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date : 12-01-10 16:56
You are making a mind stronger with all the techniques - part 1
 post by : Yojan
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Pt. 1

F: You say that we should go back to our life where there are many things we need to live; the search, the search itself is making a problem

K: You can come a little closer, no problem.

F: Now I am living, I am living you know, an ordinary life, OK? Living with the responsibilities that life gave me, you know? I can say that I stopped the search and I am trying to live with the acceptance. But, when there is no search I feel that many, many times I forgot to, I forget about it. You know, life is so intense and I feel maybe nothing is moving, you know? No, no changing is happening, no.

K: What kind of change do you expect?

F: Ah, you were talking about maybe in the beginning out of ten events you remember in two events to accept, and maybe three or four and after you said for you it took ten years.

K: But still you are accepting with a purpose to reach to some state that you have in the mind, which you call it the state of bliss, or the state of silence, or the state of joy. I am saying that you will be connected to life; life when it is offering you joy you are happy; life when it is offering you pain you will be in pain. But in that state of reaction, if you are centered in that understanding that this is the way it is, not other than you are demanding then, that disturbance will not make you disturbed; you will be aware of the disturbance, this will be the difference. The problem is, if you are still translating the previous search, which you are searching through some techniques, through some methods, which you call search by doing something; now you are converting this acceptance also as if it is a means, it is a technique. Acceptance is a result of understanding and the understanding is, 쐔his is the way life is. The way you carry the responsibility, the way you carry all your responses of what life demands, in that, if you are remaining into the understanding that you have no freedom to change anywhere; if you still desire to bring a change or desire to come to same state, which you call a transformation or whatever you call it; transformation is not changing the events or change the life. Transformation is the inner transformation, which slowly, slowly will bring you to that state of relaxation along with this momentum, the flow, the change and whatever is happening around. Now the problem is that you are expecting results so quickly; the problem is this. It is such a slow, slow transformation that you will not be aware of yourself but the people will start feeling you that you are not the same.

F: Eight years it is a long time!

K: Maybe you see, your mind is still hard, so strong, you see? Who knows how much it takes. Maybe for him it takes 20 years, who knows? But then, you see, why do you count in time? My question is why do you count in time? It is not something like the must that you should at least have 10 years or 15 years. I am not saying this. It depends upon how hard your mind is and it depends upon how you are getting some understanding out of your, out of your own acceptance, out of your own living. This is very important. That means how much you are awake to that point where every event in the life gives you some message, some understanding; and are you absorbing the understanding? At that moment you are waiting for that state to come. So, the whole thing is misunderstood. You understand what I am saying?

F: I am not sure.

K: Now when you are, your question itself reflects that now you search ends; that means that you have stopped doing before what you were doing, meditations or some techniques, following some techniques or something, which you stopped. You have now started practicing the acceptance, isn셳 it? So, this practicing acceptance

F: I don셳 know if I can say practicing, because acceptance if it happens, it happens; if doesn셳 happen, it doesn셳 happen. It is not something you can practice.

K: Yes, but, again and again you, are you reminding yourself to say yes?

F: Sometimes.

K: You see, this is where you have to remind yourself, because, how do you get the understanding is, remind there when it is there; that means somewhere you have understood the effect of that acceptance. Otherwise then, you see, from쫖iving from there you are living an ordinary life쪰 am, everybody is living an ordinary life. Ordinary life means I am saying not the changing of life, but changing your inner understanding, which will be connected to the ordinary life. It has to be connected to the ordinary life; people are trying to change the life. I am saying don셳 change the life, remain in the ordinary life, the way life is, but add the understanding. And that understanding is to keep yourself awake to this, this truth that you have no freedom to change. So, when you have no freedom to change that understanding itself results into the acceptance. You see? Your question is that ordinary life means that in the ordinary way as before you were disturbed you are disturbing now, you are the same; that is what you are saying?

F: Not the same, but

K: But then what do you expect? It is not going to be a day when you say, 쏻ow! I got it! You see? It will be a very smooth sailing along with the all problems of life. It will be very easy, where you will be comfortable, you will be relaxed, and you will be that. Then slowly, slowly, that understanding will slowly, slowly take you beyond the area of your limit of understanding and that will make you more and more쫉eeper understanding will start coming; of the events happening you will have a deeper understanding. So, I want to know exactly what you want to say. You are not able to express also properly.

