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date : 12-01-04 05:16
The logical understanding does not have the power to transform you
 post by : Yojan
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You have to be patient and wait there without jump immediately to the action. Let the emotions and the logical things go. Just stay there and let them go because it is like the water that is becoming muddy at that time. First this mud has to settle. It is a very natural happening to the water to turn muddy when something is thrown into it. The events are like something that is thrown into the water making it muddy. You should allow this mud to settle. Your knowledge is like the mud in the water. The concepts, the beliefs, the judgments, the conditioning and the past experiences that adds to the knowledge, they become like mud in the water. Our consciousness is like pure water, clear water. But during the whole life we go on adding mud in this water. And this mud becomes a part of it. There is no way that you can throw away this mud. If you look at a glass of water, the glass is like our physical body and the water inside is like our consciousness, our life force. From the childhood we go on collecting the knowledge from our own experiences and that is the mud. Everybody throws some mud in to this water. Starting from our parents, our family, our society, our community, our culture and the religion. Everyone contributes to some mud there. And this mud goes on collecting in the water. And then, in every event that is happening outside, life is creating some movement to this water because, when there is activation outside there is activation inside also, as it is the same life that is flowing outside and inside. And if there is some vibration happening outside, it셲 going to create some sensation inside. So, this change in the movement of life is creating some constant movement in this consciousness. And this constant movement keeps this mud steering inside. What happens is that the effort to find out the solution adds to the steering. Then it becomes muddier and you loose the clarity. If you understand that this is the whole process that is naturally happening, the event, which is creating the vibrations outside, is also creating a natural sensation to the water. And this natural sensation is going to mix the mud there. If you really understand, then let the mud settle by itself. Let the mud settle by itself means that you have to stay there, you have to have patience. Then when the mud settles by itself, the clarity comes to you. When you have clarity, then you see the event, which is very clearly happening. You understand from that clarity what is demanded actually. Otherwise, if you are all the time trying to find out the answer from the mud that you have, then you make this water muddier and, more confusion happens. Then from that confused and muddy water, there is no clarity or understanding of the event there. Then you are absolutely groping the ground. The whole secret is to just understand the natural process and allow this mud to settle. If you practice this, then at certain point you will understand when the mud started coming in the water and you will not be attached to the mud. What is happening is that the water becomes attached to the mud. Then slowly, slowly, this mud settles because there is no constant steering there. When you are slowly, slowly coming to that state of clarity through your own experience, you don셳 keep this water muddy all the time. Otherwise, this water is constantly muddy, be it because of no challenge outside or because there is something which you are thinking. It is all the time steering. Even when you sit for meditation, for getting the clarity or getting the coolness and quietness of the water, you are still trying something; you are still making some effort. This effort is the steering of the water. Then, this water goes on constantly moving and it constantly remains muddy. If you really understand and let it go, this will immediately allow you to get detached. And this detachment is freedom from the steering. When you know this, then immediately you go into a temporary attachment, a temporary steering. And this understanding brings acceptance of the way it is happening and it creates a detachment as you allow it to settle. Then, the water will become muddy only when there is some event that is creating some movement, but it will be a temporary happening. After that it becomes clean again. So, you will remain constantly with the clarity and not with the mud because then your natural state of clarity comes back again and remains constantly there. And when you are permanently into that state of clarity, where you are accepting the steering of the water, you are accepting the mud the way it셲 there. Now you are not doing anything to make this water clean. What happens is that we misunderstand and think that we have freedom to make this water clean, what is not possible. And this effort to make this water clean keeps the water muddy all the time.
To come back to your natural state of happiness, bliss and silence, is not something that can be brought through any effort. You have to understand and just let go. Allow it to settle by itself. Don셳 make any effort towards it. Just relax! Accept that momentary steering, that momentary muddiness, accept it with the total understanding that it is very natural. Then allow it to settle by itself. When you allow it to settle with the understanding, you come back to clarity. So you are not loosing the clarity, you are coming back to the clarity by yourself. You are not making any effort. But this understanding keeps you all the time aware that there is a temporary attachment created. When there is a temporary attachment created by thinking, it is that the water has become muddy. But if you have the understanding, then let it settle again. Then it comes back again to the thought point and then the clarity happens. In that clarity you understand what exactly is the situation. In understanding the situation, the answer, which has come along with the problem, is revealed. Then there is a command that asks you to respond, and then it셲 just a play. You are just playing; you are just responding the way life is asking. Then there is nobody.  Life creates the challenges and life responds to it. It is the same unitary moment, which creates the problem and which creates the answer there. And that answer also creates a command to function. So everything is just a part of happening and this water is witnessing, it is just witnessing whatever is happening. This is the reality. If you really understand then in the beginning you have to practice this understanding. The moment you go into confusion, you keep awake with this understanding that you have to stay with that. Then, automatically this mud settles. So, have patience, let the mud settle by itself.
