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date : 12-01-10 16:58
You are making a mind stronger with all the techniques - part 2
 post by : Yojan
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Pt. 2

(No sound for two minutes)

K: ╈.that truth, that reality that you are not able to accept. It is so subtle.

F: It is very subtle I guess.

K: You see? So, that is why I am saying each moment, whatever you are, in any state inside or outside, say 쐙es!

F: That is a really difficult thing.

F: Yet to me this morning I was completely confused listening to you. I mean, I felt this so often in my life but still I got so confused. And then there was a time when I was accepting it and it was incredible peaceful

K: Then you should have tried this way that, the moment you realized that you were so confused, you could have accepted that you were so confused. Then immediately you will see that you are out of confusion.

F: Yes but this is what I was just, what you say, because it happened, I accepted and was actually, I was in that space which was absolutely beautiful and I was

K: That is what I am saying.

F: But it needs some courage to go to the point where you really accept what is

K: That needs a lot of sensitivity, a lot of, lot of a╈. and that, that, that셲 is why I am saying that, if that mind is not tired, the tiring of the mind is frustration, helplessness, is the sign of a tired mind. Then you will take a little more time. That is the only thing. But at least you know it now, that it works.

F: It worked this morning. But it is really like쫒t is a쫒t is a certain way of die; it is a death in a way. It is a death of the mind, it is a death to your controlling situations, it is a death to your, the way you appear to others, it is a death to all these things.

K: Yes.

F: And this is of course something, I mean, is there

K: Difficult.

F: It is a difficult story. Especially when you are really attached to all that what you know, to all

K: Yes, but if you are seriously, seriously trying for somewhere to find out the answer that will take you to the right direction. But if you are happy with that

F: No, I am not happy with this at all.

K: Good that you are쫡hose who listen, those who understand start practicing it, because now on the way whatever are the actual problems we can share, you see? Because once you started there are a lot of actual problems on the way.

F: Yes.

K: You see? Which now you cannot see it before, but when you really take a journey, on the journey you confront lots and lots of problems. And those problems are not problems that can be a repetition of the problems. It is always some new problem because anything can come.

F: And it is also like you are a beginner again. This is what I fell, you know? It is a complete beginning and we have to

K: That is the mind fear, you know, because a lot of investments you did, so many years of waiting

F: So many years of searching╈╈╈╈.then you have to start from╈..again. You╈쫦ou have to really accept its╈╈쫆gain

K: I understand this, but then, what is the way out?

F: No there is no way out.

K: Either you continue what you are doing and remain in the same way as you are, or if there is somewhere you are frustrated, helpless, then you start something and you go on experimenting. Either you compromise or you really try something, you know? It depends on how intense is your longing, your thirst and your pain is inside. Many people run away, I know. I have been talking to thousands of people now, but how many are there who are really experimenting? How many are there who are really relaxed? The majority of people come at this point when the mind puts them into such a tensed, such a reaction of this acceptance that they run away. It is better to meditate then to experiment with all this. It is difficult but it is not impossible, it is not impossible. And whoever has reached to that state has reached through only쫡his is the way, I tell you. Really, in the real sense of it! There is no other way. We take more time because we have made our mind so strong by doing all these things, you know? That takes a little time, but for the ordinary people, ordinary worldly people it is very easy because normally they are living in the acceptance. Only what they have to add is the understanding of acceptance, that셲 all. And for them it is very easy.

F: Yes, I mean, we are so much in desperate, for so many years

K: Yes.

F: In Japan they have a saying, 쏷he Zen mind begins as one; I like that!

K: Yes, Zen mind begins as one.
But it is never late, I tell you. Is never late!

F: It can go away, so

K: That what I am saying the dark night of the mind, when you start accepting, experimenting with this the mind goes into a very deep reaction, to resist, to fight, to bring you back to the same and, still you are practicing, then it goes into a very deep depression.

F: Alright, I understand.