F: I understood that she has some fear maybe to get lost in the ordinary life.

F: No, no, no.

K: No.

F: Yes! Then wait, wait, yes.

F: Yes, if I look at, let셲 say at my parents, OK? They never searched anything, OK? They live life and they don셳 even think about it, OK? And I ask myself now, when I am living also my life, what is the difference?

K: So, you want a difference in the ordinary life, to be changed in to an extraordinary life?

F: No.

K: Then what, what change you demand? Difference is the inner difference, not the outer difference, you see?

F: You said that if someone never thought of that, it cannot happen to him, right?

K: That means?

F: If someone never starts the search then we cannot wake up.

K: I never said this.

F: No?

K: Search is not my problem. I say when you stop the searching it starts bringing you to the normal harmony of life. So, that is not necessary that everybody starts to search and then they are going to end it. The search is the hindrance.

F: No, but everybody begins the search and then the search end.

K: Everybody is beginning with the search, but the search is in a different direction. The base is somewhere, you are not happy the way you are. Isn셳 it? Everybody is then having the different answer and that answer takes them into different direction of search. Somebody is searching money, somebody is searching power, somebody is searching something else and the spiritual people in the end search for enlightenment. Search is in the direction of the answers that you are convinced with; that if I get this I will be free from my unhappy state. This is with everyone; the search is with everyone, but the directions are different. But we only tell the search means the spiritual search. It is not true; any search. Search means something other than what is there; to find something other than what is there. It is a search. So, search is with everyone. Everybody begins with the search because that is what they call it life. Whole struggle that they have in their life is nothing but to reach at that point where they are searching to reach, you see? So, if you are saying that when there is nobody searching, it is not that nobody is searching, but in your language they are not spiritual seekers, you see? They are not spiritual seekers.

F: But you asked me 쐂o you remind yourserf, right?

K: Yes.

F: How should I remind?

K: The moment you come to know that you have forgotten, of accepting, again tell yourself, 쏰K, fine. It is not a reminder of that I have to accept, but a reminder that, 쏰K, fine. So, then you go into쫒f you don셳 remind or if you don셳 remember that 쏰K, Fine, then you go into a guilty or you go into a reaction or some kind of inner disturbance that I forgot, I should not have forgotten. I said, whenever you remember that you have forgotten, at that moment, say 쏽es, OK, fine, that is OK. So, that will bring you to that slowly, slowly; but the problem is like you know that, we have a definition of the life that we want to live, we want to reach, we want to achieve. In that, if you still not able to drop it then every time you are going to compare, 쏦ave I reached through this? Have I reached through this? And then it is the same journey. Before you were comparing by doing meditations and now you are comparing by practicing acceptance. But there is no comparison because you are not going to become somebody.

F: But what she wants is to see is that she accepts more events in a day than before.

K: OK.

F: If I understood. And this is not happening for her. She cannot see any change in the more events of.

K: So, maybe she has gone back into this some kind of non-acceptance of not accepting, you see? Is possible!

F: I didn셳 go back because I was never in front.

K: So, you have to see by yourself. She has to see. So, even when I am saying that took me 10 years, it does not mean that everybody has to take l0 years. It is not necessary. It is not the law that it take so long. It can be very fast also.

F: But, after 8 years she, she.

K: But don셳 you find any change in her? I see the change.

F: Yes, I see also, but she cannot see.

K: But that is the problem, you know? You see? There is a problem because if she has changed 60% suppose, the 40% she is looking into that 40% and not looking to that 60%.
You are not the same when you began and now.

F: Nobody after 8 years is the same!