There is no freedom and there is no effort that can bring this settlement. There is just understanding and acceptance. Just let it happen and then, in that state of acceptance it settles and you get the clarity. And then slowly it remains for longer time and then you are slowly coming back to the clarity more and more. Then there is no confusion and you can use the mud whenever you need it. Whenever it is required you can use it, but then it does not make the water muddy. Then it settles back again. Then you remain the master, you are the consciousness and the clear water is the master. Now the muddy water is the master. The mud is the controlling part. This is where we are all confused. The understanding brings this clarity back to you.

Every child is born as clean water, and then the mud is added to it. And the mud is also required. There is nothing wrong with it. The mud is required for functioning, because it gives you information how to act. But the problem is that you get attached to this mud and start trying to do something to clean the water. Basically in your spiritual journey what you are doing is trying to clean this water. And this doing keeps the water constantly muddy. You go into the wrong understanding that you have the freedom to clean the water, because you understood that the transparency of the water is your natural state, is the enlightenment state.
It is a very subtle thing. The transformation that brings change in your outlook and in your responses to life happens by itself. This transformation is only possible through understanding and this understanding is not something that you get from somebody else. It is not that somebody gives it to you. The only thing that you can get from somebody else is the help to open up to that understanding that is already there. Like, if someone is touching your hand, this person is not giving you love, emotions or the feel of warmth. This person is just creating the space where that love, which is already there, opens up and can be felt. So, it is not that love is passed on to you, but love is open up in you. The difference is this. And that love is not something that you understand logically, intellectually, but it is something beyond, which you cannot express by words. That셲 why when you have some understanding, while listening to the words of a living presence, if someone asks you what your understanding about it was, you cannot say. Though you say that you have understood something, though you get up with the feel that something has become clear, if someone asks you what you have understood, you cannot say. If you really get connected to that point and get a feel of understanding, you will not be able to express it. Maybe you try to express through words, but you cannot express it. When somebody holds your hand, your wife or your lover, can you describe what this feel is? You will not be able to express it. That feel, which you cannot express, is the knowing, is the understanding. And this does not come through words, through reading books. It needs a living presence. By reading books about sugar, you will not understand what sweetness means. You have to taste the sugar. Only then you can have the knowing, the understanding about the sugar.
Understanding means your own knowing. First you collect it as knowledge from the one who has the understanding and then you use the knowledge in connection with life, experimenting in your own life and converting that knowledge into knowing. The knowledge turns into knowing when it passes through your own experience, your own experiments. So, understand something, take the guidelines, take the instructions from the master and use it in your life. When you use it in your life, when you experiment it in your life, when you get your own experience of it, then it is your own knowing. Only when you jump into the water you come to know how to swim. Sitting on the beach you can read many books on swimming, but to know it you have to jump into the water. You have to jump into life itself. So, use all the information and guidelines to get into your own knowing because your problem is that you are not in harmony with life. This is the problem. You are not happy with life, whether you are going inside or outside. This is the basic problem. It is from this basic problem that all the other problems start.
Any 쐇sm, maybe Catholicism or Communism or whatever 쐇sm, is there when something turns into a concept, when something turns into knowledge, which is not a part of the knowing. All 쐇sm are born when there is a misunderstanding of the reality. It starts as a sharing from somebody who got the understanding about something. If you take Communism, Carl Marx was having his own understanding when he wrote his 쏷hus Capital. There, he was sharing his understanding with people but how can you understand somebody unless you come to the same level of understanding of whom is sharing? So, when you read or when you listen to something that is expressing the understanding of somebody, you basically misunderstand it. Unless you come to the same level of understanding, there is no way of understanding it. So, Communism was born out of the misunderstanding that people created from the understanding shared by Carl Marx. Christianity was born from the misunderstanding created from the statements made by Jesus into the Bible. Every religion, every 쐇sm, is born out of people셲 misunderstanding about the truth or the understanding shared by the people who have reached to that understanding. And unless you come to the level of understanding of who is sharing, there is no way to understand it. So, Capitalism, Communism and these entire 쐇sm are born out of a misunderstanding and for me they will just take its own time to collapse. Because when it is not found in the reality, when it is not found in the real understanding, it does not have a real foundation there and something without a real foundation is going to collapse one day. Communism already collapsed and in the same way, Capitalism is also going to collapse. The day humanity will have the right understanding, what means, the day humanity will come to that level of understanding where everything is clear, it will be free from all 쐇sm, all concepts and all beliefs. What will remain is the clarity of every person. Nobody will be a follower of any 쐇sm. When you are into misunderstanding you become a follower. When you are having the understanding you cannot follow anyone because the understanding is yours. The misunderstanding is born out of somebody셲 understanding. When you are following the understanding of somebody else you are a follower, what means that you are following your misunderstanding and not the understanding. And when you get your own understanding you never become a follower, you cannot be a follower. So, when there is nobody to become a follower there is no 쐇sm. Everybody is awake, everybody is having his or her own clarity to live and everybody will be relaxed with life. The entire 쐇sm is born from the desire to find out the answers for how to live, how to be relaxed with life. And everybody is trying to find out the answer from somebody who has himself relaxed with life. The way they share their understanding is taken as the answer. And when you are having their answer as your answer, this creates the 쐇sm, creates the religion.

