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date : 12-01-04 05:57
When are you going to be happy?
 post by : Yojan
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The cause of the suffering of humanity is lying beneath the teachings of religions and the ethical values of the society, which are making you unnatural and not actually alive. They want you to be a dead person; dead to your sensitivity and dead to your thinking. They want you to think the way they think and to live the way they live. This is the language of the society, the language of the religions. If you really understand something, then you will not try to be free from this society, but you will understand that to be a part of it you have to learn how to play the game, how to speak their language. Only then it will not create a chain of reactions. You have to understand that you cannot be separated from the society. Once you are born, you have to live into the society for supporting the needs of your body. So, learn the language, learn how to play this game. When you are playing the game, the difference between the game and the seriousness of life is that in the game you are also serious, but there is no further reaction. When you are playing the game, you have no purpose but to enjoy. There is no identification there. There is just a momentary reaction that is naturally happening, that셲 all. There is nothing beyond that. You are totally acting, but there is somewhere some point where you are conscious of acting. Then, you enjoy this game totally. When you loose, at that moment you are unhappy and then you just forget it. When you win, at that moment you are happy and you forget it. It is just a game and you know that the game is not real. Learn how to play this game. Live in the society, but live as if you are just playing a game. Then you will be untouched by the reactions. You will be playing the game properly and seriously, but you will remain untouched by the reactions. You will not get disturbed by them. This is what you should learn and this understanding will liberate you. Nothing will liberate you other than this understanding. And this is what the awakening or enlightenment means. Wake up to this point and just live in a playful way.
Play it beautifully so you will go with the satisfaction that you have played your role totally, without getting into the reaction. You take life so seriously, as if something is going to finish. Nothing is going to finish. Life continues the way it is. Nothing is going to change. Millions have come, millions have gone and millions are going to come. This drama and this movie are going to go on and on continuously. There is nothing that is happening here. We don셳 create any impact on this life. It just goes on moving. For a momentary time when you are playing your character, it has an impact on the history. Once you are gone, the history is also gone. This is the whole reality. Don셳 be serious about this life. Enjoy it. Don셳 take it seriously and don't react seriously. If somebody is abusing you, just say 쐔hank you very much. Any moment you have this reaction inside, say, 쐙es to it. That is a natural thing. And if you are supposed to act and respond to the anger, then you play angry. Understand that if life is demanding your role to respond to the anger there, if somebody is abusing you and you are asked to respond, then play angry, that셲 all. Don셳 hate that person because he is angry and abusing you. You understand that he has finished his role, now you have to finish your role.

This life is not suffering and is not misery. This life is very beautiful. Look at the whole nature around. Except for the human beings no other __EXPRESSION__ is into tension. Have you ever seeing your dog or your pet sitting with a long face? Or have you seeing them worshipping a lion with the desire to become like a lion? Have you seeing them keeping a photo of a lion and meditating in front of it, desiring to be one? They are just enjoying whatever way life is expressing through them. Look at the birds singing, look at the trees flowering. Everything is celebrating. Why can셳 we do the same? We are so miserable because we think that we are responsible for all the miseries. Nobody is responsible for anything. Yes, you are responsible for your misery, for your misunderstandings. So, you just have to understand and take life absolutely as a picnic, as a joy. You are here for a few days, for a few months, few years, maybe 50, 60, 70 or 80 years. This is a short time in the whole span of life. You are just here for a picnic. And when you are here for so short time, you don셳 need to bother what bedroom is given to you, what house is given to you. You accommodate yourself with whatever is available and somehow you find yourself comfortable, that셲 all. If you go on complaining and rectifying the whole house, the way you want it, you don셳 enjoy the picnic. If you go to the hotel and just try to change the whole thing according to the way you want, the days are finished. You will be just preparing everything for that state of happiness during your whole life, and life is finished. So, you just go on changing things and wasting your life at certain point. When you see it is already time to go. You can prepare your bedroom up to a certain time. But if you spend the whole night doing it, when are you going to sleep? When are you going to be happy? 


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