K: No, but in you inner state I am not saying that; this inner understanding, inner relaxation, inner disturbance that does not happen as way it was happening before, you see? But normal disturbances that are created by the life셲 movements and changing is going to happen to everyone, you see? So, don셳 think that you are going to escape to that natural reaction, but the natural reaction creates, because of the non-acceptance, a chain of reactions; there you will see that there is a change, there is a change happening. There you are relaxed. Here we are not talking about some kind of achievement through some technique. Here we are talking about the healthier state of your being. How you can come back to that healthier state where you are in balance; where the life, same life, ordinary life is outwardly same but inwardly, as you were remaining into the unconsciousness where you are getting disturbed and that disturbance was creating a lot of disturbances inside where you are all the time, all the time in the state of suffering, will change, will change. I don셳 know whether I make it clear. Unfortunately I am talking to the people who are spiritual seekers, you know? The ordinary people understand very well.

F: I am not a spiritual seeker. I am not!

F: I am not a spiritual seeker. I am not!

K: You know, you were!

F: It is not true.

F: What you think about to use some means, some things to remember

K: You can put an alarm clock. Some means mean what?

F: I don셳 know.

K: You can advice some technique that will be helpful to all. But, according to my understanding, anything that you advice, is coming from the same mind where we are trying to silent it, that is the problem. The doer wants to survive. I am not against the doer, but the doer has to be created by life itself, whenever the doing is required by life. We are creating a permanent doer, a permanent mind where you are constantly into that state of reaction, reaction, reaction, reaction.

F: We had a meeting once with a guy and every, every I don셳 know 3 minutes or 5 minutes, his watch was a

F: Ringing.

F: Ringing.

F: To remind him.

F: After a few times we asked him what was going on, so he said 쏧 just want to remind myself to go in the moment.
We almost did business together.

F: Kiran, about Gurdieff, when he talks about the crystallization, he is talking about this witness or awareness to become so strong so that we don셳 forget to be present this moment. This can be achieved by쫇ecause he was giving you some techniques to be aware of the search, you, at the same time, constantly. And that needs a lot of effort and also a lot of being with. Do you think this can be helpful to become more aware so you know more that each moment you can accept whatever life brings?

