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date : 12-01-04 05:26
Looking without the frame of knowledge
 post by : Yojan
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Understanding means knowing and knowing is possible only when you are in connection with life itself. Anything that is connected with life, connected to the now, is the knowing. Like when you put sugar on your tongue, the sweetness that you know is your understanding of sugar. By looking at sugar, by reading or listening about it, you can create or collect the knowledge of sugar, but not the knowing of sugar. You have to be here and now with this sugar when you taste it on your tongue, because it is happening now. The sensations are happening here and now. Each moment life is activating each of your five senses. Each moment these vibrations outside are activating the sensations to the senses. And this happens here and now. You have to connect to the senses, to the sensations happening to the senses and be one with the now. And when you are one with the now it gives you the knowing of it, the taste of it. That is the here and now, that is the knowing and that is the understanding. So, you have the understanding about sugar and not only the knowledge of sugar. And that understanding is yours. The more you connect yourself with life, the more life gives you the understanding, which is not part of the knowledge. If you try to express what sweetness is, you cannot. And this is the problem with all this enlightened masters - to express what the meaning of to be here and now is. It is difficult to explain it. You can be it, but you cannot experience it. This taste when it is happening, it is not an experience. It is somewhere when the experiencer and the experience are one. If you are waiting for the experience of sweetness, you miss the real sweetness. This is oneness. So, this to be here and now is to be available to each sensation that is happening. But there is a natural process of recognition first. If you did not taste it yet or if you have not heard of it, in the first stage you have no information about it. But still you know it. Then you go with the mind, you go to the knowledge area and try to find out, try to compare what kind of taste is it. Then you just put into the knowledge area that this is connected to something that you know as information. But the part that actually knows about the sugar you cannot just put into the knowledge. So, this knowing goes on growing and this is what growth means. The growth of consciousness is the growth of understanding. The more you are connected with life, the more you are available to the knowing, which is available to the sensations. Then you grow so much deep inside. And that is the transformation that happens when each understanding is yours. Then, it is not that Osho is saying that the sugar is sweet. It is not that any master is saying that the sugar is sweet. But it is your own understanding. You know it. It셲 your own experience; your own knowing that liberates you from the dependency of any knowledge that you have been given by anyone. You will not remember what Osho says, what Buddha says or what anyone says. You know it. You know by yourself. Each knowing is a growth and each knowing is a transformation. It is a transformation from the entire dependency, from that whole unconsciousness where you are totally dependent to recognize something, to understand something. You know by yourself and when you know, you are free.   