K: Ask her, she was sharing with me some쪰t was the same reaction mind goes into. And this is the point where people run away; they cannot bear it. But then, you live the same way, there is no쫒t is fine, is your freedom.
But acceptance we definitely do but always in the end. We are doing쫦ou see? Even ordinary people are accepting but when they are tired of fighting, not successful with fighting, then in the end they accept the defeat. We have this experience of acceptance in the end and it gives us some temporarily relief, but that relief is to again prepare for the next fight. That becomes a resting point, but you are not changing anywhere. That acceptance in the end creates a resting point to prepare again, to gather the strength again for the next fight. What I am suggesting is the understanding first and that understanding should result by itself쫡hat result itself is the acceptance. So, it comes in the beginning, the difference is this. It is not something that is new to us, but we have to change a little from the end to the beginning. To bring it in the beginning you need to understand. You need to understand your problem first and when you understand the problem automatically this understanding will bring the acceptance. The simple question if you put yourself your problem is suffering. You question the suffering, why I am suffering? What is the cause of suffering? So, you go into the understanding of suffering, right? And you realize that, I am suffering because I do not understand the ways of life. I don셳 understand the ways of mind. These are the understanding, a part of the understanding that when you go into the enquiry. When you understand that you have no freedom to change anytime, anywhere, that understanding, what will bring that? It will bring the acceptance. So, before you try to find out the answer of the problem understand the problem. And for understanding you have to accept the problem first, you have to stay with the problem. If the fear is a problem you have to accept the fear and then understand the fear. Any problem which is a psychological problem, mainly the쫤hat give us problem, the suffering or the tension is the psychological problem. Put it before you, ask, and understand it. And that needs a lot of courage to stay with it, to stand with it. To escape is very easy, you know? To run away from that is very easy; or to fight with it is also easy. We understand only these two languages; when we fight and fight is not successful we run away.
I am here only for tomorrow then the next, for the two days I will be busy, maybe we do satsang or not. So, any confusion, anything that you want to share don셳 postpone it; don셳 postpone it.

F: Tomorrow last chance.

K: If you want to bit me also, that I take away your dreams, I take away everything that you have invested.

F: I just want to ask something. You said. there is a difference like you say, for me the way how you. it is for me it is very difficult to understand what you say and I know it also takes some time for me if I understand, I don셳 know, but is there a male, is there a more male approach and a female or it does not matter in the end? Because for me it feels, I don셳 know, I deal totally different with life, you know? I just try to relax and.

K: The situation that you have come here to listen to me itself shows that if you are relaxed you will be at home; something which is mind, which is not male or female. Body is male and female, the mind is the same. And the reactions that life creates are the same. The way you have been brought up by the society, by the parents, by the culture, the way you have been conditioned is maybe the same. So, your dealing with that reaction point maybe the same. So, that dealing with the reaction point when it creates a chain of reaction is also almost the same, you see? Does not matter whether you are a woman or a man; the problem inside is common. Maybe you are more open to the understanding; that is possible because the woman has its natural gift of accepting. So you are more vulnerable with life than the man. So that gives you a little short cut to the쫡o that, to reach into that or to be that, in that state, that is possible. But then the disease is same, the solution has to be the same. So, don셳 console yourself that it is a male approach. I am not asking you to fight somewhere. If it is쫒f I tell you to fight then it is definitely a male approach. I am not asking you to fight. Understanding is everybody셲 right, whether it is a woman or a man to understand. And the problems are same; life is same, isn셳 it? Maybe it comes in a different shape and form, but the problems are there and the reactions that we have in the mind also are the same. So I am not suggesting anything which is only applicable to a male mind and not applicable to the female mind. I tell you that if you go to India in the villages the women are already enlightened. They are into the same joyful state. If you go to these small, small houses here, the fisherman셲 houses, you will see that how relaxed they live, you know? They are not unhappy with what they have. They are so relaxed! But they are not aware that why they are relaxed, because they have been from the childhood brought up that way, that they have to accept; they have to accept. And they go on accepting. Maybe they have no understanding. Why I am adding the understanding is because we have taken such a long root to root, to be suffering, to suffer there, you know? For then it is not required to understand because they are living that way. Why I am emphasizing on understand is because if you don셳 understand you will not accept. That is the problem. Their mind is such a soft mind that they are not required to understand, because they are living in that way. And they not even know that they are living in that relaxed state, because they are just living. And for you they are the ordinary people. The addition is that when you are understanding and then coming to that state you will be conscious that you are very relaxed. They are relaxed but not conscious of relaxation, you see? That is the difference. They are in a natural state; little above the animal state. But then when you are into that state where you are not even쫦ou are below the animal state when you are suffering, you know? It is hard to listen to this. We have not reached somewhere above this, you know? Where we can live with the consciousness, with the awareness and relaxed, you see? So, I don셳 know how you misunderstand that I am talking about the male mind. But if you are brought up luckily by the parents who have allowed you to remain in harmony with life, not creating some kind of conditioning that you have to fight, you have to become, but you go on accepting that, then you are already understanding; now, if you add to some understanding then you are already relaxed. It is not necessary. That is what I was saying that, I met one of my friends in Switzerland who is a milkman. He is already relaxed, but he doesn셳 know that he is relaxed, because he is living in that life as a relaxed person isn셳 it? But I am not, so, for me I have to bring the understanding. There are natural healthy people and those who are sick have to deal with the sickness and become healthy. It is like that!