K: I have not found yet any technique to it, because what Gurdieff쪮urdieff started dealing with the mind, you know? And, to bring the mind into a certain discipline where you by practicing that, the mind can remain awake, available, that through the practice you can train the mind, you see? You can train the mind to bring the whole attention to one point. This is a concentration. Concentration can be brought through any kind of practice, but that concentration is a part of the mind셲 focusing. So, Gurdieff was mainly asking people to practice bringing mind to one point; and that bringing the mind to one point was to him, was to remain awake to here and now. You see, that was his understanding. But then you see my question is that, even by practicing this, does it change your inner understanding? OK, you are successful in bringing the mind to that point, but does it have any effect on that actual reality the life is? You see? So, what is happening is that, because of the practicing of focus at one point or keeping your mind awake to one point, available to one point, then you can be more efficient in your work, where while working your mind moves from here to there, from here to there and then you are not able to concentrate. It can help you in your studies; it can help you in your work. So, in that way, it can help you there, so that can benefit. But then, when you have to find out the answer of the problems, of the challenges when life brings it, does it bring any understanding there? That is my question and this is where the problem, what you call the point where we are disconnected, the point where we are disturbed with the life; we forgot to bring the balance. So, those who practice Gurdieff셲 techniques they are very sharp; they are very sharp with the intelligence, very sharp with the mind. But that sharpness is not is not useful to that point, you know? That is a problem. I did it, I know it, you see? You understand what I am saying? So, any technique can train the mind, you know? Any technique can train the mind. For all these means are meant to train the mind. But then, it is still the mind. The problem with the harmony that we do not get is, that point where we are not comfortable with life is that we do not understand it, you see? We don셳 understand. So, what brings the understanding is, you have to be there. If you want to understand somewhere, you have to accept that and stay with it; in that staying the real understanding, the way life functions. You stay with your mind and really understand when the mind functions happen and that understanding, which is the nature of your consciousness will help you to remain into the balance. This is where I am working with. But if your mind is fickle mind, and you are not able to concentrate in any work, you are not good in studies, you are not good at work, and then all these techniques can help you to be efficient. But that efficiency does not come to your help when actual life셲 problems create such strong disturbances, you see? You understand what I am saying? This is the difference. Otherwise to be here and now means not to concentrate here and now, you know? To be here and now means to be in harmony with that what is now creating this momentum, this change. That is why this is the wrong __EXPRESSION__ also, to be here and now. If you try to be here and now you miss the now; you cannot catch the now. You can be the now but you cannot catch the now, you see? Because the now is not separated from that flow of life which is flowing inside and flowing outside, but we are using the wrong language that I have to be here and now. So then you translate in a mind셲 language of something to do. In the moment you try to be here and now you are already gone. So that, without any desire, without any purpose, without any motive, when you are in that state, that state itself connects you here and now. And that is what I call the acceptance. In that acceptance you are conscious, you are aware of that what is creating the vibrations outside the events that are happening and the reactions inside the mind. You are conscious of it. You understand what I am saying? But Gurdieff tried his level best. At least to bring people쫆t least the Western mind come to one point, you know? Make it sharper, more efficient. All techniques you know, dealing with the mind definitely makes the mind stronger, sharper, and more efficient; these are the techniques; at the same time, weaker, weaker. The strength when the mind becomes stronger it is a weak mind, because at that point the mind is weak at the point of life. Then you have to fight a strong, hard nut, you know? You become very strong and that is a weakness in that definition. Then that strong mind becomes the hindrance. Now the unfortunate part is that whole, from the childhood to now the whole technique, methods, the way the whole thing is trained, the thought is in the direction of making the mind sharper, more efficient, stronger. This is how, because쫤hy it is so? Because the misunderstanding is, if I fight with life then this strong mind can be useful to bring a change; but the truth is that you have no freedom to bring a change. Now what will you do? You are creating a mind; you are making a mind stronger mind, with all the techniques, with all the practices, but that strong mind becomes the hindrance, because when you connect to life there the strong mind becomes a fighter, because the mind only survives unless it is in the non-acceptance, you see? And the non-acceptance point is the way it is creating the reaction. Life is creating some event there and that natural event is creating a reaction; that is natural. So this natural reaction immediately, because the natural reaction maybe painful, maybe joyful it is depending upon the events happening. So, this joyful or painful events how does the mind approach it