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date : 12-01-04 05:37
The mind always want you to be somebody else
 post by : Yojan
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Every baby is born with that uniqueness. The life, which is expressing through the baby, is pure consciousness. This pure consciousness is the same in each baby, but the way life expresses itself is unique with each and every individual. This uniqueness is the nature of that baby, of that __EXPRESSION__ of life as a human being. This uniqueness is the nature of life. When the child is born, it is the DNA information that comes along with the baby that gives to each of them the different nature. There are billions of possibilities of conceiving a child in the mother셲 womb when the sperm is fertile. There are billions of sperms that are going after the egg in the mother셲 womb. One ejaculation throws billions of sperms. So, this is the same number of possibilities, of combinations that the child get of having a different nature when it is born. Each sperm has a different combination but only one sperm fertilizes the egg and then becomes the embryo. So, the baby is just coming from one single possibility out of a billion combinations that life has created. And you carry this combination. That셲 why even the children born from the same parents are different from each other. There are no copies and this is something that we cannot understand. This is life creating billions of possibilities where out of that just one is coming as a unique creation there. And we have no answer for why it happens like this. It remains a mystery there. There is no copy anywhere. When you take some seeds and plant them, these seeds are maybe coming from the same tree, but when you plant them, each flower coming from that tree is a unique flower. In the same plant there are so many different flowers. It is maybe the same rose tree, but if you just look there, each rose is so unique. And this is the beauty of life that there is no copy anywhere. Otherwise it could be so boring. If everything was a copy of everything you would see yourself in so many faces and it would be so boring. And this is the beauty of life that every child is a unique one.
The mind wants to be somebody because it is always comparing and trying to find out what is less in you and what is more in somebody else. When you are in the so called spiritual path, you compare yourself with Buddha, with Osho or whoever you think is better them you, and start trying to improve yourself to become like them. But the truth is that you cannot become like anybody. Everyone is a unique person, a unique creation of Existence. You cannot be a copy of anyone. You can just flower as you are. Who knows? Somebody is maybe a rose flower; somebody is maybe a grass flower. Somebody is maybe any flower, but each flower has the same capacity to flower; each flower can flower. Each human being can come to that flowering. It maybe a grass flower, who knows? Osho was a rose flower, but it does not mean that you cannot flower if you are not a rose. You can be a small grass flower, but you can flower the same way. You can enjoy that flowering; you can dance with the wind, like the rose flower is dancing, but it does not mean that everybody has to be a rose flower. Understand and accept your uniqueness and let life decide in which way it wants you to flower. Don셳 try to mold yourself imposing the way you want to flower. You will be killing yourself. Just open up totally, accept yourself totally and let life decide in which way it wants you to flower. The flowering is the same for the rose flower, the same for the grass flower. The same joy is there, the same relaxation. Every unique person has the same capacity to flower, but it is not necessary that you flower as a rose flower. You will be flowering as you are. Accept it.

If you take the whole pack of rubber bands and throw it on the ground, you will see that each rubber band has its own natural shape. If the rubber band has been told that its shape should be perfectly round and it goes into some effort to change its shape and make it perfect, this very effort to change will be somewhere a tension for the rubber band.  If you stretch it, that stretch itself will be the tension. And what we are doing is the same thing. We are stretching our own natural state to make it perfect. What is naturally happening, we want to make it happen because we have this idea of perfection. Like, if you are listening to me having the purpose of grab something that can improve you, clean you, or rectify you, this purpose is coming from that idea of perfection that you have. And all your efforts towards this are what is creating the tension and taking you away from your natural state.

