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date : 12-01-04 05:54
This is the way of the Buddhas
 post by : Yojan
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Don셳 go with the excuses that everything, even the diseases are destiny, even going to the doctor is destiny and that even doctors are destiny. These are good excuses to just satisfy yourself once you don셳 understand the reality. The result of understanding is the medicine; the result of understanding is the doctor. Your going to the doctor is the result of understanding. It is not that something like destiny takes you to the doctor and there you are just blind, the doctor is also blind and he gives you some blind medicine. It is not like this. The medicine is coming from the doctor셲 understanding; it is something that he has understood and that is the result of his understanding. But, for the satisfaction of the mind and to escape from the responsibility, it is more satisfying, more relaxing to think that everything is destiny. Pain is destiny, but suffering is not destiny. There is a natural pain according to the nature of life, but when you are not accepting the pain, when you do not understand the nature of life, you go into a psychological pain that brings the suffering. This is not destiny, but it is a result of your misunderstanding. The pain comes and goes and you remain suffering. Suffering or the way you understand life as suffering, is not destiny. Life gives you joy and pain at certain times. It is just by its own nature. It goes on changing because the changes are the nature of life. But there when you are not understanding and just not accepting the pain as the nature of life, you go into the psychological pain and that psychological pain is the suffering. That is not your destiny. You created this through your misunderstanding. Otherwise, life creates the pain and life gives you also the solution; it shows you how to deal with the pain. You have to use your understanding. Life has given you the capacity to understand how to deal with the situation, but you are creating an imaginary pain, an imaginary psychological pain and you want to deal with this pain. And to say that it is your destiny to go through pain whenever you are miserable, whenever you are suffering, has given you so much consolation. No Sir, it is not your destiny. It is just an escape.

If there is an airplane crash and the people who were supposed to be in that flight have changed their dates or their plans for some reason, they will think that they have been saved by the destiny. They will also think that those people who were in the plane that day were killed because it was their destiny. But, daily there are lots of people who change their dates and the plane does not crash. There are a lot of people who miss their plane and the plane reaches on time. Only once in a while we come to know about an event, where the plane crashes and some people escape from that for some reason. Understand that it is all accidental. It is all a part of happening. There is something that goes wrong mechanically in the plane and it crashes. So, it is not the destiny of the airplane or of somebody who is sitting in it. It has something to do with a mechanical faulty, which has created some kind of disaster, that셲 all. Why do you want to justify it? To justify or console the mind we have a lot of answers. But there are so many things that have no answer. There are a lot of comforting answers, given by the religion and by the culture, in order to silence the mind. Otherwise, the mind cannot understand these phenomena. It is like when a child is asking you a question and you know that the child cannot understand your answer. So, you give some answer just to satisfy the child셲 mind, but you know that it is not the right answer. If my dog dies and my grandson asks me what happened to the dog, he does not know what death means. So, I just answer that the dog has gone to God셲 house or that the dog has gone to Heaven.

The fulfillment of the greater purpose is your contribution to the story of the movie. You have to play this character, which contributes somewhere to the story of that movie. For that to happen, life creates certain events, certain situations and gives you a certain push. This push is something that takes you one step towards whatever role you have to play, according to your destiny. And the path, which you are taking to reach to the point of fulfillment of your character, is the path of your destiny. This is destiny and there is no freedom in one셲 destiny. Your physical body and your psychological body are born according to your destiny, what means that they are born without your free will. In between there is some free will which life provides, that allow you to move here and there having a certain free rope. But, whenever it demands you to move you will have to move, there is no free will there. You will have to move, you will have to accept and you will have to go into that direction. Those who do not move, those who do not want to move can imagine the situation of a dog that does not want to move. When the master is trying to pull it, the choking happens, the suffocation happens and in the end it has to move even without its agreement, without its consent. And it just keeps dragging into the way life is taking it. So, you will have to take the whole journey, you will have to go with the master, you will have to go with your destiny. But then, your whole life will be a dragging and you will be living a miserable life, a life of suffering, a life of tension all throughout. You are not going to be a satisfied person; you will not be a fulfilled person. You will become a doctor, you will become an engineer, and you will become somebody just because this is the way you have to play your role. But then you will be a miserable doctor, you will be a miserable engineer and you will be a miserable person. You are going to be somebody; you are going to be a businessman or somebody else in life. This is the character that you have to play. But then, the difference is whether you are accepting the role or not accepting the role, whether you understand the role or not. Your understanding and acceptance makes you so relaxed. Then, you are a relaxed doctor, a relaxed engineer, a relaxed businessman and a relaxed politician. You are relaxed in whatever you are because it is according to your destiny that you have become that. That셲 why I say many times that Hitler was a destined Hitler, but he would have been a relaxed Hitler if he had understood that he had to play that role. But he remained as a tensed and miserable Hitler and ended up shooting himself. If you understand, then you will be a relaxed person. Maybe you are playing a role of a villain; maybe you are playing a role of a hero. But it is not your choice. What character you are going to play is not your choice. It is not your choice, even if afterwards your mind says that it was your choice to become a doctor or to become an engineer. This is nothing but the deception of the mind claiming something that is not happening at all according to your efforts. You know inside that it never happened because you did it. It happened because it was to happen like that and not otherwise.

