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date : 12-01-04 05:49
Life has a greater purpose for creating you here
 post by : Yojan
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You really have to understand that today, whatever you are, whatever you have and wherever you are placed, is not according to your free will, but it is according to the way life offers it to you. When you get up in the morning, you are not even aware of what is going to happen during the day. You don셳 know if you are going to have a fever or if you are going to be in a very nice energy. When you get up, who knows in what kind of situation your physical body will be? Who knows in what situation your mind will be? So many problems can come. Who knows what kind of problems will come? The day decides; life decides what is going to happen and what is going to be around you today. So, you can decide how to deal with life according to your understanding about it. That makes you either happy or unhappy, either relaxed or tense. There is no free will here to change what life offers to you. Maybe yesterday you had planned so much to go for a picnic today and in the morning you get up with headache and fever. You cannot say that now you don셳 want this headache, you don셳 want this fever. Who will listen to you? When there is a free will, where is this free will now? You have no freedom even to digest your food. Then, what is that freedom? You have no freedom even to breath. It is just happening. It is just a part of happening, but unconsciously you claim that you are breathing, you are digesting and you are the master of your destiny. You are nothing but a dot into this whole Existence. In fact, not even a dot. It is like an ant claiming that it is carrying this whole house. Even the house doesn셳 know that there is an ant that is claiming.
There is a basic difference between the individual purpose and the greater purpose of life. The body has to survive, to grow and to get mature enough to create another body. So, that is the individual purpose that life has given to this physical body and accordingly it has given to this body an instinctive understanding of its demands. You don셳 need to go to any university to learn how to eat, how to find the food, how to sleep, how to protect your body and how to go into sex. These whole basic demands are very instinctive demands to the physical form. When the baby is born it does not need to be taught how to suck the mother셲 breast to get the milk. This is an inborn understanding that has given to the body. No one goes to the university to learn how to go into sex and still, sex is a part of life. And this is not only with the human form. Every physical __EXPRESSION__ has these basic instinctive demands for which they don셳 need any knowledge because life has given them the knowing about it. So, the physical body is functioning independently of any knowledge. It is functioning through the understanding of how to grow, how to protect itself and how to procreate. This is a very natural understanding to the body. But along with this individual purpose there is a greater purpose that is your responsibility for the character that you are going to play into this whole drama. Life is like a movie. There is a story that demands your action and there is your character, which has a separated demand. So, this greater purpose is what life is demanding through you when it creates different situations, different events and different placements for you. This demand is what takes you to the fulfillment of your responsibility, while playing and fulfilling the greater purpose. This is a different demand. The moment this purpose is finished you are exited from the drama. Life has a unique purpose for each of us. Everyone has to play a unique character into this drama, into this world. So, in this sense, everyone has unique problems, unique situations and unique demands from life, which demands your understanding and response.
Once you are here, you are going to play some role. That means that you are going to become somebody and that you are going to be placed somewhere. What you are doing now is playing your role. I am playing my role sitting here. And this is not my only responsibility; life has given me so many responsibilities and so many characters to play. So this is like a story that is going on, which has no beginning and no end. It is continuously going on. Everyone plays the character and goes away, but so far as you are playing the character, the body has to take care of its growth and its protection. Life is offering you all the support that you need to grow, to protect and to procreate. This is happening naturally. We unnecessarily come into the picture saying that we are doing it. Everything is happening by itself. Everything is so well organized, but this 쏧 comes and divide you, it creates its own separated identity and then you say that you are doing everything. Then this 쏧, which is nothing but the ego, claims that, 쏧 have done it, 쏧 have reached, 쏧 did it. This is the mind game, the ego game, which has no importance of any kind. We create unnecessarily a reaction to what is already happening by itself.
We have to understand the whole concept of life this way. There is this cosmic or universal life that we call eternity and there is the __EXPRESSION__ of this life into separated forms, in individual __EXPRESSION__s. So individuality is a part of the universal __EXPRESSION__ there, but still there is an individual __EXPRESSION__. The destiny and the free will can be understood in this way. When we think from the angle of the universal or the cosmic life, there is a greater purpose, a greater destiny of the whole universal __EXPRESSION__. And so far as we think of the individual __EXPRESSION__, there is an individual destiny, which is concerned with the growth of that individual. This individual destiny limits that individual __EXPRESSION__. It does not allow it to move around according to the free will. So there is no free will there. What is there is a predestined point, towards where that individual __EXPRESSION__ has to move, which is the path of destiny. This path of destiny is according to each individual destiny. Then, the individual셲 entire destiny together creates a universal destiny, which is the greater purpose. It is like in a movie, where there is the story and the film is moving step by step towards the end of the story. The story has its own destination point, where it is going to be finished. And the whole film is moving scene by scene towards the point of its destination. So, the entire movie story is already recorded, screened and filmed. The whole story point is a part of a universal destiny of this movie. The movie has to move into that point that is the destiny of the story. The end of the story is the destiny of this movie. Now, there are characters playing in the movie. One is a villain, one is a hero, and one is a heroine and so on. Everybody is playing a character. So, each character has its own individual destiny and has a contribution to the universal destiny there. So, the individual destiny plays that character accordingly, to fulfill that role which is expected, as for the story. So, there is the universal destiny, there is the individual destiny and there is a connection between the individual and the universal destiny, which is the path, which we call the path of the destiny for the individual. So far as the individual destiny is concerned, there are three layers. One is the physical, second is the psychological and the third is the energy or spiritual layer. In the physical layer, the destiny is limited to the physical growth and to the fulfillment of the physical needs. Here you are accordingly provided for your growth, in the way you are destined to get it. This physical body has no choice about where and when to take birth or what kind of parents it is going to have. It has no choice about how it will grow, what will be its nature, what kind of situations and what kind of placements will be given to this body. It is all according to the destiny of this physical form.
This is destiny. Starting from the birth of your physical body, you have no freedom, you have no free will and you have no choice that is given to you. You cannot choose when to take birth, where to take birth, from which parents you are going to be born, which family you are going to have. No choice is given to you. There is no free will. Nobody asks you if you like this family, if you like these parents or if you like this country. Otherwise, to be born in India would not be my choice. This is not my choice; it is the way it happened. So, this is how the destiny is playing its part from the beginning of our birth. So, after birth, when the ego is born the psychological body is born. When you are growing, at a certain stage the ego is born, the mind is born. When the mind is born, no parents ask the child what kind of conditioning he/she wants. The conditioning is just passed to the child from the parents. No teacher asks the child what kind of conditioning should be given to him/her. No religious leader asks whether you want to be Hindu, Muslin, Christian, or anyone. All these conditionings, this teachings that forces the child to refuse life, to reject life and that give the child the idea of perfection, is the beginning of the birth of the mind, the birth of the ego. When the ego is born, your psychological body is born. It is not that is your choice. You have no freedom to decide if you are going to be Hindu, Muslin, Christian, or anyone. You are conditioned with some ideologies, with some believes, with some concepts, which are not your choices.