The knowledge does not allow you to see, to listen, to touch, to taste. It does not allow you to have a direct encounter with the __EXPRESSION__s of life, in its freshness. When you are looking at a flower, if you have the knowledge about that flower you cannot just look at it. Just look means, looking without the frame of knowledge. Knowledge is the accumulation of all past experiences that you have gathered into your brain. When life creates the event it demands your response. That means it creates a sensation to your five senses. This sensation is the connecting point where life outside and life inside meet. It activates the brain to get the information about what kind of sensation is that and what is creating the sensation. This is a natural process. So, you need the knowledge to function into life, but normally what happens is that after getting the information from the brain the consciousness does not get detached from it, remaining all the time attached to the information or to the knowledge, what becomes a hindrance to actually seeing, listening and tasting. It does not allow you to be totally in oneness with the experience that is happening in the present moment. So, the knowing is possible only if you get disconnected from the knowledge. The knowledge is an important factor. I am not saying that you have to be free from the knowledge because the knowledge has its own importance for the functioning of life. We cannot live without the knowledge. You should have knowledge about me and I should have knowledge about you. So, the information collected through the past experiences is very much necessary but if you remain with the knowledge, if you don셳 disconnect from it and make yourself available to that present sensation, to that present happening, them you will be constantly filtering. Then, whatever you receive now through this filter is going to be a polluted picture. Like, if you fight with someone and it creates hatred towards that person, this hatred is going to be registered into your knowledge. The information there will be that this person abused you yesterday, he fought with you and because of this he is your enemy and you hate him. Then if you meet him today, when you look at him the brain immediately will supply you the information that he has abused you yesterday and that he is your enemy. This is the knowledge. So, this person who is now maybe a different person, maybe a changed person, if you keep this frames constantly there between you and him, them you will not be meeting that person, but you will be looking through a filter and meeting him through the knowledge that you have about him. You will be meeting that person as your enemy and whatever he says will be then misunderstood. You will be not looking to that person the way he is now. So, there will be no understanding possible about what is created by life in this meeting, in this present moment. If you are able to detach from this knowledge about him and make yourself available without the frame, then you will be meeting that person as he is now. In that meeting there will be a different connection, a different understanding of that person. Then maybe that person has changed during the last 24 hours. He has changed and he might have come to ask you sorry, to tell you that yesterday what happened was a misunderstanding and that he is now very sorry for that. If you have frames, then you will not pardon him. You will think that maybe this is a game that he is playing and who knows whether he is right or he is honest. If you keep aside this frame you will look to that person with a different knowing. This knowing is only possible if the knowledge about that person is kept aside. For this you have to learn how to get detached from that identification that happens temporarily, when the knowledge and the information comes from the brain. This consciousness has to get free from this temporarily attachment, which happens naturally with the information and the knowledge that we have. But there is a trick because this detachment cannot happen through any effort. The moment you make an effort, the one that is making the effort itself is the identified consciousness. So, there is no effort possible towards to get into the knowing. You just have to understand the trick, how it happens by itself.

Use your capacity to understand the right way. Understand the nature of life and also, understand the nature of this mind that always trusts something known. We always trust our knowledge, as if it has the answer. Understand this through having your eyes open, through your own observation. Then, through your understanding something new will be revealed and the right answer will be given to you. This is what I am trying to share here. Please trust life, have patience and stay there. Don셳 panic. We are all __EXPRESSION__s of life. If life has created the challenge, it has to offer the solution. But we don셳 trust because we have cut off ourselves and we have created our own individuality, with some different labels. Come back to this point. Use your capacity to understand the right way. And that understanding brings the right acceptance. This acceptance is not the one coming from the cowards, who accept in the end, out of consolation.

Trust means what you know. When you know, then this is your trust and this trust is your natural state. Faith means something that is imposed on you. You don셳 have faith that this is the evening. You know it! So when you know that this is the evening this statement itself comes from the trust in your own clarity. Trust only comes with your own clarity. Faith always comes with somebody else셲 clarity.  Faith is whatever you believe and it is the same mind game. Somewhere the mind wants to hold onto something. It wants to put some faith somewhere. Before you were putting your faith in Jesus and that is why you became a Christian. You were putting your faith in Mohamed and that is why you became a Muslim. Before you were putting your faith in Rama or Krishna and that is why you became a Hindu. And now you have dropped this. It is like a blind person changing the sticks. It does not make any difference in your blindness. Before you were walking with Jesus stick, Mohamed셲 stick or Krishna셲 stick. Now you have changed your stick and you are walking with Osho셲 stick but you are still blind. I am not asking you to drop your stick but I am asking you to open your eyes and see through your own eyes. Then you will not need the sticks anymore. You will walk by yourself; you will have your own clarity and your own understanding. Then you will not need any stick, either Osho셲 stick, a golden stick, a diamond stick or any stick.
You misunderstood the whole thing. You have freedom to think, you have freedom to understand. Otherwise this entire growth that we have brought to that which we call civilization has the result of our understanding, the understanding of the mysteries of life. How can we be sitting under this light? The light is an illusion. That freedom of understanding the mystery, the way life function has given us a lot of gifts. And that is the freedom but you also have the freedom to misunderstand it, to misuse it. And you also can use a very good consolation that this is beyond your life. Like, if you are miserable this is the way life wants it. This is your escape. People just talk about destiny and some masters also support this concept of destiny, where you think that if you are miserable it is your destiny. This is not so. Life is not a misery. If life is a misery, why should you live? There is a non-acceptance that is coming from your misunderstanding. Understand something that will bring you to the acceptance. And that understanding will bring the acceptance and the acceptance will bring the balance and harmony again to your life. And that is what relaxation means. But instead of this you are blaming the destiny; you are blaming life as if it is not your responsibility. Are you miserable because it is your destiny to be miserable? Who told you this? If somebody tells you that everything that is happening is your destiny, forget about it. Just don셳 escape from your responsibility. Life has given you that freedom. Otherwise, no invention would have happened. We would be still a primitive people.