Everybody has to play some character, some role into this film. So, I have played a character of a businessman and I have to play a character of a master sitting here in front of you, answering your questions. These roles are decided by life. Life decides what will be your roles, where will be your placements and what will be demanded from you by placing you there. It is not in your hands to decide. Nothing happens according to your plans or according to your desires. Everything happens the way life wants it to happen. Once you understand this you just accept your placements and wherever life takes you. You accept whatever life makes you. When you start accepting it, then in that acceptance you will have the clarity of what life is demanding from you as a businessman or as whatever it makes you. You will have the clarity about what life is demanding from this character that you are asked to play. And looking at what life is demanding you will have the clarity about the fulfillment of the needed point, which is the future point. Then whenever you plan you will have the impulse that comes from inside, which will give you the understanding that will confirm your plans. Life will support your plans and anything that is happening and you will be moving towards the fulfillment of life셲 demands. Once you implement your plans, you will see that life supports you from every direction. So, if you are required to go to your Country and it is coming from life셲 demands then, even if there is no ticket available somebody will cancel and you will get the ticket at the last moment. This is how life supports you. So, these are the checking points.
Like it or not, the violence also is a kind of __EXPRESSION__ that is happening. But you react against it, because you expect that everything should be right and you think that this violence is wrong. Drop all this comparisons. Look at this as if it is all part of happening. The violence, the pain, the suffering are all part of the happening. Don셳 project your judgments. You have a mind that judge, but don셳 get identified with these judgments. The mind has the nature of creating judgments. Don셳 get identified with this mind, saying that this is your opinion. You see this way, that셲 all; you feel this way, that셲 all. It is not that I don셳 feel the pain when I see the violence. I feel the pain, but I am not against the violence. It is just happening. Why it is happening nobody knows. I don셳 know anything. Why should I bother unless I am asked to bother about it? Actually we don셳 know what the whole purpose of being here is. We don셳 know it. Why should you know? You are not responsible for it. Nobody has the answer; nobody has got the answer.  Provided there is someone that is chosen to take care of this situation, he will be doing it without any ego. He will be just doing it, that셲 all. But if you are not chosen to be a medium there you just forget about it. But we are unnecessarily thinking about something that we are not concerned. You are not going to help anyone; you are not going to change anything. Why do you bother about it? You look at the ant셲 world and you just feel that the ants are fighting, what are you going to do? You are just looking at it, that셲 all. The pain that you feel is just natural there, that셲 all. But then, what can you do about it? This is the state where if you are trying to help you will feel totally helpless. But, if you understand that this is the way it is happening, then there is no helpless feeling there. This sounds a little harder, but it is beautiful. We are not here to save the world. There is no savior. We are all trying to be saviors, as if we are the persons who were chosen to be helping this humanity or bring peace to this world. These are all nonsense. There has never been peace. It was always a balance between the positive and negative energies. If you have lost the balance, life knows how to bring it back. And life knows how to choose the people who will be used to bring it back. That셲 all. If you are chosen you will be given that capacity, ability, clarity and the intellectual understanding to do the needful. If you are not chosen, then enjoy a beautiful movie. When you are just watching the movie, what can you do if the villain is raping the heroine? You can just watch. You cannot jump in the TV box. You just watch it. Provided you are not a character into this drama, that셲 fine. I am enjoying it; I am enjoying this movie, this beautiful movie. And somewhere I have to play my character. So, I play my character, that셲 all.
The problem is that we are all the time recognizing us from the identification with the characters we are playing. If we just understand this, then we can go back to that understanding that we are not the characters, but that consciousness, which is playing this game. Everybody is playing a role in this movie. I am also playing my role the way life is offering it to me. But I have a very clear understanding that I am not the character I am playing. I know that I am that life; I am that consciousness that is just playing the roles. Once you have this clarity inside, then you will see everyone in a different way. You will have a different understanding as you see something beyond the character and beyond that person there; as you see that life, that consciousness, which is playing through the characters. Then you will not hate people, you will not throw your judgment on others, because you are not judging yourself. So, how will you judge somebody else? If you do not hate yourself, how will you hate anyone? The response that comes with this clarity, with this understanding is love. You love yourself and you love everyone. Then it has not to be said that you have to love yourself. Love happens. It has not to be said that you have to love your neighbor as thyself. You love everyone because there is no separateness. The same consciousness is reflecting everywhere; the same life is reflecting there. Then you are so relaxed with everything. You understand that the other is playing his character and that셲 fine. When your turn comes, you also play your character. And in the main time you relax with your being. This is the way you live. This is the way of the Buddha; they live like this and they are all playing the characters. And there is no copy anywhere. Every character is unique and has some important role to play into this whole movie. There is no copy anywhere and nobody can repeat anything. Everything just goes on. This is the whole movie that you have to enjoy. We are so serious about life. When you are gone, nothing is going to change. Once you are here, you have no freedom to change. Then, why do you bother?
In the movie there is an end, but this movie goes on and on. We don셳 know how will be the end of this movie because we don셳 know even how it began. It is eternity. This is where no answer can be given to the questions about the end of the story, about the meaning of this life or about the reason that everything is moving. It is just moving. This is eternity. It has no beginning and it has no end. It is just a movement, a change that is happening. Maybe a total destruction happens and another movie starts. But at this moment we have no understanding about where it is leading and where is the end. Up to now the end of this movie is still suspense.

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