Here also there are a lot of misunderstandings, because life also provides you some movement into this flow, into this stream of life. It allows you to move here and there, to swim here and there. This creates a misunderstanding that you have the freedom to decide your destination. It is like the dog chained with a long chain that allows it to think that it is free for a distance. If the dog has no understanding about its situation, then it misunderstands that it has the freedom to decide its destination. It thinks that it can go wherever it wants and then, it tries to go. The moment it tries to go, at certain point it is having the freedom to move here and there. It can decide to go back and forward, but only up to the limit given by the chain, by the length of the chain. Beyond that length of the chain, if it tries to go thinking that it has a free will, it will go into tension. It has the tension of the chain in its neck and the tension creates a pain there. This is our situation. Life has given us some long rope to move here and there. That long rope is given to fulfill certain physical, instinctive demands. Up to that level, life has given us freedom to move here and there, to decide by ourselves what kind of food we want, what kind of bed we want, what kind of house we want. This is that much freedom that we have to move around. This rope is long up to this point and this causes a misunderstanding that we have the freedom to decide our whole life. When we can decide about what kind of house we want, what kind of car we want, what kind of food we want, why can셳 we decide about our whole life? This misunderstanding creates tension. The tension comes when you are crossing the limit, because you don셳 understand that there is a limit.