F: But there is a difference, or not?

K: Then the difference is the joy of to be healthy.

F: Because you are aware of it?

K: Yes. That is the difference. And that is, that is, that is the joy of a Buddha.

F: Right! You are a fish and you are out of the water and

K: Yes.

F: .you know you suffer because you are not in the water.

K: Yes.

F: 쫆nd then when you go back to the water and you know how is to be out of the water.

K: That is why it becomes like somewhere the experience of absence of that, you know? And that is the joy; additional joy that you have. I hope I have made it clear to you.

F: Yes, I think so.

KI: It is like a child is also in that state, but the child does not know that state. When you become, you reach again to that state of a child, you are a conscious child. You see? This is the difference. That is why I say that the child is an unconscious enlightened person and the enlightened person is a conscious child. Enough for today or we still go on?

F: In a way it is very simple.

K: It is! It is not in a way. It is simple. It is simple, and that is why it is difficult; that is why it is difficult.

F: Kiran, how come did you say that the Indian villages are in that state? Because you said that the mind is a necessity evil, and then the mind must be born in everybody. There is no way that the child can keep its innocence state? So, everybody loses it and then it should쫒t should.

K: No, no, you are쫡he쫋rom the childhood, the way your parents prepare you for life with a certain understanding, there it is a difference. If you are brought up with parents where they also live in the understanding of acceptance, then they pass on this understanding to the children, which is the basis of our culture, that we pass on this understanding. Normally in the villages you will find that they pass on; they convert this into trust in God. This acceptance is turned into trust God! Everything is God셲 doing. That is why they have the side effect of this misunderstanding is that they become lazy. But at the same time, they are not very uncomfortable or tensed with life, you see? So, how you are brought up is important and that makes the structure of your mind from the childhood, how you are brought up. So, if you are brought up in a family where your parents are fighters, then they will say, 쏡on셳 accept anything; you have to create your own place in this world; you have to be number one in this competitive world! So, indirectly you are somewhere from the childhood been suggested that you have to fight, you have to be number one. This is the worse effect of the civilization that a competitive world; where you have to be all the time into the race, all the time into the race. And you have to prepare yourself all the time to be in front. So, what is the base of it? Unless you does not accept, you non-accept the way, where you are, there is no possible way to take you to somewhere where you are asked to go. So, the non-acceptance is taught from the childhood. So then, indirectly you make definitely a stronger mind in the child, but that stronger mind itself becomes the cause of the misery in the future. There they are not making a stronger mind of a fighter. They are making a lazy mind; a very, what you call it, a dull mind, because giving immediately the answer that everything is not in your hand, it is in God셲 hand. Then your mind becomes dull; it is not a fighter셲 mind. Then you remain definitely relaxed, but then you become lazy. So, this is again쫇ut then you have to make a choice whether you want to be relaxed or to remain into the suffering with this fighter mind. So, you have to find out a way out; a combination of both, you see? We have already a fighter mind and we are already into the suffering, then now what is the way out? We cannot go back to our childhood. The way out is again, with the understanding starts accepting. This is the way out. You get me what I am saying? We have already gone through that. We cannot change it; whatever the mind that has been created from the childhood. They are not coming to my satsang to listen what Kiran says, but you come to my satsang because you have been in this point where you cannot bear the suffering; you want something, an answer, a solution. And there, if I tell you that you have a mind which is created in the childhood and there is no way out. Then what will you do? What will be the situation? You just continue the same. To take only painkillers and make the mind a little softer, taking the painkillers, taking some tranquilizers and you lead your life. What we are discussing here is that there is a way out. We have to use a combination of both understanding. That we understand that they have been given the understanding from the childhood that everything is God셲. Now I put it in a different way that you have no freedom to change anything. What I say indirectly? What Jesus said in the cross that 쏬et thy will be done! Is what I am saying that, understand that everything is happening; everything is a part of happening. And unnecessarily we have created such a problem to change it, to control it, to alter it. So, once you understand that, and that understanding is not my understanding that you should believe into. I am asking you to observe, I am asking you to inquiry, I am asking you to look the way life functions. Let it be your understanding and that will make you free. My understanding will not make you free. So, I am asking you what the way is. The way is again to look back, to look again; looking back again to see exactly what is the cause of your suffering, where you쫤hat is the cause, why I am suffering. Then you will start finding out the cause and the cause will be your ignorance. Your ignorance of the way life functions; your ignorance of the way your mind functions. And that ignorance will go once you start understanding. And when you understand, you are living with this understanding and become relaxed like this village women, or villagers. But now you are, the difference is that, you know it, you are awakened to it, and you are conscious of it; the difference is this. They are unconscious about it, but that is why they are becoming lazy. Now you are conscious of this reality, of this truth. You will not be lazy because you will be available to each response that life demands. You will be fulfilling every response that life demands. That is the difference. But then you will be remaining in harmony, in balance all along in your further journey. This is the only thing. You understand what I am saying?

