is. It has the understanding that will be revealed to you as a command, as an impulse. It will give you the guidelines on how to follow the understanding. When you follow it, when you say yes to it, then you will be reaching to the right point, to the right clarity and to the right solution. So, have patience and stay with the problem; look at it and wait there. The Zen masters say, 쐋et-go. If there is fear, just let it go, don셳 be bothered about it, just stay there. Then you will get the right answer. Don셳 give much importance to the fear, just stay there and be aware of it. This is the right way of approaching any problem in life.


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