with the choice? I like it, I don셳 like it; I want it, I don셳 want it. So then, the strong mind, if it doesn셳 want goes to reject and if it is joyful, the strong mind wants to possess it, wants to continue for a longer time. Now, do you have that freedom, any freedom here to control it, to change it? No! So then how do you get the reaction again? Your failure to change, failure to bring about the freedom, you are not successful. Then another chain of reaction starts, which is the tension, the stress, the pain and the suffering. You are caught into this chain of reactions. You understand? So, our life, if you look, with the mind is the story of reaching to the end suffering, isn셳 it? And that is the state where we are all and still we believe that by strong effort, with strong mind we will fight and we will win over one day. So that day never comes in life and this is the reality. If you understand the truth behind it, that if you have no freedom, you have no freedom to change the events happening outside; but you have been told that you have the freedom to change the reactions inside, you understand? So that reaction is also a natural point which is just happening because the outside activations; outside activations! So, if you understand that as the event is natural, the reaction is natural, first reaction is natural, then you will be free from the chain of reactions which has come out of your misunderstanding to bring a change, to fight with it. And this is what I call the acceptance. Accepting the way it has created the events, it has created the reaction. Is it clear? So, this is where you don셳 need mind. You need understanding! What is the understanding? As in every satsang I am repeating it, understanding is understand, even if you are now with your logical mind, that life has its own nature; it functions by its own nature. And the reaction point is that point which is also in relation to that event happening, it is also automatically happening, automatically happening. So, if this is your understanding that this is also automatically happening, if somebody abuses me, the anger is going to come as a natural reaction. But what is happening is that the stronger mind becomes angry on the anger that this anger should not be, because if there is anger there is a disturbance. So, you are becoming angry on the anger, so you are trying to reject it. If the rejection is not possible then you are trying to suppress it. And that how long can you go on suppressing that chain of reactions that you have accumulated? And at one time it becomes a disease. So, what psychological disease that normally people are suffering from? It is because of this whole misunderstanding! So there is no way that the mind, a human being can be relaxed. If this is the story, then all the human beings are suffering, everybody is suffering, then suffering is the only meaning of life, then why there is a Buddha who is relaxed? Why there is somebody enlightened who is relaxed? If one Buddha can be relaxed, there is somewhere we have not understood the secret. So, what is that secret which they have understood and I have not understood? This is the question. This is the question. So, if you are really, really keen, really, really thirst, really, really tired of all that you did, then you start again re-thinking that there must be a way out, there must be a way out. If one Buddha can be relaxed, if one Osho can be relaxed, if one Mahavira, Krishna, Jesus can be relaxed, what is wrong with me? But the mind says that they are super human beings. Mind has an excuse that they are super human beings and you are an ordinary person. How is it possible? So, you make a compromise again and in that compromise you live the whole life. The whole life you live the same way. My question is, if one Buddha can be relaxed, it is available to everyone, only what it requires is that understanding which changed the same ordinary Buddha into a relaxed Buddha, you see? So, the approach we have to change, the approach we have to change. That is why Buddha has stated the 쐄our ways. He says life is suffering (some Indian language). That is the experience of all. Everything is misery, everything is suffering. And that is our experience (some Indian language). But then he says there is a cause of suffering. So, he does not jump immediately to that point that there is a remedy of suffering or freedom from suffering. He goes step down; there is a cause of suffering. That means try to find out the cause of suffering. That means try to find out the cause of your disease. This is a scientific approach. Buddha셲 four ways is a scientific approach. Any problem that you want to solve, how do you approach to that problem? You understand the cause of that. But normally the mind goes into finding out the solution; normally. If you are unhappy your mind is just immediately jumping into how can I be happy? Then you go in search of happiness. How can I be happy? What can make me happy? Then you go into that direction of finding out the means of happiness or who will give you the happiness. This is the approach of mind. In between Buddha says that you have to find out the cause of unhappiness. So, there you have not to go into the direction of finding out the solution, but understanding the problem. That is the scientific way. Have you ever though this way that let me question my own suffering? Why I am suffering? Why I am miserable? What is the cause of it? That is the scientific way. Then in investigating, in inquiring into the cause of suffering, you will find the remedy of suffering, because it will reveal by itself. Once the cause is revealed, automatically it will give you the understanding of what can be the remedy. If you understand the remedy, then in the last step Buddha says, there is a freedom from suffering. This is the end. So, in between two we don셳 