The hindrances are created by your natural mind, which has gone into a very natural non-acceptance of something that is happening inside and outside. So, one part of the understanding makes you understand the whole process of life through your observation. Look around and see how life functions, what is the nature of life. Understand it through your own observation and not through listening or reading. Look around, look to the nature, look to the birds, look to the trees, look to the animals. Look to the whole __EXPRESSION__ of life around you. Look to the children. Just look and observe. Through your own observation you will get some understanding, you will get your own clarity of the way life functions. At the same time, see that you have a mind and look at it. See how the mind reacts. The moment you go into some natural reaction, again, stay there and look how it happens. This is observation. Observe it. Learn from your own observation. Keep aside all the books. Then through this learning you will really understand something. And this understanding will bring you to that state of acceptance, where you will understand by yourself that you cannot change anything. You cannot change the mind, neither can you change life. This has to be your understanding. If I tell you that you cannot change it, you will not understand. You have to go through your own process of observation and experiments. You have to repeat it again and again. Then from your observation you will understand the reality of the fact. And once you understand the fact and start accepting it with understanding then that what was a hindrance automatically disappears. Then you are there.

When the observation happens without the knowledge of what you are observing, then there is no frame of any knowledge about that. Then in that observation the observer and the observed becomes one. Like, when you are looking at me, if you have a purpose while looking, the purpose to recognize what you are looking, then you are having the knowledge of what you are looking. Then it is not the right looking. When there is no purpose, when there is no demand for recognizing who you are looking, in that looking the looker and the looked are one. There is no separated identity between you and who you are looking. So, this oneness puts you into a space of emptiness, a space of nothingness because there is no movement happening anywhere inside, related to the action that you are now going through. Looking is an act but there is no movement inside, there is nobody who is making a movement or an effort to look or to understand what has been looked. This state of silence, this state of nothingness as I say, is a state of meditation, which happens by itself. You cannot make it happen. You cannot even try to make it happen. If you try to look, if you try to go into that space of emptiness while looking, you cannot because this is a part of happening. This is what Khrishnamurty describes as the right observation. When the right observation happens you are in that space where you are not. Then, what is remaining is that clarity, that emptiness, the emptiness of the mirror, the clarity of the mirror. You have some clarity of what really is and this clarity has no reference to the knowledge. This clarity has a reference to the knowing, but there is no one who knows.

The right observation, the right perception is the state of witnessing. The witnessing happens. You cannot bring the witnessing through any effort. When all the efforts are dropped, there is no 쏧 who is making efforts. And there is no demand from the mind to understand or to go to any purpose. That state is the state of clarity, the state of enlightenment. So, when it happens, in that state there is a touch of joy, a touch of silence, a touch of something of the beyond. In that state there is no suffering, there is no tension and there is no pain. And this is what the mind is touching. This is what the mind is searching through effort. That셲 why the mind has created this state of enlightenment as a part of your achievement. But, enlightenment is not an event. It cannot be achieved through any effort. It is not a part of your desire. It is your natural state. And this natural state, which is the state of consciousness, is all the time there, but you are not able to experience it because it is not separated from you. The moment you try to make it separated from you, you miss it. When it happens, it happens, that셲 all.


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