Life has definitely given you the free will to decide, but if you are applying the same understanding to your whole life then, there is a limit and from that limit you have to follow the boss. By boss I mean the one who has the other end of the chain in his hands. The other end of the chain is the destiny point. The other end of the chain is hold by the destiny there. And the destiny is taking you to the direction that it wants to take you. Like in the example of the dog, the master is taking the dog to where he wants, but still the dog can go here and there, stop somewhere and eat something on the way. This is our situation. When we don셳 understand it, and try to pull the chain beyond the limit, there is tension. There is tension and this tension creates pain in our neck, it creates suffocation and suffering. We can move only up to a certain point. We can go around very freely into a certain zone. But if we misunderstand that we have a free will beyond that, it creates tension. And to follow the destiny means to move whenever life creates a change, whenever life demands your response, whenever it creates a push inside you. And whenever life creates somewhere a change or a movement, whenever it is asking you to move, it is pushing you one step towards your destiny. In every change, in every challenge created by life, you are been pushed one step towards your destiny. There, you have no freedom; you just have to accept it and keep moving.

You just have to keep on moving, as your destination is decided by life itself. The path you take towards this destination is what we call destiny. So, the destination and the path where you are going to move are decided by life. In this path, you are going to reach somewhere, you are going to achieve something and you are going to become somebody, but it will not be according to the way you like it, but according to the way life wants it. This is destiny. If you really understand that everything is a part of this happening, including all the doings, you will understand the whole meaning of free will. Your misunderstanding about free will is whether you have the freedom to do something against the destiny. You would like to change, to improve, to reach somewhere, to achieve something and to become somebody, according to the way you like and not according to the way destiny is. But the meaning of free will is that, once you really understand it, you will be free from the will part of it, which is the desiring part. That is the real free will. Free will means, the day you realize that there is no freedom of will, there is a free will. Once you understand that there is no freedom of will, there is a state of real free will that is the freedom from the will itself. So, in reality, if you really understand it through the mind, the mind does not accept, the mind does not like, and the mind does not understand that there is no freedom, that there is no free will. The mind does not like it because the moment you say yes to the way life takes you, the mind disappears; it no more exists. The doing from the mind only exists when you have a goal, a purpose, or a desire in the future. If there is nothing that you desire, if you understand that this is the way life is and this is how the whole movement of life is happening, you just connect with it, accept it, and you are free from the mind itself. So, there is no free will so far as destiny is concerned. But I am not speaking of destiny in the same sense the cowards understand it. When they are tired of doing something, when they are not successful, when they reach to that state of hopelessness and helplessness, then they say that is because it was not in their destiny. They use the word 쐂estiny as a consolation. I am not saying that destiny is a consolation. Destiny is something real that is fixed for each individual by life itself. We are all moving in this path of destiny, which is different for each of us. Each of us is moving in our own path of destiny. Maybe sometimes our paths cross each other, sometimes they go a little bit together, but each of us have to move according to the way life is taking us. And here is when the mind resists, because it wants to move according to its own way. This resistance, this fight, creates frustration and tension inside. The mind keeps holding it back, and this is what brings all the pains and sufferings inside us, which I call psychological suffering. Psychological suffering is not the real suffering. There is a real suffering that comes along with the path of destiny, which is offered by life itself. Life is not good-good all the time. Life sometimes brings pain, sometimes joy, sometimes happiness and sometimes unhappiness. This is the way life moves. It is always changing and moving. This is the nature of life. This changing and moving is coming sometimes as a reaction to the pain, or as a reaction to the joy, which is natural. However, with this misunderstanding inside, if we resist in accepting this pain, or if we want to possess this joy permanently, this resistance creates a tension inside. This tension is a psychological tension that does not really exist outside as a reality. It only exists inside as illusion, and we are all suffering from this illusory suffering. Our problem is this illusory suffering, illusory tension, and illusory pain. And when it is an illusory pain, there is no real answer, no real solution to it. So, what brings the solution is the right understanding about destiny, the right understanding about all these happenings. When you really understand and flow with them, if you really connect with them, you will be free from all these illusory and psychological sufferings.

When you are into the flow of a river, although you are having the freedom to swim here and there, you have no freedom to go away from the flow. Your destiny is the destination where the flow is going. You have no freedom to go out of the flow. You have only the freedom to swim here and there. So, the more you swim, the more you get yourself tired and miserable. And if you think that you have the freedom to swim against this flow, then you get even more tired. And this is what life is all about.


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