do it. That is what I am saying that understand, understand the cause of it; understand the cause of it and that needs your own self-inquiring, that needs your own sitting with yourself. So, where is the technique now? The technique is not there. It is not that you need a very strong mind to look into it. You need somewhere an inner state where you see clearly the way it is happening. How can you see clearly unless you accept it? Unless you confront your own misery, suffering, your own problem, there is no way to understand it. When J.Krishnamurti was asked, he said, if you want to be free from fear, look at the fear. Look at the fear! That means what? Looking at the fear is what? It is to accept first that you have to sit with this fear. That, c셫on, let셲 sit together and let셲 see that how we can deal with it. But if you run away from the fear or if you do something at that time to escape from the fear or to fight with the fear, the fear will not go, because you are not treating the cause. The beautiful example is, in the dark room something is hanging on the wall and then it looks like a snake, in the dark room. And when you have your old memory of a snake the fear comes immediately that, the snake쫗aybe the snake bits me, maybe I die; so, that fear comes automatically into the dark room. Now, you have fear now, which is born out of the ignorance or not seeing clearly what is actually hanging there. But that hanging, what is reflecting it looks like a snake. So, when you are having a reaction of fear, at that moment, what will you do? Normally what mind does? It starts searching for a stick. How to protect myself from this snake? Or at the most, how to find a door where I run away? This is what the mind is doing, because you don셳 realize that you have to question the fear. You have to stay with the fear. That why I .there is fear, OK, you accept the fear. Then in that acceptance there will be an inner understanding will tell you let me see very clearly what this is. So, you will not run away, or you will not fight with the snake, prepare yourself with the stick and fight. You will see that let me see and then you will understand the cause of this whole illusion is the darkness. So, either you will open the window or you will try to find out the switch where you can see through the light. Once you find the light because the cause of the illusion was the darkness - if you find the light, when you see that it is just a rope hanging on the wall, do you have to deal with the fear? Fear disappears! Now you will see there, now let me deal with my fear. When it goes away you don셳 know. The same reaction that we are having in our lives, that something which is born out of ignorance, out of non-clarity, out of non-understanding, creates a lot of ghosts. And we are all life fighting with these ghosts, which does not actually exist there. The snake actually does not exist there, but we are fighting. What you need is the clarity. What you need is the light and that light is available in every connection with life. There you find some clarity and for that you have to accept the natural reaction that has come. Maybe out of your ignorance, maybe out of your misunderstanding or non-understanding, but you have to accept. You have to accept the fear! Then you will not say that, why fear comes? It will naturally come; it will naturally come. The natural reaction is going to come. But if you have the understanding and that understanding, for that understanding you need some time to stay with whatever is. You have to stay in the darkness, you have to stay with the snake and you have to stay with your fear. That is what I call the acceptance. Then, in that staying, there will be somewhere a command which tells you find out the light. It will give you the understanding of the cause of it. Then slowly, slowly, if you start seeing really the reality, the truth of all that is a reaction, all those snakes in your and all that fear that you collect, once you start seeing clearly you are going to be free from it, automatically. You have not to do some other technique to be free from it. It goes away, because that is the illusion. That is the쫡he fear was an illusion but it was real when you were feeling the fear; you were trembling, you were perspiring; that was very real. But that reality is because of the illusion. That is the way that in this whole life, if you want to get a transformation of life, then this is the beginning somewhere that, accept the way it is happening. Accept that there is a snake, OK, fine. If there is a snake there is a snake. Accept that there is fear. There is fear. But then, stay with the fear, stay with the snake, stay with the darkness. And then, in that staying which I call the state of acceptance, you will get the clarity of the truth, the reality. And this is how slowly, slowly if you understand the causes, understand the remedy of it, then you are going to be free and that is what we are all longing for. That freedom! But that is only possible unless you reach to that state of clarity. And that clarity has to be yours, nobody셲 clarity. Even if somebody tells you from the outside that don셳, why you are afraid, there is no snake, it is just a rope, but you are not clear! Still you are going to be in the same situation. Who knows? Maybe it is a snake. Borrowed knowledge does not쫛r somebody outside, one master standing outside he will say, close the eyes and tell yourself there is no snake, there is no fear, no snake, no fear, close your eyes and sit in meditation, tell yourself no snake, no fear. The moment you open the eyes there is a snake and there is fear. You can go into some hypnotic state, by putting that suggestion that there is no snake, there is no snake, there is no fear, there is no fear, but it does not change anything. The moment you confront it, it still real for you.