Nobody셲 answer can liberate you, but they can only bind you. We are born free. Each and every human being is born free. We cannot live into bondage and all these 쐇sms demand your bondage, demand your commitment and demand your follower ship, which is unnatural to the human consciousness. It rebels at a certain point. It rebels for freedom. That rebellious moment happened with Communism faster because the movement was very strong. Capitalism is not creating such a strong movement, that셲 why it has survived. But it is going to collapse. One-day people will start felling the bondage of this Capitalism also. Any 쐇sm, any religion is a bondage because in that you are meant to be a slave and we were not born slaves. We were born free. We are all birds flying in the sky. And this is what the longing of every human being is. Maybe temporarily he follows some 쐇sm. Maybe temporarily he follows some concept, some belief, and some religion. But this does not give him that freedom there. Freedom comes from your own understanding, from your own clarity. And this is what the inner longing is. So, I am not bothered much about what the Capitalism is or what Communism is. I understand that all 쐇sm are useless. They are not the answer for you. They were the answer for somebody else. You have to find your own answer. And, once you find your own answer you will never follow any 쐇sm or anything. You are just a free human being in tune with life, in harmony with life. And this is what we are longing for; this is what we are craving for.
If you understand the nature of life and bring the mind and yourself to the harmony, you will move the way life is moving. So, when it goes down, you go down, when it goes up, you go up. Then there is harmony, and then you can live beautifully there. That is the harmony, the beauty of life. Then you learn how to bring the perfection, how to bring the balance from all the imperfections. Once you know how to bring the balance, life is not a tension. Otherwise you go on fighting because it is moving somewhere the way you don셳 like it. So you hold it, you try to fight it. But you can셳 be successful. So, the whole life you go on fighting, as you want to bring life to your movement. Life does not listen to you. It moves the way it moves. You have to understand the movement of life and just change your movement according to its movement. This is what I call the understanding and the understanding results in the acceptance of life the way it moves. Understand how it moves and understand the inner movement also because the inner movement is always happening in the non-acceptance of the movement of life. It does not want to move according to the way life wants to flow. And this is what is happening from the childhood, that we teach the child not to accept life, not to accept the way it is. This is part of life, but we have the freedom to understand. This is a special gift to the humans, the freedom to understand. The rest of the __EXPRESSION__s of life functions spontaneously and instinctively. The humans are gifted with the intelligence, with the intellect, with the capacity to understand where it went wrong and to understand how it can be right.  This is the capacity given to the humans and that capacity, which is the intellect we have being misusing, trying to find out and trying to control life itself, thinking that we have the freedom to change it. We have no freedom to change it.
This is the reality of life. Once you really understand it, this acceptance will not be one more excuse for you to escape. Many people are just accepting out of helplessness, out of consolations. This acceptance does not bring you to that state of relaxation. Accept with the understanding that this is the way it is. You have no freedom to change anywhere. If you understand this, and start living with this understanding, then you will see that slowly, slowly the transformation happens by itself. Just do nothing. Just sit silently, the spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.  This is not poetry; this is a statement of the truth made by all Zen masters. It is true that the grass grows by itself. You don셳 have to make any effort to grow this grass of joy, of bliss, or silence. It grows by itself. Then you will see that life is not a misery; life is such happiness, such a joy. Each moment that you start living is like living moment to moment and each moment is a celebration. We have heard this, but we have never experienced that each moment can be a celebration, including pain, including problems. Each moment can be a celebration and this is possible. Just change your understanding, change your attitude, don셳 fight, don셳 run away, and don셳 try to suppress or to forget. Just wake up and start living with this understanding. This will bring the transformation. This is the truth, this is the reality and this is it.

No technique, no method, no path and no effort can bring change into your life. What can bring change into your life is the understanding because what has brought you this whole misery and illusory state is your misunderstanding. The only remedy is the understanding. There is no other remedy. And this capacity to understand is available to every human being because it셲 the nature of consciousness to understand. And when you are conscious this capacity to understand is available at every point. Even while you are misunderstanding there is some point in you that is open for the understanding. You just have to use that faculty for understanding. We are using that faculty for misunderstanding. We are not available to the right point and that is why we are misunderstanding. Stay at the right point and just look there. Looking there, don셳 try to find the solutions but try to understand the problem. Understand the problem and this understanding will reveal the answer. This is the understanding. Don셳 go after all these things that you think can give you some spiritual experiences. Just be with all the simple things that can bring you to that state, because this is not something that you have lost but something that you have to remember. And this remembrance comes with this whole understanding. Understanding is the only enlightenment there is. 


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