F: So, this people are there relaxed, but they are lazy, which is also not good?

K: That is the result of their ignorance still. You are not having the ignorance. You understand, you are accepting with the understanding. So, that will make you active and at the same time relaxed, you see? It will not disconnect you from that whole responsibility. Then you will be relaxed along with that whole flow of life wherever it takes you, whatever it demands as a responsibility.

F: But what is wrong in been relaxed and lazy like this people?

K: Nothing wrong, but you cannot change it; that is a problem, you see? That the problem is we cannot go back to our childhood and just change it there. We have to understand where we are now.

F: These people are awakened or not?

K: Again you.

F: They are relaxed and then that셲 it?

K: The awakening means to get to the clarity; they are not having the clarity of the state. You will have the clarity of the state. And that is why we put a label that this man is an 쏿wakened man. Actually, in reality it is the same. It is the same! The only difference is inner, that you are conscious, you are aware, you are awake to this fact that this is the way life is. That is the difference. Is not clear?

F: Not totally.

F: Can I have a question?

K: Yes.

F: So, how do you build, not build, how do you raise a child to be accepting and yet not lazy?

K: By keeping that curiosity or inquisitiveness alive, not given any ready made answer. The ready made answers are given in the villages by the parents of the child that everything is God, everything is God셲 wish. You don셳 bring that unconsciousness and allow that child go into a ready made answer. You keep the child awake to this point where you don셳 give the answer. You can teach that child whatever is required to survive into this world, outside world. But don셳 teach the child which makes you a little relaxed or little comfortable with read made answers, where this have to be kept alive. You understand what I am saying? That means that the innocence of the child should not be converted into the intellect of the child. We are the whole method; the technique that we put with the child is to convert the innocence of a child into the intellectual child. We give a lot of knowledge and the child becomes very intellectual, but loses the intellect, ah, loses the intelligence. Intelligence means its own understanding. So it is stuffed with all the borrowed understanding. So at any time where there is a demand to understand life he has ready made answer; he has no understanding. And life is such that nobody셲 answer is applicable as your answer in your life; the inner thing. You have to find your own answer and that is why we are confused, you see? There is no on the counter medicine, you understand? Everybody has to understand the problem because life is unique. Every situation is unique with every person. There is no copy anywhere. So, you have to understand by yourself and find your own answer. What you can take the guidelines is how to get to that point where I find my answer. And this is provided by the state of acceptance where you have the clarity where you understand by yourself. You understand what I am saying?

F: People always go on asking for somebody셲 answer but you can only find your own answers

K: Right.

F: These are not our answers.

K: And what I am trying is to give you some hints, some clues where you can tap that point where you can find your own answers. That셲 all. Otherwise it is very simple that I give you ready made answers that, ah this is the쫡his is the technique. So, enough?

F: Yes,

K: In the morning was too much today.
So, Yana, how are you?

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