F: It is the same as a mantra; to give you a mantra.

K: Yes.

F: It is like a lullaby.

K: Yes, yes. I am a (Indian term); I am (Indian term), but the moment you open the eyes you are as ordinary as before. It does not change anything. We are concerned with that transformation and how that transformation comes? That transformation comes more and more you are connected to that understanding, the more and more you understand, that transformation inside. That means that whole further chain of reactions of finding out the stick or run away will be finished. You get me what I am saying? Is it clear? I am singing the same song everyday.

F: What, you see, what I recognize in what you say is that the struggle of the mind is so strong.

K: It is, it is, because, because we have been trained that way. We have been from the childhood trained that way, because the people who trained us, the people who gave us this conditioning, the people who gave us these answers also live in the same, same illusory state.

F: Yes.

K: So they know how to find a stick and how to run away. Only two means they have. Only they just try to now find out a new stick, maybe a very strong stick; that you can just do, but that does not solve the problem.

F: We are so conditioned to stand up for own right.

K: Pardon?

F: We are so conditioned to stand up for our own right. This is my right.

K: Unless, unless you are tired of it. You are tired of fighting, you are tired of running away and you are tired of this whole frustration inside. That state of misery at a certain time you just start realizing that, is it this life?

F: OK, then I am tired, but then the struggle is still somehow

K: It will not go overnight, that is what I am saying. But at least when you understand something you can begin somewhere. You can begin. That is what she was asking that she has been doing since last 7 years, but then, it depends how much you take the time or maybe if you are very intelligent, very much tired, then it can change within no time. But then there is nothing in connection with time limit that, please tell me how many years or how many months that I have to but at least I tell you that if you practice seriously for three months you will start getting the effects that what I am sharing. I am not쪰 have no magic stick in my hand. It is something that has to do with yourself and that is up to you, how you do it, how serious you are about it. It is very easy for the mind to go into the direction of doing something. Very easy, because then the mind is happy, you are also happy that one day, you live with the hope, that one day I will be free. But that day never comes! That is the question. So you just쫡here you don셳 fix the time limit that, I will do my meditations for three years, five years, and then I will see if there is any change; there you just go on doing whole life! It is like you take medicine your whole life and you wait for the day that the disease will be gone, because you trust the doctor. But, do you do this? After three months when you are not cured you go again to the doctor asking in the doctor I am taking medicine for 3 months and nothing is changing. Then the doctor will again think that is there anything wrong with the diagnosis or with the medicines? Or the doctor maybe wrong, who knows? Who knows? But that much intelligence we have at this area, but we don셳 deal with our own life problems in this scientific way. There you are just happy and you are ready to live with the hope. And each day which is going is not going to come back, so it is a waste! So, if it is giving you some kind of relief every month, day-by-day, then you can think, 쐙es, slowly, slowly it will effect, but at least it has to start somewhere. You understand what I am saying? It is hard, I understand; it is difficult, I understand, because there is no mind involved. Everything is easy when the mind is involved, the doer is involved. Here there is no doer involved and that is why it is difficult. But it is not impossible, because you are not the mind; you are that consciousness. You have to understand the trick when the consciousness becomes free from this whole identification with the mind. Once it is free then it becomes a witnesser and in that witnessing you understand so many things, because this is the nature of consciousness. We spend the whole life dealing with the mind and dealing with the disease of the mind, but we don셳 understand actually the cause of that disease. So, then every time you take a painkiller and you get a temporary relief and you are happy, that셲 all. There are so many painkillers and tranquilizers and purgatives and so many things available in the market, which gives you immediately relief. So you take it and you get the relief and you are happy! So, you get addicted to that painkiller or tranquilizer everyday, you see? But that that is not a healthy signal; you are not treating the disease, you are just suppressing it.

F: It is a weakness.

K: Yes. But as you have no other alternative and you have no understanding, then, at least this is better; better then nothing; better to suffer then to take a painkiller and temporarily get a temporary relief, that셲 all. And this is how we compromise; our life is nothing but a compromise, isn셳 it? So if this brand is now immune to you then you change to the other brand, you know? You just like go on changing, this medicine is not now working; either you increase the doses or you change the brand. And now market is available that they go on introducing newer and newer painkillers, even stronger painkillers. So you go on trying for that but that is not the answer that is not the solution. That is why I am saying that, if Buddha can be relaxed without any painkiller, then there must be some understanding. We don셳 look there, you see? If one person can be totally healthy without taking any medicine, then health is possible to every human being, because we are not separated, we are not different from the other. Basically it is the same! And that is what I am trying to share that, look to that point! And that needs a lot of courage to inquiry; courage to see your own ugly face that you are suppressing, you are hiding somewhere. And in that courage you need to accept that, I am this! I am the way I am! I have this ugly face also and the beautiful face also. So, don셳 run away from the ugly face; accept that, I am the combination of both. And that needs a lot of courage. So that is required and that courage comes through the understanding that, it is OK; if it is there, it is there!

F: We can셳 do it otherwise?

K: That is a part of understanding. Otherwise you all the time think that there is a possible way that one day I will get rid of this ugly face! So, in the main time, let me hide it, let me try to suppress it and there a lot of means available to suppress, to hide, that셲 all.

F: To escape?