In this comparison, you always find something less and demand something more. You demand some change in the way it is now. You don셳 accept life the way it is happening now, you don셳 accept the way you are now and you don셳 accept what is around you now. So, you are constantly comparing what is and what should be. And, 쐗hat should be includes all these ideas of perfection that are giving by the parents, giving by the society, giving by the family, giving by the culture and giving by the religion. All these people have conditioned you with one or another idea of perfection. And this idea of perfection has created a reference point in your mind, from where you go on comparing. You have an idea of happiness, you have an idea of silence, and you have an idea of bliss. This idea is a concept, so, you have a concept, and you have a conditioning. And as you have a reference point created, which is an idea, the mind goes into comparison and finds out what is not there, what should be and what shouldn셳 be. So, you have an idea about what to search for and the desire is created. If you are having maybe this idea of a perfect happiness, a permanent happiness, when the desire to get into this idea of perfection is created, you have a strong desire to get enlightened. This is the inner disturbance that is happening because of this conditioning. If you understand this and drop this whole reference point, which is there, and start focusing in what is now, then you are connected to life, you are connected to that flow of life where everything is happening in that natural way. Life is always changing and moving. Sometimes it is up, sometimes it is down, sometimes you have high energy, and sometimes you have low energy. This is that changing and movement that is naturally happening inside, because this is the nature of life. There is nothing permanent in life so, how can you be permanently happy? There is permanence there in the witnessing point, which remains permanently awakened, aware of that changes that are constantly happening because of the nature of life.

If you really look there, what you call difficulties and defects in life are your own creation. You have created these difficulties and defects because you are not accepting life. You have to accept the difficulties and defects too. From your very childhood you have been conditioned with this idea that these difficulties and defects that you found in yourself are something wrong. And that셲 why you are not accepting this part that is a very natural part of you. If somebody tells you that the shadow, which is happening very naturally when you are walking in the sun, is very bad, is wrong and you go on fighting with this shadow and saying that you don셳 want it, what will happen? Your effort to be free from the shadow will be so painful, so miserable and that misery and pain will create suffering. Then you start crying that you are suffering, you are miserable because you are fighting with something that somebody told you to be wrong. But if you understand that the shadow is a natural __EXPRESSION__ of your physical body in the light, if you accept the shadow, do you have to fight against it? Do you have to do something about your suffering, about your misery and pain? Do you have to do something about it? Then you will ask me, 쐎k I accept myself, but what should I do with my suffering? The suffering does not remain there; the suffering is because you are not accepting something that is a natural __EXPRESSION__ of life. If you accept this as a part of you, you will not have to do anything about the suffering. You don셳 need to do anything. You don셳 have to go to the psychiatrist or to the therapist to be free from the mind, from the suffering, pain and misery. They just disappear. Acceptance means to understand, to wake up to the understanding that whatever you are calling wrong is an absolutely natural __EXPRESSION__ of life.

If somebody throws a stone in the water and the water is disturbed, naturally the ripples happen. Now, is it wrong? No, it is very natural. It is happening according to the law of life. If somebody abuses you and there is a disturbance happening in your water inside, which is a silent water of consciousness, is it wrong? No, but you have been told that this is wrong. And because you have been told that this is wrong you don셳 want it; you think that you can be free from it. These natural waves of anger or of jealousy that are happening become a disturbance only once you think that you have to be always into the silent state. This is what has been told to you. You have been told that you should be all the time into this silence. So, anything that disturbs your silence makes you feel that is bad, that is wrong. And then if you go into this madness of non-accepting whatever is naturally happening, you create all these sufferings, miseries and pains. And the reality is that you cannot control it, you cannot be free from it. The effort to be free from anger, the effort to be free from what you call defects on you is not possible. It is not possible because that is the way you are. How can you be free from that which is you? Are you separated from the anger? Is the water separated from the waves or from the ripples? They are the same! So, if there is a wave of anger inside you, if there is a wave of jealousy inside you, are you separated from that? Are you separated from that wave, from that ripples, which were created on your periphery? When there is some disturbance happening in your inner water, this water starts getting some ripples and that ripples creates the thoughts ripples. It starts happening in the periphery there and if you have the misunderstanding that this is a disturbance and should not happen, you will do meditation and try to silence your mind. Understand that what you are actually doing is just making an effort to silence what is naturally happening inside as a disturbance. And when you are trying to silence something that is naturally coming as a disturbance, you create more disturbances. That셲 why when you get up from your meditation you are into an even more disturbed state. The thoughts, which were not in your mind before, start coming out. And as they keep coming you start getting so frustrated and even more disturbed.


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