K: Escape! Are you not tired of all this? My question is this. I got so tired, I tell you. And then I said that if there is no answer, if there is no solution and if life is suffering, then why, why I am having that strong feeling inside that there is a way, there is a possible way? You see? Nobody is questioning this, because nobody is tired of it. Are you tired of your suffering? That this is the way life is? Not the outer life, the inner life that we live, you see? The inner life of tension, the inner life of stress, the inner life of pain and suffering, how can it be? OK, I understand that the outside life creates the natural reactions which are pain, which is쫗aybe. But that comes and goes! But this is a permanent thing that we carry! And that suffocates your inner consciousness. And then there is a cry from inside to be free. 쏧 want to be free! But you don셳 know what freedom means. And that is쫡hat puts you into such a strong search here and there, here and there, you see? That where it is? Who will give me? Who will help me? But then everybody is in the same, same thing. So, then we get a consolation that, I am not the only person suffering; everybody is suffering, so it is OK. And the spiritual suffering is the worse! The material suffering can be solved, but the spiritual suffering is the worse. You are keeping such a huge goal of enlightenment or freedom from this misery and suffering; it is a spiritual goal! It makes you so miserable, more and more miserable, because there is no way that you have only 1% or 2% chance to get something. You are the same all the time! Let us be all very honest, you see? It is a reality, it is the truth! But we don셳 show it because if I show it what will happen to my investment? So many years of investment I did in all these techniques and methods and meditations. Nobody has that courage to say that the King is naked! You remember the story? The child shouts from the crowd that the King is naked, but all the people were appreciating the clothes of the King, you know? We all appreciate outside but everybody knows inside that we are all same. That courage you should have and that courageous people can be free. You need to have that courage to speak that, I am the same! To raise your voice that, I did everything but nothing changed! Don셳 go with that self-hypnosis! If you have that courage, then there is a possible way. The path into this life for achieving, or reaching or becoming, instead of that, just to be into that state of happiness needs lots of courage and this is the path for the courageous people. I hope I made it clear. If you look to the spiritual word, you will find all the escapists; all escapists people. You will not find one single courageous person. It is very painful and sad.

F: It means they all want to be somewhere else than where they are now, right?

K: Yes. And this is where all the masters, real masters are trying to wake you up, to this fact, this reality. That, please wake up and look! Wake up and see! That what is the truth, what is the reality? But we misunderstood that truth is, I am (Indian term), I am (Indian term), I am that, I am that blissful state and I am that silent state. You misunderstand the whole thing. You are, but that is not something that you can create as a goal. When we read or when we listen to Osho or anybody, they speak the truth but we immediately misunderstand and create that statement as if it is a part of achievement, to reach, to achieve, and to become. They are describing the natural state. But we misunderstand and immediately the mind grasps it, Ah, it is such a beautiful state! Let me try! Let me get it! You see? You misunderstand immediately. Then you ask how to get it? How to reach? How to achieve? You are caught! You have to ask how I am not. Instead of how I can get, you have to ask why I am not. That is the right way. Why I am not happy? Why I am not in that state?

F: Cause when I look at all that, I am only left with frustration.

K: Yes, but that frustration is needed, because then you find your own helplessness inside. Then you will come to the right point. Then you will come to the right point or somewhere you are lucky enough to get somebody who can give you the right understanding at that point when you are frustrated, you see?

F: Yesterday I was so frustrated. I will never come back here again; for what? After Kiran tell me all this, why should I hear it from him? Right?

K: Right, but still you came back.

F: When I saw I was so angry, then I watched this and slowly it dropped by itself. This frustration is just the most.

K: You have to confront, and that needs the courage to see your own frustration, to accept your own frustration.

F: So my feet again carried me here today. In the morning I said, I am not going. For what?

K: Right.

F: But in the afternoon I felt good, ah, let셲 have a look. So, to sit with the frustration

K: Is to accept the frustration.

F: Yes. Then the moment you accept the frustration you will be relaxed. Then you are first aware of the frustration, when you become aware of the frustration it will slowly, slowly dissolve, because now you are not doing anything to the frustration. It will dissolve by itself.

F: Can you speak more of this courage?

K: What do you mean by I speak more about courage? Courage is the inner, inner strong.strength to see or to long for something which you want really seriously; to do it or to understand it. That is courage! Courage has nothing to do with mind. I am not saying that you should have a courageous mind; nothing to do with mind. Courage comes when you have some understanding of where you have gone wrong. When you understand that where you have gone wrong, automatically there is a confidence and courage which comes to take a step in the direction of right, so that understanding itself is the confidence and the courage. Courage means not to prepare yourself to fight, but prepare yourself to stand alone.


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